New chinese crossovers will delight customers in 2014

Year of the horse on the eastern calendar has become a landmark for the Chinese automotive industry. Several large manufacturers announced the appearance of new products in the model range.

What new Chinese crossovers in 2014 have become the most noticeable?

2014 Chinese crossovers

Jac S5

For example, such a novelty as Jac S5. In general, this company is better known for small trucks, which in Russia and Ukraine can often be found near a store. By the way, it is in Ukraine that Jac S5 will be assembled. Production has been set up at the Bogdan enterprise, which produces the same-name shuttle buses.

Машина выпускается с двумя двигателями. Оба – бензиновые. Один на 163 л.с, объёмом 1,5 л., второй – 1,8 л. Пока не известно, какой мощностью будет обладать новый агрегат. Внешне эти 2014 Chinese crossovers очень напоминают слегка увеличенный Hyundai ix35 из соседней Южной Кореи.

New 2014 Chinese Crossover Changan CS75

Recently in Frankfurt presented the Chinese crossover Changan CS75. The work of the manufacturer with Italian designers went to the benefit of the car. The main market for Chinese crossovers Changan is chosen Russia. Europe, in view of the great competition and some bias towards Chinese cars, is not yet considered as a direction for brand promotion. But in Ukraine, Chinese crossovers are very successfully sold today.

2014 Chinese crossovers

The manufacturer is not limited to this. In 2014, the Changan CS35, a compact crossover with a 113-hp engine and two variants of the box, will appear in Russia. The first is a five-speed mechanics, the second is the 4-band Aisin automatic.

Over 550 thousand rubles you get ABS, electric windows, leather seats, radio, and airbag. Version with automatic transmission costs 30 thousand rubles more. The manufacturer promises in a year to expand the choice of power units and configuration options. So, Chinese crossovers in Russia will be sold with a bang.

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Chinese crossover BYD S6 is very similar to Lexus.

There are other Chinese crossovers 2013-2014 year of release, which became interesting to our public. For example, the BYD digging presented a promising Chinese crossover BYD S6. If for a moment to forget that apparently it is almost an exact copy of the Lexus RX, then it can be noted that the creators of the car did their best.

new Chinese crossovers 2014


Moreover, the model was included in the top 10 most reliable and high-quality 2013 Chinese crossovers. With a price of only 458 thousand rubles, the Chinese were able to create a really good car. Every time you make sure that the prices of Chinese cars (crossovers) are really low.

Chery is not far behind. Their conceptual Chery Beta 5, which was designed by Hakan Sarakoglu - the former chief designer of Porsche, was a discovery at the Shanghai auto show.

новые 2014 Chinese crossovers

The updated Chery Tiggo is also pretty good, like any other new Chinese crossover. Although it looks like two drops of water on a Toyota RAV 4. By the way, the Chinese even had to prove in court that the car is an original Chinese product, not a clone of Toyota. But in Russia, the car fell in love with the high reliability, according to which earlier there were claims to Cherie.

new cheri tiggo

The quality of most modern Chinese cars is gradually being brought up to the standards adopted in the European Union. This is connected with a lot of competition, and with the fact that the famous crash tests that fell on the Internet turned some of the buyers away from Chinese cars. Still, the 2014 Chinese Range Rover Sport is still far away.

Another interesting model is the Geely MK Cross, which the Russians liked with good speed and maneuverability. The car for 389,000 feels good on our roads, among snowdrifts. This Chinese SUV-crossover received an engine with a power of 94 hp, thanks to which the crossover accelerates to a hundred in 11 seconds. There is also another fairly good Chinese crossover, Jili Emgrand X7, from the company of Gili, it was created in cooperation with Belarusian colleagues-auto builders.

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Geely MK Cross

Chinese industry has repeatedly surprised us with its achievements. Let's hope that the auto industry will show good results and decent quality. The Chinese are working on the design, for copying which they are often criticized. Now for the leaders of the Chinese automotive industry work leading design and body studio world. And the hour is not far when Chinese SUVs and crossovers of leading companies will drive through the streets of American, European and even Japanese cities.

China is gradually destroying stereotypes. Machines are becoming more perfect in terms of filling and build quality. In the end, China collects everything, including the iPhone, because it would be just unfair to say that they do not know how to make high-quality equipment. The cars are no exception, a living example of this is the FAW X 80 Chinese crossover, made at a high enough level.

2014 Chinese crossovers

Another example - the new Chinese crossover Luxgen 7, which has become a real discovery of the Asian market. Taiwan miracle could surprise everyone who has ever dealt with cars from this country. As is known, in fact, Taiwan still remains part of the PRC and the car can rightly be considered Chinese. The company, which has been assembling cars for only a few years, has managed to create a technique that is not inferior in quality to South Korean competitors.

And now let's digress from the 2014 Chinese crossovers and watch a video test drive of the 2014 American Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT car, which accelerates to a hundred in 4.8 seconds, and can even do a Mercedes Gelendvagen, the price of which is not very small (around 100,000 euro), in general, I will not tell everything before the time, you will see for yourself:

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