How to choose the best sekretki wheels

Unscrupulous fellow citizens are forced to protect their own car in all sorts of ways. In addition to various types of car alarms, mechanical locks, pedals, and a gearshift lever often put mechanical protections on the car. A popular option to protect the wheels can be called sekretki.

However, not all drivers understand what the secrets on the wheels better. Often the price in this case for many is the decisive criterion. But as practice shows, selecting this type of protection, it is also necessary to connect logic.


  • 1 A variety of secrets
  • 2 How does mechanical protection work?
  • 3 Features sekretok

A variety of secrets

In specialized auto shops there is a rather wide choice of protective mechanical elements for wheels. In addition to relatively inexpensive Chinese manufacturers, there are products of European companies; various certificates and warranty coupons confirm the quality. The cost of one set is from 2-3 thousand rubles.

what sekretki wheels will be better

The documents for sekretki often indicate the code of the code according to which these nuts or bolts were made.

Comes with a key and four special bolts or special nuts. It is enough for one product on the wheel to impede the work of a thief. It will also reduce the cost of repairing or unscrewing in situations where the car owner himself will damage the special mechanism.

How does mechanical protection work?

The whole "highlight" of this mechanism is in the shape of the bolt or nut head. The threaded part remains the same as on standard hardware. For interfacing with such a fastener in the presence of a key that mirrors the pattern for unscrewing the protective products.

how to make sekretki wheels with their own hands

Previously often used options with the creation secret on the outside of the bolt head. This design, though more simple to manufacture, but does not give high reliability. The secret in this performance could be twisted with considerable effort using a gas wrench.

Then products with an internal groove and some kind of pattern for a key began to appear. Such an embodiment was more fragile. Indeed, by reducing the diameter, brittleness is increased, since the shoulder and the force remain the same.

A more advanced design is the additional protection in the form of a rotating ring.

Оно не мешает вставлять фирменную головку ключа, обхватывая фасонную часть головки болта. Такую конструкцию проблематично быстро сбить даже с помощью зубила, за счет того, что не во что упереть rotating ring.

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Features a secret

The disadvantages of modern design include the fact that the gap for the secret can become clogged with dirt or dust. In order to insert a key into such a head, it is necessary to first clean the groove.

what factory sekretki wheels better

Variety of secrets

Pick up copies for your car preferably in another region or area. Indeed, a large number of similar types of heads may be in the hands of thieves.

Sometimes the drivers make the lock on the wheels with their own hands on home machines. Preparations for this are usually the standard car bolts that can drill under the prepared copier, and then cut the edges to secure the hardware.

how to look sekretki wheels with their hands

It is necessary to select secrets with such features:

  • height of protruding parts beyond the limit of the wheel should be minimal;
  • material for manufacturing, it is desirable to select not fragile, but durable;
  • additional protection serves freely rotating ring;
  • it is desirable to select the mechanism without small shaped patternsthat can get clogged with dirt.

Problems can arise with unscrewing broken bolts. Therefore, it is necessary to handle such a product with sufficient care, and try not to use considerable effort to tighten such special fasteners. It is possible to unwind the broken bolt independently or at the station. This service will cost the car owner from 500 to 2000 rubles, depending on the "appetites" of specialists.