Tuning vaz 2131 for russian off-road with their own hands

VAZ 2131 is an improvement of the car SUV VAZ 2129 "Cedar". Now VAZ 2131 consists of a five-door structure, thereby expanding its capabilities. A feature of this car is the base increased by 500mm, because of which the body length in the car and the trunk volume visually increase. This is the main difference between the car from the usual VAZ 2121 "Niva".

Niva VAZ 2131 tuning

As in the VAZ 21213, the insert in the car is increased by 50 cm for the location of the two rear doors, and this in turn increases comfort when passing into the car and a cozy location inside the car. The seats were borrowed from the famous "Eight", which can freely accommodate about three people. Such modifications have positive aspects and external character.

VAZ 2131 is now becoming more and more like an SUV. A car's tank has a volume of 65 liters designed for providing fuel to a 1.7 liter engine (sometimes a 1.8 liter engine is found in new cars). Also, this type of car is quite often found in the green color, probably not for nothing that it began to be called "crocodile".

VAZ 2131 has a large cargo lift, as rigid springs are installed. The trunk has a volume of about 300 kg of weight. Nevertheless, it still had a little influence on the management of this car.

Tuning VAZ 2131

Recently, it is increasingly being observed as a VAZ 2131 "Niva" amenable to experiments of motorists. However, in order to get a well-deserved pride you need to spend a lot of strength and knowledge.

Changes in the interior and exterior of the car

VAZ 2131 tuning has a wide choice in changing both the external and internal appearance of the car. The appearance of the tuning consists in changing the part of the car body, changing the thresholds, the bumper (rear and front), spoilers and fenders, optics, car stickers and other details in the car's decoration (auto painting with original images).

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VAZ 2131 tuning

VAZ 2131 tuning (photo above says that the car looks very harsh)

As for the inside of the car VAZ 2131, it all depends on the customer. Since every motorist's fantasies and tastes are not limited, and, consequently, there are a lot of options for the interior. At the same time, such changes are observed: fabric upholstery is changed to leather, for this purpose there are various shades of skin material. She is sheathed everything: steering wheel, lever, panels on the doors, ceilings, even drawers and niches.

Quite often, aluminum, stainless steel and wood (walnut, myrtle, mahogany, etc.) are used in the tuning of the car VAZ 2131. These materials are used to trim the gearshift lever, inserts on the doors and for the steering wheel. The cabin also has a place to install multimedia. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main points for creating a comfortable and positive mood.

Consequently, tuning VAZ 2131 do it yourself can be done easily, just to have the desire. And if you need to invite the master, he will not only help you find the inner world of your car, which is combined with your taste, but you will also save a lot of free time.

VAZ 2131 tuning фото

Нива VAZ 2131 tuning (фото Нивы F-design)

Tuning VAZ 2131 для бездорожья probably one of the most interesting features of this car. In general, this model may have some color VAZ model 21214.

For this type of operation, it is necessary to install a winch that will allow to overcome shallow obstacles on the water and snorkel, which will help in an emergency situation, will pull the car out of the mud. Also, for the clearance of VAZ 2131, it is necessary to equip a car with off-road wheels, this allows it to be lifted on the road.

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To make Нива VAZ 2131 tuning it is possible and it all depends on your design abilities. Quite often you can see interesting changes VAZ 2131, such as: mirrors, which held heating or turn indicators; euro handles on the door; rails that are attached to the roof, etc.

In our workshops for the installation of tuning also made various work on the engine of this type of transport. So over the carburetor engine is being upgraded in the cylinder head. However, the increase in motor characteristics you will not see. This feature can be done well on an engineering engine.

tuning vaz 2131 off-road

Quite often made use of the steering in the Niva VAZ 2131 tuning, namely, install electric power on the steering wheel. Gas-oil shock absorbers are installed on the suspension, cardan shafts, mechanisms that serve to disconnect the front axle and the gearshift box gears.

The application of tuning in the undercarriage of VAZ 2131 optimizes the operation of the suspension and thereby strengthens it. After all, it is necessary to remember that shock absorbers are one of the main features of safe traffic on the road. Installing high-quality shock absorbers will allow you to maintain continuous contact of the wheels of the car with the road, especially when the body begins to oscillate. Not in vain in tuning VAZ 2131 this is given a lot of time.

Despite the serial production of engines for the car VAZ 2131, this type of car has a program to control its engine, which in turn significantly saves fuel consumption, and the engine power makes the car very dynamic.

tuning vaz 2131 do it yourself

Tuning the engine is used in raising the speed on the crankshaft and increasing the speed in the zone with a high swivel shaft. However, increasing the engine power with your own hands it is necessary to remember that each car is individual and has its own coefficient of the limit. Therefore, it will be better to consult with experienced professionals and entrust the work to professionals.

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A lot of time is also given to the motor, brakes and suspension on the car. The application of such an upgrade on a car VAZ 2131 will allow you to select your car from the mass of gray road cars.

And finally, a video about tuning VAZ 2131: