Features tire selection on the niva


Each part of the machine requires attention. When it comes to its preservation, it does not mean only systematic checks of the level of oil and water. The truth is that you need to take care of many aspects, and tires are one of the most important. Choosing the necessary tires for your car can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know what the modern market offers and what tires you need. Tires can be bought from dealers, in specialized stores, in online stores, it is important to pay attention to such factors as product brand, presentation, quality, price, reliability.

Rubber for Niva

Choosing the right tires for Niva - not an easy task

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Dimensions of tires and wheels on the Niva

Any manufacturer gives clear instructions and recommendations on which tire size will fit a particular car brand. Factory size for Niva 175/80 R16, but there is a selection of interchangeable parameters. When selecting tires for R16 wheels, car owners are faced with the problem of insufficiently wide choice of tires. The most popular of them are 185/75 R16, 175/80 R16 or 215/65 R16. Often, as an alternative, owners of an SUV use R15 wheels for their cars, which they put on the Niva without additional modifications. Tires on wheels R15 have a much wider range. The maximum size of the tires on such wheels for Niva 215/75 R15.

Consider parameters such as the radial size of the disk, the height and width of the tire.

As for the size of the disk for Niva. Discs of 15 and 16 inches can be put on any car from the Niv family, they are interchangeable in connecting sizes. On tires R15 Niva gets a more stylish look, by reducing the disc, the car will be more comfortable on a rough road.

Tire height Installing smaller tires on a car will reduce the quality of driving, causing it to wear out quickly. Increasing the height of the tire will increase the load on the rims and chassis of the car, the car will become tougher. Positive quality - the car’s handling will improve, steering wheel reactions are becoming faster and sharper.

Increasing the width of the tire has both pros and cons. Wide tires improves tire contact with the road, increases the rate of acceleration of cars, the stability of the car. Among the shortcomings - the sprung weight of the car increases, fuel consumption increases, the price category of such tires is much higher.

Types of tires for SUV

Niva is a car that is distinguished by a relatively low price, excellent maneuverability, and is suitable for driving in any conditions. Rubber on the Niva has a large range. Before buying and choosing tires, you need to decide for what purpose you use your car.

We will single out two categories: the first is that you use the Niva in exclusively urban conditions, then you must choose tires for road use, the second is mud tires for impassable roads.

Tires that are marked Highway Terrain (H / T) and High Performance (H / P) belong to the category of tires suitable for driving on asphalt. These tires are installed car owners of premium cars, which are practically not used in off-road conditions.

All Terrain (A / T) tires are considered versatile. The tread pattern of these tires has bulky blocks that separate the wide channels that accompanies the self-cleaning of the wheels, increasing the level of patency. When driving on asphalt on such tires may slightly increase the noise level.

Mud Terrain (M / T) marking tires are mud tires designed for dirt roads of poor quality or off-road. The tread of such tires is characterized by powerful patterns, large grooves, which contributes to the high level of their self-cleaning. Such tires are practically unsuitable for driving on asphalt. High noise level, low speed, lack of comfort in driving, fast tire wear - this is only part of the defects of this rubber when driving in urban environments.

Tires with a rough tread pattern are excellent for off-road driving, increase the car’s permeability, while not actually adapted to driving around the city, reducing the comfort and controllability of the car.

Which is better: summer - winter or all-season?

When choosing a tire, you must be guided by the weather conditions in which the tires will be used. They are made of different materials.

For winter, soft rubber is used, resistant to sub-zero temperatures, which has a high rate of adhesion to icy and wet roads.

Summer tires are made of durable, hard rubber that is resistant to high temperatures.

All-season tires consist of chemical compounds, reaching average parameters, which ensure adequate density in summer and grip on slippery road in winter. All-season tires have a characteristic tread structure that allows you to cope with snow in winter and ensures safety in conditions of heavy rain or icy roads. A special all-season tire for an SUV can really make your car a universal tool, but at the same time the fuel consumption of the car will increase, the dynamics and comfort will decrease in the conditions of driving on asphalt, rubber wear will accelerate.

The most acceptable option for harsh winters is the option of winter - summer tires for the season. All-season tires with severe frosts can behave inadequately and you need to drive very carefully.

SUV tire manufacturers

Consider the manufacturers of rubber for SUVs.

Tires for Cordiant Niva

Cordiant is a modern domestic tire manufacturer. Tires are characterized by temperature independence, individual tread configuration. The Off Road model is designed for complete off-road, has a high permeability in swampy and sandy areas.

Tires for Amtel Niva

Amtel is a company that specializes in all-season tires for SUVs. Tires are distinguished by a powerful tread that ensures the stability of the car, excellent adhesion to the road, effective in both snow and rainy weather due to the wide and deep grooves.

Tires for Niva BFGoodrich Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru

BF Goodrich is an American company. The range includes All Terrain T / A KO and Mud Terrain T / A KM models that are suitable for Niva. Both models are designed for mud, rocky, impassable roads. Thanks to the latest technologies, the tires of this company are additionally protected from punctures and impacts.

Tires for Niva Cooper

The manufacturer Cooper has off-road tires in its range. The Discoverer S / T and Discoverer STT models provide excellent handling for cars in difficult conditions. Discoverer A / T and Discoverer LT are universal tires that are suitable for highways and dirt roads.

Tires for Michelin Niva

Michelin - US tire concern. The benchmark for off-road tires today is the BF Goodrich Macadam. It has a notched tread, which provides excellent cross-country ability on a slippery difficult-to-go dirt road. Winter Michelin Latitude Alpin well proved in the conditions of constant changes of weather.

Tires for Niva Maxxis

Maxxis International is a Taiwanese company that is one of the largest tire manufacturers. The M-8060 Trepador and MAXXIS MT-762 models are perfectly adapted for mud roads, have an aggressive tread pattern and are self-cleaning well. The MT-753 and MA-751 models are designed according to a special design that provides a comfortable and safe ride both on asphalt roads and in light off-road conditions.

As you can see, the market offers tires for today is diverse, and it is difficult to single out one leader. Tires of domestic producers have an acceptable price sector. If we talk about imported tires, their pricing policy is much higher.

Practical advice

The behavior of the car on the road depends on the parameters of tires and wheels. The manufacturer proposes to use tires and wheels of a certain size on the Niva, only in this case it provides a guarantee for the chassis and suspension.

Before changing the size of tires and wheels, consider all the pros and cons.

In what cases it is possible to change tires that are not recommended by the manufacturer?

  1. There is no possibility to buy tires of a typical size.
  2. The desire to deliberately change the smoothness of the movement and the response of the car to handling under your driving style.
  3. The choice of option is cheaper to save money.