Subaru forester with an opposit 210-horsepower engine in the

Subaru Forester is an all-wheel-drive station wagon, it’s great on Russian roads, it’s very practical and judging by the feedback from motorists, it’s not a problem. Even the price of such a car with mileage is quite attractive - 600,000 rubles. For this money, you can take a decent car with a turbo engine, whose power is 210 liters. with.

Photo of a used Subaru Forester with mileage

True, this engine is opposed, which means that servicing it is slightly more complicated than a regular V-shaped or in-line motor. What is it worth replacing candles in Subaru. And the newer the motor, the more complex the design, so the candles are even deeper in their wells.

So, for those who go to Subaru, we must not be greedy and buy expensive candles NGK iridium, which cost about $ 100 per set. But these candles last longer, and they will have to be changed less often. Moreover, if the engine will troit, then the front oxygen sensor will fail very quickly, a new one will cost $ 200. You also need to remember that you need to refuel only high-quality gasoline, because if you fill in low-quality fuel, then very quickly the end will come to the fuel pump, which costs $ 220. As for the air filter, it is better to change it earlier than after 20,000 km. mileage, such a replacement will increase the service life of the air flow sensor, which in the store costs $ 200.

By the way, it is better not to buy Forester with the rearranged steering wheel from right to left on its own, because there may be problems with the electrician. And to determine in which country the car was released by the VIN-code.

Subaru Forester to replace GRM

It is not so easy to change the timing belt, especially on engines with 4 shafts and variable valve timing system. And it is necessary to replace a belt with a roller and a tensioner every 105 thousand km. For expenses, these items will cost $ 300. And to prevent crankshaft and camshaft oil seals, they must also be changed. In general, the overhaul of the boxer engine is not cheap - about $ 3,000, the price for the work is also high, as it is necessary to bore the cylinders and grind the crankshaft necks. And for this you need serious equipment.

Motors at Forester

With regards to the survivability of engines, 2-liter atmospheric engines last longer than others, piston skirts start tapping at a considerable age. But when the mileage comes to 250000 km. run, this means that it is desirable to replace the rings and liners of the crankshaft in the engine. Such small replacements will be able to extend the service life of the motor by about 100 thousand km. run In the future, it will be necessary to do such operations a couple of times, boring cylinders and grinding crankshaft necks. But when the engine starts to knock, it means that it's time to change the shaft, which costs about $ 750.

But with the turbo things are more complicated, even up to 200,000 km. they may require repair, and those who like to drive actively on a car can kill the engine even after 100,000 km. More or less common overhaul of such a motor pulls about 2500 dollars. But especially risky versions are powerful variations with the right-hand drive, especially if they have more than 250 horsepower. As a rule, they are brought to Russia, when their resource is already coming to an end, such engines are more than 150,000 km. do not live. By the way, purchase tuned forester - also a risky undertaking.

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Engine Used Subaru Forester Turbo

There are also atmospheric 2.5-liter engines, which were installed on the American versions. But even they do not differ in reliability, overheating often occurs on 4-shaft versions, because it is based on a 2.2-liter engine, in which they have increased the diameter of the cylinders, but the sleeves are still too thin. Here versions with 2 shafts overheat much less often, but if overheating happens, then the cylinder block, which is made of aluminum, is very quickly deformed.

As a rule, only leaks in radiators can lead to overheating, after about a few winters cracks in plastic tanks may appear. The new radiator costs $ 400, but it makes no sense to buy it, it’s better just to change the tanks on the old radiator, for example, to aluminum ones. Moreover, even dealers recognize that these plastic tanks are a flaw in design.

Of course, it is necessary to monitor the level of oil in the engine, in atmospheric engines oil consumption can reach 2 liters per 10,000 km. And if there is a turbocharger, the oil consumption may increase by 2 times. Oil scraper rings are thin, they can already lie down with minimal overheating. From the detonation, the partitions between the pits under the rings in the pistons are destroyed, in this case the oil consumption increases even more. Also, oil can flow through shaft oil seals, candle wells, technological plugs of the cylinder block, valve cover gaskets, pipes through which oil is supplied to the turbine.

Repair of the Subaru Forester Turbo engine

For those who decide to become the owner of the Forester, equipped with a supercharged and manual gearbox, you must be prepared for the fact that the clutch will have to be changed soon, because it serves about 100,000 km. A clutch on naturally aspirated versions will last about 150,000 km. Changing the clutch often has to change the flywheel of the engine. All of these replacements will cost about $ 1,000. Also accelerate clutch wear and riding on a serious off-road because on turbocharged forester no downshift. As for gearboxes, when they are paired with a turbo engine, they carry a very large load, so the gearbox does not usually mechanically survive until the 3rd clutch replacement.

It was also noted that if the machine often slips, the lubricant overheats, due to this viscous coupling resource in the center differential decreases. Therefore, after 150,000 km. the center position of the differential lock will be permanently locked, after which the car will shake when cornering and it is not good to change the path. To fix such a problem will have to spend about $ 1,000.

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As for the automatic boxes, there are options in good condition even after 200,000 km. But then again, the boxes on the cars with turbo engines will be quite worn out to 150,000 km. After 120,000 km can break control solenoids, each of which costs 50 dollars.

Продажа Subaru Forester XT фото

On the Foresters with a manual gearbox stands a permanent four-wheel drive with viskomuftoy and center differential. If an automatic box is in the car, then at the moment when Forester slips the clutch throws about 45% of the torque to the rear wheels. Chassis at Forester the same as on the Subaru Impreza, quite reliable, and the driveline also serves a very long time.

If you suddenly notice that the Forester with the automatic gearbox during a sharp start or when cornering at high speed, the rear wheels are picked up by jerks, it means that the rear axle drive clutch has worn out or its solenoid has failed. Repair costs about 2000 dollars.


Chassis under Forester quite reliable, even bushings and stabilizer bars serve about 60,000 km. Rear shock absorbers wear out quickly - after about 80,000 km. These are Kayaba shock absorbers, which cost $ 650 each and automatically maintain ground clearance.

Ремонт подвески Subaru Forester

But you can install conventional shock absorbers with springs, they will cost about 2 times cheaper, and will serve about 120,000 km, as well as the front. After 150,000 km, we will have to change the silent blocks of levers, it will cost about $ 800.

The brakes are also generally reliable, the discs withstand at least 120,000 km. And the drum brakes last even longer, for this run it’s enough just to replace the pads. But on versions with automatic transmission, front brake discs can wear out by as much as 70,000 km. run


Body не оцинкованный, но стойкий к коррозии, главное, чтобы автомобиль не бывал в авариях. Бывает, что загорается лампочка, о том, что подушки безопасности неисправны, но не стоит паниковать, потому что здесь может быть причина в проводке под передними сиденьями. А если во время езды слышен свист ветра с боковых окон, это значит, что был кузовной ремонт.

Subaru Forester Turbo 2004 Bo

In general, Forester does not break down so often, but it is not cheap to repair, and maintenance costs more than other cars in this class. For example, when the car departed 100,000 km, the costs of those. Inspections at this mileage may be over 2,000 dollars, because change brakes, go through suspension. If such costs do not frighten, it makes sense to look for a car with a mileage of 60,000 km. and another 50,000 km. You can safely ride and not worry that you have to change something. But such cars will cost slightly more.

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Therefore, if there is money only for a car that has departed for more than 100,000 km, then you must carefully diagnose the car before you buy it, because if this is not done, then the possible costs can be rather big - even $ 5,000. But if there is a desire to acquire a turbocharged Forester, then it is worth weighing this decision carefully, because in the long run this car may require serious expenses. And in general, turbocharged Foresters are getting cheaper faster than aspirated ones. For example, a 4-year-old turbo-Forester will have to pay about 750,000 rubles, and a 7-year-old such copy will cost 2 times less.

But despite this, riding on Forester Turbo It is much more fun than riding an aspirated. Yes, the aspirated is more reliable, but nothing much to experience from riding on it. On the secondary market, there are now half of these cars. Atmospheric with mechanics cost about 650,000 rubles, but with automatic boxes for 30,000 rubles more expensive. On the American version with engines of 2.5 liters, the price is about the same, and there are a lot of them on the market.

Forester Turbo Salon with photo probe

For the rule of Subaru Forester

The opposing engine can be recognized immediately - by the sound of the cut-off, it doesn't even matter if the engine is supercharged or not, the difference will be visible only during acceleration. Atmospheric accelerates normally, but not as fast as we would like.

Handling Forester is also at the height, like any other model of the Subaru brand. Of course, there is no reason to compare handling with the Impreza, because Forester has a higher center of mass, so there are no sharp reactions. But in general, the nature of management is about the same. Forester gets into a skid, if you sharply release the gas, also behaves well on a slippery road, it slides perfectly. If there is a turbo engine on the Forester, then there is a greater tendency to skid, because there is a viscous coupling on the rear axle, unlike atmospheric modifications, where the rear axle differential is free. Rolls are present at sharp turns at high speed, but the car has excellent smoothness, that even on a bad road, it can safely ride even at high speed, while the cabin will be comfortable.

On the roads, the car also showed itself from the good side, it can easily climb a steep grassy hill, in general, the Forester is a universal car that is suitable for many life situations.

A detailed analysis of the problems of an old used Forester is waiting for you in our next video: