Do i need a power of attorney for the car now?

Young drivers are often interested in whether a power of attorney to drive a car is needed now, because you often want to drive a car, and there is not always enough time, desire or funds to document permits. Also, do not want to deal with the staff of the road inspection, because the fines have become quite high.

We will show you in what situations this document is required, and where you can do without it. Moreover, no fines are often paid for its absence.


  • 1 What legislation says
  • 2 Without power of attorney and without penalty
  • 3 When you need a power of attorney for cars
  • 4 How to make a power of attorney for cars
  • 5 Conclusion

What does the law say

Many drivers until 2016 have already managed to familiarize themselves with the governmental decree of 2012 No. 1156, which regulates this issue. The law explicitly cancels the presence of a power of attorney when submitting documents to a traffic police officer. Neither the handwritten version nor the document certified by a notary public inspector has the right to demand a driver.

what is needed now power of attorney to drive a car

Mandatory documents that the driver must provide to the inspector who stopped him are:

  • current driver certificate with open categories;
  • acting policy compulsory insurance CTP with permission management of the person;
  • certificate about car registration (ITS).

В отношении страхового policyа для водителя есть четкие инструкции:

  • only the original document is required (no color or black-and-white copies are allowed);
  • acting период для неполного policyа и текущий сезон должны совпадать;
  • The terms of the insurance contract must apply either to a specific driver with his data in the document, or to any driver who has sat behind the wheel of the car.

Without power of attorney and without penalty

Если инспектор остановил, а в автомобиле за рулем сидит не владелец транспортного средства, при этом в policy ОСАГО данные такого водителя не вписаны, то по с.12.37 кодекса об админнарушениях полагается штраф до 800 рублей. Даже если рядом находится владелец, разрешивший управление автомобилем, это однозначно является наказуемым нарушением.

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do you need a power of attorney for the machine

The car owner can legally transfer his car and the right to drive another citizen without writing out a power of attorney. This is done when buying a car. The buyer pays the agreed amount, gets the car and his copy of the contract of sale.

The contract has a date of conclusion. Ten days from this date is given for re-registration of the car and registration of CTP. When the traffic police inspector stops such a machine in this ten-day time interval, it suffices to present the rights, the JTS and this contract. No additional power of attorney is required.

When you need a power of attorney for cars

When ascertaining whether a power of attorney is necessary for a machine, there are situations where it is impossible to do without such a document. Most often it is necessary during the use of the car, as its own movable property.

Do you need a normal power of attorney for the machine?

Постороннему водителю понадобится доверенность для прохождения техосмотра на данном авто, заказе дубликатов номерных знаков и оформлении policyа ОСАГО. The law allows the passage of MOT, registration at the end of the diagnostic card and compulsory insurance without the participation of the vehicle owner. However, a written power of attorney is required, which does not need to be issued by a notary.

The same power of attorney can be used when it is necessary to pick up the car after being taken away by its tow truck. The managers of the penalty area have the right to refuse to issue a vehicle without presenting this handwritten document, as they will not be able to dispose of the property without the permission of the car owner.

How to make a power of attorney for cars

By law, a power of attorney is the delegation of authority in writing from one citizen to another for submission to third parties. A prerequisite for such a document is the signature of the transferor, the date of registration of the document and its validity. By default, it is customary to set the period of validity of the power of attorney for 1 year, unless otherwise specified therein. The owner has the right to specify a longer period.

Do I need a power of attorney to drive a car?

The maximum for which the power of attorney can be drawn up is three years. After this period, the document becomes invalid.

There are no special forms or forms for such a document. It is only necessary to accurately indicate the data of the participating persons. For registration enough pure notebook or other sheet. On our website, you can download a template form, in which you just need to fill in the required columns.

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Summing up, we note that when driving a foreign vehicle, the driver is not required to have any powers of attorney. This document will be needed only when handling a car, as a property. When filling it is necessary to enter the expiration date, put the current date and the signature of the vehicle owner.