Audi sq7 2016 with a powerful and high-powered diesel engine

Audi SQ7 - the new charged version of the Audi Q-7 crossover, under the hood is a powerful and high-torque diesel V8 engine with a modern auto-ignition function. There is also an electric centrifugal compressor, which supplies air to the cylinders of the 2 nd turbocharger.

Recently, a huge variety of different hybrid cars have appeared that use batteries, electric motors, good old gas turbine boost. In all of these cars, turbo lags cannot be avoided, because at low revs there is a fairly low exhaust pressure. A drive compressor does not allow to get rid of the turbo lag, because it takes power from the engine, as it rotates the crankshaft.

audi sq7 2016 test

But engineers have found a solution - electroplating. By order of Audi, engineers from Valeo have introduced a compressor with an electric drive into the Audi SKYu 7 latest generation intake system.

When the control unit sends a signal, the electric motor starts to turn the impeller of the supercharger at an enormous speed - about 70,000 rpm in 0.25 seconds. But the consumption of electricity is equal to 7 kW. The usual 12-volt network will not sustain such a high load. So, in the new Audi SQ7, a 48-volt electrical network was used that easily withstands such a powerful engine. Under the boot floor is a lithium-ion battery, which also feeds on electro-mechanical stabilizers.


audi sq7

Externally, the Audi SQ7 does not look as brutal as we would like. If you switch the suspension to the maximum position when the ground clearance is 15 mm. more than the standard Q7, the car will look much more serious. In the cabin, you can choose to put 2 types of seats, there is also a choice among 3 versions of the steering wheels. The colors of materials may also vary depending on the selected configuration. As an option, you can put fully virtual devices.


Under the hood, the Audi SQ7 has a completely new V-shaped engine, the cylinder block is falling apart at an angle of 90 degrees. In this breakdown of the unit, 2 turbochargers are installed, which, together with the electrocharger, supply air at a pressure of 2.4 bar. And this is really excessive pressure. This engine has a 4-liter engine that delivers 435 liters of power. with. and 900 Nm. torque Maximum torque is already available, starting at 1000 revolutions per minute.

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2016 Audi SQ7

Audi Q7 W12, which was produced from 2008 to 2012 - more powerfully equipped with power, its capacity is 500 liters. with. and 1000 Nm. torque But on the other hand, the acceleration dynamics are less - 5.5 seconds to 100 km / h, and the new Audi SQ7 accelerates to a hundred in 4.8 seconds. In addition, the fuel consumption of the W12 is 14.8 liters per 100 km, and in the new Audi SQ7 the consumption is really impressive - 8.4 liters per 100 km. run If you open the hood, the motor hides under a decorative plate, but in this plate there are also 2 air filters.

When you press the gas pedal, you feel an instant response. Regardless of the transmission on which the car is located, after pressing the gas pedal, the car very rapidly begins to pick up speed.

Yes, this is not a sports car, there are not as vivid emotions as in the Audi RS 5 coupe, the suspension is not so tough. But comfort is top notch. The cabin is quiet, there are double-glazed windows. If you put the suspension in the "Comfort" mode, the car will go very gently, as if floating on the waves. The noise from the engine is almost inaudible, but I would like to hear it. If you switch the wheels to the dynamic mode, a low rumbling will appear, the suspension will become more rigid, the steering wheel heavier. It's just a find when driving on steep and winding roads.

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The total weight of the car is 2.5 tons, and turns just like a regular compact hatchback. The car uses a huge number of different systems: thruster back wheels, adjustable shock absorbers, active stabilizers. Therefore, thanks to the work of all these systems, the coupe had such an effect that the car goes very smoothly. But at the same time the car behaves naturally.


In this car, as an option, you can install ceramic brakes, and in the base are iron wheels, which heat up faster if you often brake. Ventilated discs and other cooling systems are not here. Basic brakes with cast iron discs come with six-piston clips, and if you order optional carbon-ceramic brakes, 10-piston calipers will come with them, and wheels with such brakes will be 20-inch or more.

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In the all-wheel drive version of the SQ7, an 8-speed automatic gearbox is installed, a permanent four-wheel drive with a Torsen differential that distributes torque in a ratio of 40 to 60. More torque comes to the rear wheels. For an additional fee, you can put the rear wheels, which can also be controlled, but they do not turn much - just 5 degrees. Among the innovations, the car uses active stabilizers, they have already been introduced a little earlier on the new Bentley Bentaig.

new audi sq7

In Russia, these cars will appear in 2017, and you can order this car in October 2016. Exact prices by this time will be known. In Europe, such a car can already be bought. The price for SQ7 is 89,900 euros, this includes air suspension, 20-inch wheels, sports seats, LED headlights, an expensive salon with alcantara and leather. The price will be higher if you add active stabilizers, rear sport differential or steering wheels to the car. The package with all these options is called Advanced. To get it, you need to pay 6,000 euros. And only ceramic brakes cost 8,500 euros.

To distinguish the charged SQ7 from the usual Q7, it is enough just to look at the exhaust pipes, if they are rectangular and double, then this is SQ7. If you turn on the dynamic mode, the exhaust timbre will change and the sound will be more pleasant.

But the high price can not stop those who really liked this car or fans of Audi, who have long been waiting for the charged version of the crossover Q7 new generation. And for those who do not understand anything in cars, this car may just seem like an ordinary station wagon, albeit with large dimensions.

Audi Q7 2016 salon

The car looks big and solid, in Russia they like the expensive car to look aggressive and solid. The competitors of the Audi SQ7 are BMW X5 M, the cost of which starts from 6 300 000 rubles, the power of this car is equal to 575 l. with. and the Mercedes AMG GLE 63 with all-wheel drive, with a capacity of 557 liters. with., the price starts from 7 480 000 rubles.

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If earlier, in the charged version of the Audi Q, a standard 4.2-liter turbodiesel was standing, now it costs 4.0 TDI, which inherited the architecture of the cylinder block, the diameter of the cylinders, which is equal to 83 mm, from its predecessor. and timing chain drive, which is located at the rear of the engine.

The new 4.0 TDI engine delivers 435 liters of power. p., which fully complies with Euro-6 standards, and its deformed version with a capacity of 422 liters is prepared for Russia. with., which corresponds to Euro-5.

This motor uses an electric compressor made by Valeo, which is connected to a separate 48-volt network, consumes about 7 kW of power. In just 250 milliseconds, the rotor spins up to a speed of 70,000 rpm.

When the car travels at medium or low revs, the Valvelift system, which is used in this engine, opens one exhaust valve in each cylinder. The exhaust gases rotate one active turbine, and when the speed is between 2,200-2,700 rpm, the second exhaust valve is activated and the second turbine is turned on.

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When the car travels at low speeds, in order to achieve high pressure, an electric compressor is required that is installed after the intercooler, because the air that is forced through it heats up much less.

For those who want to get off the ground, you need to activate the launch control mode, to do this, you need to switch the chassis to the dynamic mode, then turn off the stabilization system. Next, you need to fully press the 2 pedals, hold the brake strongly and press the gas sharply when the turnovers reach the mark of 2600, the car will simply take off.

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