Road or off-road: a comparison of the skoda yeti and


The Volkswagen Tiguan car once created a real sensation - after all, it became the first crossover for which atmospheric engines were not offered. Turbocharged power units allowed the Tiguan to show excellent dynamic parameters without spending a lot of fuel. Just two years later, the first crossover of the Skoda brand was created by another division of the German industrial concern - it was the Yeti built on the Volkswagen platform. Despite the technical relationship, the engineers managed to give each car its own individual character. Therefore, if you decide what car you buy - Yeti or Tiguan, you should think about what you expect from a crossover.

Skoda Yeti и Volkswagen Tiguan



In the new generation, the Skoda Yeti lost some of its individuality after the designers drew for it a new front with rectangular headlights. However, Skoda's corporate identity is still well recognized, although the car has become more serious and respectable. A wide slit in the lower part of the front bumper and narrow fog lights emphasize this impression - the appearance now speaks of the outstanding dynamic capabilities of the Skoda Yeti crossover, which it is ready to repeat in practice. In expensive trim, the Yeti bumper is equipped with a large silver lining, which makes it clear to people that there is a car in front of them that can drive beyond good asphalt - although the car only partially justifies this impression.

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Skoda Yeti и Volkswagen Tiguan-->Если вы хотите приобрести кроссовер, и не знаете, что выбрать — Шкода Йети или Фольксваген Тигуан, вам стоит внимательно взглянуть на автомобиль Skoda в профиль. Именно так лучше всего проявляются его спорные черты. Машина очень похожа на родственный ей компактвэн Skoda Roomster, что понравится далеко не всем людям. Сходство усиливается и при взгляде сзади — Skoda Yeti снабжена аналогичной вертикальной пятой дверью с узким проёмом. Конечно, у кроссовера есть индивидуальные черты, например, металлическая накладка на заднем бампере, окрашенные в чёрный цвет задние стойки или расширенные колёсные арки, однако в остальном он напоминает кузов Skoda Roomster, установленный на платформу Volkswagen Tiguan.

Skoda Yeti Appearance

By the way, about the German crossover - Tiguan remains faithful to family traditions, so its body looks stylish, modern and original. Only the front end with wide headlights and the radiator grille with four transverse slats remind us of the similarity with other Volkswagen cars. Already at first glance it becomes clear that the Volkswagen crossover has a greater cross-country ability than the Skoda Yeti. The lower part of the front bumper is made of elastic unpainted plastic, which makes the damage received on the roads imperceptible.

Appearance Volkswagen Tiguan

When choosing a Tiguan or Yeti, many motorists prefer the German car because it looks much more solid. In profile, a compact crossover from afar can be confused with a full-size SUV Volkswagen Touareg, which clearly indicates its respectability and prestige. Behind you can pay attention to the wide fifth door with a moderate loading height, as well as wide lanterns, partly passing on the wings of the car. In addition, unpainted plastic is also used in the lower part of the rear bumper of the Volkswagen Tiguan, and the dual exhaust pipe is raised upwards, which reduces the likelihood of its damage outside the roads.


The comparison shows that cars are very different not only externally, but also from the inside. I want to call the interior of the Skoda Yeti classic - it uses an almost vertical center console, which is decorated with wood imitation inserts, as well as a large screen multimedia system surrounded by several buttons. By the way, the control units of multimedia and microclimate in the cabin are the same in both crossovers, which is not surprising given their closest relationship. Classic style lovers will also like Yeti's rectangular deflectors, which very efficiently redistribute the air flow inside the car. The following memorable elements can be distinguished in the Skoda Yeti saloon:

  • Devices in two deep "wells";
  • Metal edging spokes steering;
  • A lidded drawer for small things on top of the center console.

In the car Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti armchairs are incredibly comfortable - they can accommodate people with different physical parameters without feeling constrained or limited. Of course, the rear seat in the Czech crossover is quite close, but its advantage is the presence of three full-fledged seats, each of which can take a large adult. The transformation mechanism allows you to adjust the position of each of the three segments of the back sofa Yeti absolutely independent. In the five-seater version, the volume of the trunk of the Skoda Yeti is small - it barely exceeds 400 liters, but with the rear seats spread out this figure rises to 1.76 cubic meters.

Despite external solidity, inside the Volkswagen Tiguan looks more stylish and fresh than the platform-based Czech crossover. Instead of a vertical center console, it uses a multi-level design with separate climate control units and a multimedia system. A unique impression is created by Volkswagen Tiguan twin round deflectors, each of which can be customized individually - due to this it is possible to achieve maximum comfort for each passenger Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The Tiguan door handle looks like a kind of continuation of a large panel on which the window lifter unit is installed, and the door trim has inserts painted in the color of the upholstery of the seats.

Inside the Volkswagen Tiguan

Everything said about the seats in the Skoda Yeti, is also relevant for the Volkswagen Tiguan - to say, definitely that it is better, it will not work. However, the distance between the two rows of seats in the German crossover is still greater, which allows the rear passengers to relax and enjoy the ride, even on a very long journey. In addition, the specific form of the trunk allows you to load 470 liters of luggage into it, even with the rear seat sofa raised. If it is folded, the Volkswagen Tiguan can take 1.5 cubic meters of cargo. Smaller than Yeti capacity is due to the increased comfort of the rear row of seats.

Road performance

Power units

As mentioned above, crossovers can only be equipped with turbo engines, but the range of power units installed on the Volkswagen Tiguan is somewhat broader. A car equipped with the latest 1.4 engine and one turbocharger with variable impeller geometry is participating in the comparison. The TSI engine quite confidently accelerates the Tiguan from a low rpm, however, it begins to lose ground when the tachometer needle approaches 4000 rpm. Such a crossover from Volkswagen is more suitable for a quiet ride through the city, as evidenced by the acceleration indicator to the milestone of 100 km / h, equal to 9.6 seconds. Volkswagen manual gearbox works very well and does not allow to miss the right gear - the mechanism is debugged no worse than the average sports car.

Car model:Skoda YetiVolkswagen Tiguan
Producing country:Czech Republic (Build - Russia)Germany (Build - Russia)
Body Type:CrossoverCrossover
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cc:17981390
Power, l. c./about min .:160/6200150/5800
Maximum speed, km / h:200192
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:8,49,6
Type of drive:FullFull
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 9.8 / Outside the city of 6.6In the city of 10.1 / Out of town 6.7
Length, mm:42224426
Width, mm:17931809
Height, mm:16911703
Clearance, mm:185200
Tire size:225/50 R17215/60 R16
Curb weight, kg:14301621
Full weight, kg:20502170
Fuel tank capacity:6064

For Skoda, such a motor is offered only in front-wheel drive versions, but on the Yeti there is a well-deserved 1.8 unit with twenty valves, which is known to motorists for more than 10 years. In combination with a mechanical transmission, it gives the car excellent dynamic performance - the first 100 km / h Skoda already reaches after eight and a half seconds and accelerates to 200 km / h maximum. In this case, the Czech crossover gives the driver confidence in the possibility of instant acceleration at any speed - the engine has a very large stock of thrust, which allows you to forget about the “turbo lag” and other problems typical of compressor units. If you compare the Skoda Yeti with its closest analogue of the Volkswagen Tiguan, then the first car will seem more convenient to manage the acceleration.

Off-road abilities

If you make a comparison of Teegan vs. Yeti, not on a good highway, but on a dirt road, then all the advantages of a Czech car are immediately leveled. Immediately it should be said that the Skoda crossover clearance is 185 mm - this value can be considered normal for a “raised” car, but not for a serious crossover. All elements of the bottom protection and low-lying units are made of plastic and are held on thin mounts. After the first drive over a primer strewn with stones, half of this protection breaks off and the next blows already fall on the suspension arms and the engine crankcase. All-wheel drive transmission Skoda Yeti has a layout similar to the Volkswagen Tiguan, but its settings provide more confident movement on a snowy highway than a successful off-road drive - the rear axle is connected only after a long slip, and the clutch is turned off a short time after the car hits a relatively flat part.

Если вы не знаете, какую машину выбрать для частых выездов на природу — Skoda Yeti или Volkswagen Tiguan, вам стоит обратить внимание на геометрические параметры последнего. Клиренс равен 200 мм, а углы въезда и съезда позволяют спускаться с асфальтовой дороги прямо по насыпи, не сталкиваясь ни с какими проблемами. Правда, речь идёт о комплектации Track&Field, отличающейся от обычного кроссовера видоизменёнными бамперами, однако и городская модификация Volkswagen Tiguan на бездорожье способна дать серьёзную фору своему чешскому конкуренту. Full привод работает достаточно быстро, хотя небольшие задержки в подключении задней оси всё же заметны. Кроме того, муфта системы 4Motion на Volkswagen Tiguan отключается лишь спустя некоторое время после блокировки и выдерживает даже сильные нагрузки без перегрева.

Different tempers

Both crossovers have a stylish appearance, an excellent level of equipment and a comfortable lounge. However, Skoda Yeti is designed more for movement on the highway and quick starts on city streets. But the Volkswagen Tiguan may move off good roads in order to take the driver and passengers to a great place for fishing or a family picnic.