Benchmark chevrolet aveo and chevrolet cruze - ordinary


The most significant model for Chevrolet is the global car Cruze, which is sold in all countries of the world where there are dealerships of this brand. However, considerable hopes are also placed on Aveo - the compact machine has delighted the company with its sales before, and after the next update, it became even more popular. In this case, the difference in the cost of hatchbacks from Chevrolet is not so great - with comparable trim levels, it fluctuates around 100 thousand rubles. It is therefore very interesting to see what will be the optimal choice for the consumer - Chevrolet Aveo or Cruz, and whether there is an objective need to purchase a more expensive car.

Cars in the back of a hatchback Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet Cruze - what to choose?

Cars in the back of a hatchback Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet Cruze - what to choose?

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Different tempers

Outdoor style

Despite more than modest dimensions, the Chevrolet Aveo does not look very small - the roofline with a minimal inclination contributes to the visual lengthening of its silhouette, which also provides an increase in cabin space compared to the sedan of the same name. With large wheels that can have a dimension of 16 or 17 ″, the Aveo profile looks very fast and dynamic even when the car is standing still. But the most important decoration developed by Chevrolet designers is the large twin round headlights, which, in combination with the grille split in two, give the car an aggressive look. A rear view is no less interesting - the optics here are also divided into two parts, hidden under transparent caps. However, the rear window on the Chevrolet Aveo will never become a role model - it has a very small area and is not the best visibility, further degraded by the overhanging spoiler.

Car Chevrolet Aveo - hatchback with aggressive appearance

Car Chevrolet Aveo - hatchback with aggressive appearance

If we compare the design of Cruise or Aveo, the style of the first will look more controversial. The convex roof immediately gives rise to associations with the Volkswagen “beetle”, which is provided with a strongly elongated hood. The situation is somewhat improved by the multifaceted headlights of the Chevrolet Cruze, which have sharp edges - they give the car a serious look, in which more solidity and presentability than aggression. The most advantageous angle for the Cruze is at the back when the sloping line of the rear door becomes visible, to one side of which are the “petals” of the lighting technician whose soft outlines contrast with the broken front part. However, you have to pay for the style - it seems that a narrow rear window with poor visibility is a common feature for all compact Chevrolet hatchbacks.

Chevrolet Cruze - a car with a more presentable appearance

Chevrolet Cruze - a car with a more presentable appearance

Car model:Chevrolet AveoChevrolet Cruze
Producing country:Korea (Assembly - Russia, Kaliningrad)Korea (Build - Russia, St. Petersburg)
Body Type:HatchbackHatchback
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15981796
Power, l. c./about min .:115/6000141/6200
Maximum speed, km / h:189200
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,310,1
Type of drive:FrontFront
CAT:6 automatic transmission6 automatic transmission
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 10.0 / Outside the city of 5.6In the city of 10.4 / Out of town 6,2
Length, mm:40394510
Width, mm:17351797
Height, mm:15171477
Clearance, mm:115156
Tire size:205/55 R16215/50 R17
Curb weight, kg:11471310
Full weight, kg:15921823
Fuel tank capacity:4660

Where is more convenient?

After landing on the driver's seat in the Chevrolet Aveo for a long time you can not get rid of the feeling that you saddled a motorcycle. The unique instrument panel developed by the Chevrolet engineers, in which the only analog instrument is a tachometer, is drawn to the eye, the arrow in the zero position is oriented downwards in a sporting way. Next to the Aveo there is a small liquid crystal display, where you can find indications of speed, distance covered, and the residual fuel level in the tank. The Chevrolet center console is very well formed - it is quite convenient to control the buttons of the multimedia system and the rotary knobs of the climate unit - only in the “P” position the lever of the automatic transmission selector blocks access to the lower part of the console. The designers who worked on the Aveo interior also came up with many interesting solutions:

  • Round deflectors of the blowing system “like on sports cars”.
  • Niches for small things in the upper part of the front panel on both sides of the console.
  • Additional glove box with a hole for connecting the phone to the multimedia system through the wire.

    In the cabin Chevrolet Aveo реализованы многие дизайнерские решения

    In the cabin Chevrolet Aveo реализованы многие дизайнерские решения

If you compare the Chevrolet Aveo and Cruz, it will be difficult to say who has the better front seats Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Of course, in the Aveo, they are deprived of such tangible lateral support, but it is difficult to complain about the shape of the backrest and pillow. But about the back sofa of a smaller Chevrolet can no longer be answered so unequivocally. There is plenty of space above your head, as well as width - but you cannot get a third adult passenger on board. The reason for this will be a small distance to the front row of seats in the Chevrolet Aveo, as well as a few piled back cushions that force you to sit, knees high.

Chevrolet employees who designed the interior design for the Cruze were clearly inspired by the movie Transformers and the logo of combat robots used in it. The wide center console is framed by a silvery plastic, which strongly protrudes up to the edges, covering a large display of the multimedia complex. Below are the climate control knobs, which are separated by buttons and are not obscured by the automatic transmission selector, in contrast to the Aveo. Chevrolet Cruze devices are fairly traditional, although they look good - their combination contains two large and two small dials, as well as a road computer screen. The main unique feature of the mid-size hatchback are fabric inserts on the front panel, repeating the color of the upholstery of the seats.

Salon Chevrolet Cruze is made in the traditional style

Salon Chevrolet Cruze is made in the traditional style

Maybe the front seats of the Cruze are not perfect, but they are close to perfection - the optimal shape of the backrest and cushion allows you to relax all your muscles while driving, and the developed lateral support eliminates the strong movement of a person with active maneuvers. Back in the Chevrolet Cruze is much more convenient than in the Aveo - including due to the increased distance between the rows of seats. However, the three of us here are also better not to be placed - this time the reason is the convex shape of the central part of the pillow.

In the city and beyond

Suspension work

Perhaps, it’s worth starting with the undercarriage, since its work is very important for the target audience of Chevrolet cars - family people with young children. In Chevrolet Aveo, some excessive stiffness is noticeable, which is especially pronounced when driving large irregularities. Of course, it also has a positive side, which is represented by sharp reactions to the steering wheel and the lack of roll in corners - but this is not easier for rear passengers, shaken by serious blows. In addition, the Aveo is distinguished by an unusually low ground clearance of 115 mm, due to which one must forget not only the entrance to the curb, but also the overcoming of manholes protruding from the asphalt in the courtyards.

Test drive the car Chevrolet Cruze:

If you decide which is better - Cruise or Aveo, then a larger car will clearly win in comfort. The Chevrolet Cruze has imperceptibly such shaking, but the feedback on the steering wheel has deteriorated significantly. In addition, a comfortable suspension does not always have enough stroke, as a result of which it allows deviations from the course when driving especially large pits.

Dynamics - comparable or not?

The most powerful engine installed on the Chevrolet Aveo is a 1.6-liter power unit with 115 horsepower - it is excellent at working with a six-speed automatic transmission. The car accelerates fast enough if the driver depresses the gas pedal deeply - thanks to this, the compact Chevrolet hatchback is steadily holding in a dense city stream moving at high speed. It is worth moving to a leisurely ride, as the car itself adapts to it, keeping the engine at a low speed. However, it is very easy to return to the former activity just by pressing the gas pedal harder - a real driver!

Test drive car Chevrolet Aveo:

It makes no sense to compare the similar Chevrolet Cruze with a power of 109 horsepower to the Aveo - a heavy car would be expected to give way in dynamics. Therefore, the test version was selected with a 1.8 engine, whose performance is 141 horsepower. Even with an automatic transmission, the car gains 100 km / h in just 10 seconds, and also accelerates to 200 km / h. At the same time, the excitement in driving a Cruze is no less than that of the Aveo - only the pleasure is spoiled by the suspension tuned to a comfortable mood. Also, for the purchase of a more powerful Chevrolet will not have to pay the increased fuel consumption, which on average is only 0.5 liters more than the Aveo.

Different machines - different consumers

The main conclusion that can be formed after becoming acquainted with the Chevrolet Aveo and Cruze - the company's specialists did a very good job of separating products by target audience. A small hatchback is ideal for individualists who have not had time to get a family - for them the beauty of a unique front panel and driver character will be more important than practicality. But the family is more suitable Chevrolet Cruze, in which the back can accommodate both children and friends when going on a picnic. In addition, he will not annoy passengers with strong blows in the chassis. And the Cruze also looks more presentable - not only through the use of more expensive polymeric materials, but also through fabric inserts, creating a feeling of comfort.