Bmw 7 g11-g12 - the new seven from bmw

BMW 7-series in the back of the G11 is a new generation of the legendary BMW 7-ki, executive sedan. This car is produced from 2015, and will continue to produce it until 2022, during this time will be restyled. The predecessor is the F-generation, which looks pretty pretty today, but if we compare it with the new Mercedes in the body of the W222, then it is clear that it is time for BMW to release something new. Available 7-ka in 2 body types: G11 - the standard length of the wheelbase and G12 - long wheelbase. Now we look at the long version.

BMW 7 new

The exterior design of the car turned out quite restrained and conservative, there is no revolution in design. The BMW company has now become more serious about the exterior design of its representative class. This is due to the release of 7-ki in the back of the E65 in 2002. There the design turned out to be revolutionary and very controversial, a lot of criticism fell on BMW. In the company, this criticism was confirmed and released a restyled version of the E65, in which there were really a lot of changes.

The exterior design of the new 7-ki looks good and this car will be relevant for a long time. Revolutionary changes have appeared in the technical solution, a lot of carbon is used in the body, namely, some bearing elements of the body. If you open the door, you see the logo “Carbon Cor.” This gave a number of advantages - the car began to weigh 130 kg less than the predecessors of the F-series and E65, while the body became more rigid, and as a result - safer.

With each new generation, engineers are struggling with weight reduction, and all because there are new options that also weigh, as new blocks, additional wires, fixings are used, so the car becomes heavier. Therefore, in this car, engineers have reduced the weight due to carbon elements. For the development of this body, BMW received an award from EuroCarBody - 42 points out of a possible 50. Since 2002, no manufacturer has scored so many points since this competition began to exist only in 2002. So the body of this car can be considered revolutionary. On the 5-ke, they will also apply this technology, why not.

BMW 7-g11

In front of the car, too, some updates appeared - an adaptive grille. When the car just stands with the engine turned off, the curtains are closed, and when the car starts driving in an aggressive style or in hot weather, these curtains will start to open. This was done to improve the aerodynamic drag coefficient. But this is a controversial issue, because during fast driving, the curtains will open and these aerodynamic advantages will disappear. But how beautiful this grille looks.

Also on the car are laser headlights, they are installed as an option to distinguish the laser headlights from the usual ones - you just need to find the inscription on the headlights of the Laserlight and find the blue inserts in the headlights. This technology allows you to illuminate the path with the included high beam, while the machine will not blind oncoming drivers and those who drive ahead. That is, it is adaptive headlights. Normal optics shine at 300 meters, and laser - at 600 meters.

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bmw-7-e38-vs-BMW 7-g11

From the side you can see a real air intake with holes, this is done to improve aerodynamics. A chrome strip is made in order to visually reduce the center of gravity of the car. The main thing is that this chrome will not peel off after a few years, because lately chrome has been produced not particularly high-quality for executive cars. There is also nothing particularly revolutionary in the back - you can move your foot and the trunk will open. The trunk closes in the same way, it is very convenient if in the hands of the bag.

The car has 2 keys: primary and secondary. In the main key functions of a huge set. There is a remote parking, you can check whether your car is closed at this moment or not. There are situations when you got out of the car and do not remember whether it was closed or not. You can not go back to the car, just look at the key and see that the car is locked. You can also immediately check other options of interest.


The hood opens the same way as on the BMW F30 - you have to pull the handle towards yourself 2 times. And in front there are no hooks, just lift the hood up. Almost all the engines that go to the new seven - B-series. In addition to the old R63, which is put on a modification of 750. This engine is not very reliable, as is well known, by the past generation.

In this generation, it was modernized, removed some flaws, installed valvetronics, increased power to 450 liters. with. But still, this engine is likely to be the most problematic among BMW motors. If you buy a car with this engine, you should change the oil more often. It is desirable every 6-7 thousand km.

Motors Б-серии еще не показали себя в плане надежности, потому что статистики по ним еще нету, и новые моторы пока еще не ломались, ведь гарантия на новый автомобиль еще не прошла.

But now we will look at new solutions from the BMW - 730i, in which they now began to install for the first time in history a 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 2 liters and with a turbine. Many BMW fans believe that this engine is inappropriate here. Although according to the passport this motor can accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 6.2. But after 100 km / h the car will not pick up the speed much. A complete set with this motor is better not to buy for those who love active driving.

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BMW 7-g11

There are also diesel engines that are installed in the 730d, 740d and 750d. In each of these configurations installed engine B58, but the only difference in the number of turbines. On the 750d version, there are 4 turbines installed, a 6-cylinder quatro diesel, which has become the most powerful diesel engine in the world. In terms of reliability and simplicity, diesel engines have turned out more successful than gasoline judging by the first year of operation.

Diesel pickings turned out quite dynamic: 730d accelerates to a hundred in 6 seconds, 740d - 5.2 seconds, and 750d - 4.6 seconds. At the same time, the consumption of these cars in the city will be 10-11 liters per 100 km. Perhaps even less, and on the highway, consumption will be significantly less.

But there is also the most powerful equipment - 760, in which a powerful V12 engine with a volume of 6.6 liters is installed, there are 2 turbines, the torque is 800 Nm and the power is 600 liters. with. From 0 to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 3.7 seconds, as they say in a BMW. In addition, the 760 has huge tuning options. The car can be screwed so that it will give out under 1000 Nm of torque. Also there is a four-wheel drive, before the 760 was always only rear-wheel drive.



Electric chairs are made better than in the past generation, there were buttons made of cheap plastic, and here are used metal edging, high-quality plastic, corresponds to the representative class. The buttons on the doors are made of aluminum, which also looks very premium. Also on the left door there is a button for opening the trunk.

The multimedia system here iDrive is considered one of the best multimedia systems in the world. The gearbox is an 8-speed gearbox, though many expected to see a 9-speed gearbox. But after restyling, there will definitely be a 9 mortar installed on cars of this series. In addition to the usual modes, a new one appeared - adaptive, which automatically adapts to the driving style of the driver. As soon as you press the gas to the floor, the electronics change the stiffness of the suspension, the steering wheel becomes heavier, the gears are shifted at higher revs. As soon as you start to go slowly, the system automatically reconfigures the suspension, steering wheel and everything else.


Also, the machine has a new climate control panel, in which all the buttons have become metal, the engine start button has also become metal. This means that these buttons will not be so clambered as on the previous generation of 7-ki. Also, the climate panel has become a sensor, heating and ventilation are included on the touch panel. Also, a new button - the original air fragrance from BMW. You can choose the level, how often spraying will occur, different odors are sold.

BMW 7-series is a rather unique car in which you can control all these options in different ways, you can even control your voice. You can control the sensor: here iDrive sensor washer, touch monitor and climate control touch. You can also control the gestures of the multimedia system, if you twist your finger in one direction, the sound will increase, and if you twist it to another, it will decrease, you can also switch and switch tracks, in general, before using, you should see what gestures are in the manual and you can use them .

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В машину установлена топовая музыка с 16-ю колонками - Bowers & Wilkins. В предыдущем поколении топовая музыка примерно такая же по качеству. Поэтому для фанатов качественной музыки есть смысл потратить на нее деньги.

BMW 7-g11

The car accelerates well, rulits well despite its long dimensions. Interior lighting deserves special attention, because it can be customized to your taste. You can choose blue or green, orange or other colors. You can make it brighter or weaker, or turn it off completely. You can adjust the backlight speakers.

At night or in the evening it is a great pleasure to drive this car thanks to the beautiful lighting of the speakers, the cozy atmosphere immediately becomes. Also in the car there is the possibility of calling emergency services - on top of the rear-view mirror - you need to open the lid and press the SOS button. In addition, the car itself can cause emergency services, if the car got into a very serious accident, the system analyzes the extent of damage to the car and throws off the exact coordinates. It can save someone's life. The rearview mirror has also become different, under it there are buttons for opening the gate, which look more aesthetically pleasing than on its predecessor.

The car can automatically analyze road signs, displays them on the instrument panel, sometimes it is quite convenient. Overboard in the car a huge number of cameras, and the image from the cameras can be displayed on the display. There is a circular review of the car.

For the rear passengers have their own innovations - a tablet on the armrest, which elegantly leaves. On this tablet, you can customize the curtains, sunroof, lights, you can customize the seats as your own, and the front passenger, you can customize the climate control and multimedia system. The manufacturer of this tablet is Samsung. In the top-end configuration can be a footrest, a refrigerator and many other options. But all the necessary types of curtains, massage and memory seats, 4-zone climate control and other options are there.

And then a review of how 2 guys ride on a brand new BMW 7 G12: