Tuning of the cabin vaz 21214 - do-it-yourself cabin comfort

History VAZ 21214 It begins with the reincarnation of the car VAZ 21213. Both cars were altered almost simultaneously with the old "Niva", so some of the characteristics of them are the same.

Vaz Niva photoProbably not one domestic car can not be compared with the cross and powerful technical characteristics of the "Niva". The car can rightly be considered a Russian SUV and mountain patron.

Motorists are so accustomed to the VAZ 2121, that, despite the innovations in the world of cars, it has long left the Russian market. However, the internal characteristics of the car began to age, so the drivers and the designer found a way out - to make тюнинг VAZ 21214 Niva.

New car called VAZ 21214 «Нива Тайга» underwent a strong change. Special attention should be paid to the engine of the car in which the injection engine with distribution injection was installed, with a volume of 1.7 liters and a power of 81.8 horsepower. Now the engine torque has increased significantly and is 127.5 Nm. To increase the driving power in the auto add drive supercharger. The modernization of the motor system meets the standard for the domestic market and for export deliveries.

VAZ 21214 тюнинг

Тюнинг VAZ 21214 Niva includes the installation of a long-stroke crankshaft, which increases the engine size from 84 to 92 mm, an offset piston pin for reducing piston knocks and a throttle valve for adjusting the fuel mixture.

On cars install new fog lights and change the rear lights, which are similar to the lights of the "six". For the beauty and aerodynamics of the engine "Niva Taiga" make tuning dodger. This detail will save fuel in the system, as well as give an aggressive and sporty look to the car.

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For styling and ease of travel on the roof put rails. They help to transport extra weight economically.

Tuning salon VAZ Niva photo

In the process of tuning, do not forget to upgrade the transmission. In the car establish the driveshaft with the hinge of equal angular speeds. Often тюнинг VAZ 21214 after such changes is called "Lada 4X4". Using a gas-oil shock absorber and high stiffness springs, the Niva Taiga is really considered an off-road vehicle, and it is not in vain that it can often be found on the rally track.

Optionally, you can make the tuning of the steering, the mechanism off the front axle, which saves fuel, and improve brake equipment.

VAZ 21214 Niva

Tuning VAZ 21214 photo

Тюнинг салона VAZ 21214 made the car comfortable to drive. Euro-pens are installed in the cabin, upholstered with plastic doors, additional lighting is installed. Take care of installing noise insulation in the cabin, it will reduce squeaks, vibrations and noises outside the car. Also тюнинг салона VAZ 21214 Niva includes the replacement of the dashboard (similar to the VAZ 2108) and electronic devices: installed power steering, alarm, MP3 player, acoustics with a subwoofer, on-board computer with a routing indicator.

Тюнинг салона VAZ 21214 нива своими руками

Tuning VAZ 21214 photo салона

So, you already have some experience in upgrading your favorite car. As you can see, it all depends on fantasy and tuning vaz 21214 do it yourself can be done without problems. Take care first car tuning, as this is the main attribute that attracts extraneous views. Make your trunk was huge and strong, install a powerful front protection, a streamlined beautiful body kit and all that says about this SUV. Experiment, and you get an individual car with good external characteristics, which are not afraid of any weather conditions.

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For the body kit VAZ 21214 install the design of pipes (kengurinu) front and rear cars. However, prepare for installing a body kit responsibly, since the unit is mounted on the bumper. Make sure that the bumper in the car with thick walls and securely fastened, then install on it a winch, like a real jeep. You can experiment, raise the car and install an elevator for better road on the roads. Make big wheels and alloy wheels that will truly highlight your car. It is better to entrust this part of the work to the master, since he knows all the subtleties of this process, and you will save a lot of time.

Тюнинг VAZ 21214 нива changes the top pair for top speed and power car. So, if in the “Niva” there was a main pair 4.1, then the modernization goes to 3.9 (the lower the performance, the better for the engine).

Тюнинг салона VAZ 21214

Take care of good lighting and install the chandelier in the car. The light makes the view possible from all sides, and the working light will make the visibility much brighter and more qualitative.

With the appearance of "Niva taiga" is over, it remains to take care of her inner world. In the cabin, you can make the insulation, which is indispensable in the cold season, and establish a reliable navigation system for orientation on the terrain, wherever you are. Tuning cabin will make your trip comfortable and safe.

Now there are a lot of video lessons from specialists, who will not only tell you how to tune a car, but also show the sequence of all actions. For example, one of them: