Used nissan qashqai with its features

Nissan Qashqai is a compact crossover, which is quite popular in the CIS countries, especially in Russia, there are a whole host of used versions of this model on the market.

Nissan Qashqai used

European and Russian Qashqai are not going to Japan, and Sunderland - an English town. Therefore, it is clear that body panels slightly crooked docked. Resistance to corrosion is good enough, but not ideal, because the paintwork is slightly thin, chips and scratches can remain due to the road stones. And the varnish itself is not so shiny over time, it looks a little unclear. And also, the appearance of a new Kashkai is spoiled by a peeling emblem on the front of a car.

It was noted that the pre-style models, released before 2009, have some characteristic problems, for example, on the tailgate the handle gets loose, it can be screwed, but for this it is necessary to remove the casing and get to the fixing handle.

Afterrestaking cars are also not sinless - if you look closely, you can see that the rear lights mist over, because the sealing of these lamps is clearly of cheap material.

Salon does not live very long - after 70,000 km. mileage rattles plastic, and upholstery becomes worn.

Nissan Qashqai rack

When the machine is actively used, it is very fast. gear knob starts to wear outespecially mechanical. Also the cabin door handles are erased, they can be changed - $ 15 per piece. In some cars, after 6 years of operation, the coating on the dashboard peels off.

And for those who leave their Qashqai in the summer, there is bad news - if there is a plastic steering wheel in the car, then in the heat the rim material can melt and it will be very unpleasant to take such a steering wheel in hand. In those cars where there is a panoramic sunroof - condensate accumulates near the sun visors, which spoils the upholstery on the ceiling.

Window regulator Nissan Qashqai

Also, there are times when jammed windows, because dirt gets there, so you just need to do a cleaning so that the electric window motor does not break, which costs a lot of money - about $ 300. Also, during the purchase of a used car, it is necessary to check the upholstery of the cabin - to do this, turn on the loud music, after which the upholstery can rattle and resonate. On the steering wheel there are buttons that can control the audio system, if they do not work, then it will be necessary to change the block of steering wheel switches, it is only important to ensure that the wiring is not pinched.

In Qashqai, weak door seals and a poorly made heater are used. Until the engine warms up, there will be no warm air in the cabin. Especially in frost, this problem becomes very urgent, so some motorists put a cardboard box in front of the radiator so that the engine in the frost is less cooled from the oncoming cold air flow. Also in Qashqai there is a temperature sensor that is installed under the steering wheel, so it shows an inaccurate temperature in the cabin.

Nissan Qashqai fuse chart

When they did the restyling in 2009, the climate control improved, the sensors were placed in the right places, and the stove began to work much more efficiently. But there have been cases when fan relays failedafter which the fan did not turn off and continuously cooled, and there were also cases that a heater motor resistor burned, without which there is no air pressure. Yes, and the engine of the heater often gets various debris from the road, so if it is not periodically cleaned, it will fail. On many machines, it was still under warranty.

Power units Kashkai

Qashqai is completed with both petrol and diesel engines. Petrol - 2-liter MR20DE (such more than 70% among Qashqai) and HR16DE, whose volume is 1.6 liters (about 22% of cars) These engines are very similar in design, they use a timing chain, there is a system for changing valve timing. It does not use gidroopory at the valves. And after about 100,000 km, it will be necessary to adjust the valve clearances - it will be necessary to pick up the height of the pushers.

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Engine of Nissan bald

These gasoline engines do not cause any problems - they easily withstand 300,000 km. run Possible such trifles that, if the timing chain is greatly extended, the sensor will give an error and the machine will not start. Such a chain costs about $ 90, so you should not forget after about 100 thousand km. change it.

Also not to forget flush throttle every 50,000 km, so as not to lose power and there was no floating idling. When replacing the spark, especially on a 2-liter engine, care must be taken not to overtighten the candles. The candle well has rather thin walls, so it can burst, after which the coolant enters the combustion chamber, and the exhaust gases will flow into the cooling system. And here, on their own, nothing can be fixed - it will be necessary to make a replacement of the cylinder head, which costs $ 1,100.

Flushing Throttle Nissan Qashqai

The engine mounts fail quite quickly - approximately 100,000 km in front. and all the rest: the back and top break down after 120,000 km. run The upper ones cost $ 140, and the back support costs $ 50. Changing all this, you can immediately change the silent blocks of the subframe, the kit will cost about $ 90.

When gasoline engines age and will soon require repair, they will let you know about it in advance - the oil will start to leave, slowly dig through the junction of the pallet, here you can change the gasket and apply fresh sealant. There will also be the smell of gasoline in the cabin, it will mean that it is time to change the plastic pipe of the fuel pump, which is installed in the tank, it costs about $ 250. The fuel pump is equipped with a filter, which is enough for the entire service life, but it also happens that this filter is clogged and the engine starts to stall. To clean it - it will be necessary to climb into the tank and get out the pump.

Replacing the silent blocks of the stretcher Nissan Qashqai

At loss of antifreeze it is necessary to check up a sealing ring on each thermostat. If the matter is not in the thermostat, then it is necessary to check whether there are traces of antifreeze on the expansion tank. Leaking at the junction is a fairly common disease in Qashqai with gasoline engines.

Diesel models are equipped with sturdier tanks. There are such turbodiesel engines: 1.5-liter K9K (about 5% Qashqayev) and 2-liter M9R (1% of cars on the market). For these diesels is characterized by the rejection of poor-quality fuel. If you pour a "burned" diesel, you will have to be very difficult - change nozzleswhich cost about 500 dollars, the neutralizer for 1500 "American rubles".

Further, that the car served well - it is necessary every 50,000 km. flush the recycling system. This is especially true while driving in traffic jams, and when the car is idling for a long time, the particulate filter is clogged up.

2012 Nissan Qashqai under the hood

In the 2-liter M9R engine there is still such a problem as bursting plastic pipes in the fuel line. Immediately there will be a smell of burned diesel fuel in the cabin - this means that the diesel fuel through the burst pipes hit the exhaust manifold. But 150 dollars - and this problem is solved.

In the K9K engine with a volume of 1.5 liters is also not very reliable fuel wires, replacing them will pull on $ 60. After about 6 years, the material from which the tubes are made and will block the flow of fuel may swell, so the engine will not start one day due to a lack of fuel. There are also cases, but very rarely, that the fuel pump that is in the tank fails, after which the car will also start up badly. And to change such a pump is to spend 540 dollars.

The life span of a turbine, which costs about $ 1,500, is approaching completion by about 150,000 km. And in general, to 150 thousand, the 1.5-liter diesel engine itself may need to be repaired. The engine wears fast enoughappears diesel rattling and connecting rod bearings knock. The same problem is familiar to the owners of diesel Renault Duster.

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Variator for Nissan bald


The automatic box Jatco JF613E on 6 steps goes together with the 2-liter diesel engine, differs in high reliability, easily maintains 250000 km. run, if with a frequency of 60,000 km to change the transmission oil.

Mechanical 6-speed gearbox is more reliable than the automatic, does not break at all, you only need every 150,000 km. change the clutch, a set of which will cost $ 220.

But the petrol versions with the HR16 engine only have to dream of a reliable transmission. To this motor there is a 5-point trip, in which it is necessary after 150,000 km. change synchronizers ($ 180 each), and the clutch rarely lives to 100,000 km. Usually, it already needs to be changed to 50,000 km. run

Tormoznaya system of Nissan bald

There are also a complete set with a gasoline engine and a Jatco JF011E variator. It has its own peculiarities, so that such a Qashqai will last longer, it is necessary to change the oil in a timely manner and drive in a quiet mode, not to force the car. It is necessary to fill in oil Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2 in a variator, it suffices exactly for 60,000 kilometers, the price of such oil is $ 130 for 8 liters. You also need to change the filter, and its price is $ 90. On consumables do not need to save, because the variator will begin to "blunt", hang when overclocking, twitch. And all these are signs of future repair of the variator, which can pull up to $ 3,000, and the new one can cost as much as $ 7,000. But still, the variator does not serve for a long time even with careful usebecause the pushing belt, which costs about 500 dollars, can withstand no more than 150,000 km. But it will be cheaper to simply replace this belt until it covers the surface of the pulleys, which will cost you to change $ 1,100.

If suddenly the variator during a ride stopped changing gears, then this is the first sign that it will be necessary to change the stepping motor soon, which costs about $ 200. There have even been cases that in 5-year-old Qashqaih the selector did not switch gears. Sometimes the problem is solved by replacing the selector lock solenoid for about $ 40, and sometimes you need to change the selector completely for $ 200.

Nissan Qashqai gearbox handle

After the car skidded 120 thousand kilometers a light hum may appear while driving, this may mean that it is time to replace the bearings on the drive and driven shafts. Bearings will cost $ 100 each. But it also happens that oil pump valve sticks and, at the same time, it does not give any signs of breakage until the variator breaks down due to the lack of oil in the nodes. Therefore, during the replacement of the belt, it is advisable to immediately change the valve of the oil pump, it costs only $ 360, which is about 10 times less than the amount that will have to be paid for the repair of the variator.

Suspension features

It should be understood that the Qashqai is a crossover-SUV designed for driving on asphalt. For those who dare to check it off-road, bad consequences await - the variator will not withstand the stresses very soon, the electromagnetic clutch, including the rear axle, will fail; The clutch itself will also be seriously affected, because it is poorly protected and sand, dirt and dust easily get into it.

The best election is considered a 2-liter diesel engine M9R. It is only important to monitor the tubes in the fuel system. The 1.5-liter K9K diesel engine designed by the French from Renault is weak in crankshaft and crankshaft bearings.

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Automatic transmission Jatco JF613E 6 steps reliable and trouble-free. The content of the variator Jatco JF011E is expensive. The main "consumables" - the belt and the step motor responsible for changing gears.

Suspension in Qashqai is short-stroke, it is tough enough, just not suitable for off-road. Suspension on a bad road makes a crashand the car shakes a lot. Already after 40,000 km. mileage shock absorbers Sachs required replacement. And the rear shock absorbers are generally designed so that they had to be changed because the bushes were broken, which are assembled with shock absorbers. Often there were cases that the warranty changed the front hubs with bearings that are already buzzing after 50-60 thousand kilometers.

Pendant Nissan bald

Restyling did good and the suspension was improved, many problems were fixed. They doubled the service life of wheel bearings; shock absorbers began to serve longer — no less than front ball bearings, which easily withstand 100,000 km. Dampers cost about $ 150, and ball bearings with levers - $ 145.

But on the protection from dirt poorly worked, the support bearings of the front pillars wear out very quickly due to dirt, they cost $ 25 each and they have to be changed after 50,000 km.

What is typical for Qashqayev - squeak during steeringhard to get rid of. Even if we replace the seals on the steering shaft, the rubber will still creak, so it will be necessary to periodically lubricate this rubber with silicone grease.

Qashqai released after 2009 can sometimes suffer from the fact that the electric power steering stops working in the cold This problem was universal, so the manufacturer changed the car for free with such a problem.

Panoramic sunroof Nissan Qashqai

The braking system is, in general, reliable, but at an early age, the piston can be stuck in the front caliper, but since the repair kits for $ 40 are sold, the problem is easily solved.

If you look at it in general, the used cars of Qashqai can conceal surprises, but what makes these cars so good is a pleasant price. If to compare with competitors, then about the same for reliability Mitsubishi ACX costs 20,000 rubles more. Kia Sporteydzh and Hyundai Tucson (iX35) approximately 60,000 p. expensive. Renault Koleos is more than 70 thousand rubles more. A Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford Kuga - 100,000 more expensive than the Nissan Qashqai.

Therefore, it is possible to buy a used Qashqai, but the main thing is to take the model after-styled. It is best to choose a complete set with a 2-liter diesel engine with mechanics or automatic. If you can not find this, it makes sense to take a gasoline model with mechanics.

Nissan Qashqai safety test drive

Safety ride in Qashqai

After crash tests carried out by the Euro NCAP method, the Nissan Qashqai received the maximum rating for the frontal crash test at a speed of 64 km / h. Airbags will keep the driver and passengers at low speed well. Airbags are not provided for the knees, but they are not needed, since after the test it was obvious that the legs did not touch the front panel during the collision. Seat belts also play an important role. In general, the score - 15.8 points out of 16. And 5 stars.

If the facts presented in the article do not stop you before buying a used second-hand Nissan Qashqai, then at least in order to save yourself from possible troubles while making a deal, be sure to watch our video on the topic: