The most popular b-class cars in the world for the first

Определились самые востребованные в мире авто В-класса на первую треть 2016 года

The most popular B-class cars in the world for the first third of 2016 were determined. The budget German sedan climbed to the top of the global rating of the most popular cars in the "B" segment Volkswagen Polo. This is the data of generalized statistics of world car sales of all brands of this segment from January to April 2016, as determined by experts from the focus2move rating agency. On the second step of the rating pedestal in class "B" rose American "pyatidverka" Ford Fiesta, and immediately behind it in line for the palm branch of world popularity today was a French compact hatchback Renault Clio.

Five of the most popular class B cars in the world today is as follows.

Volkswagen Polo was purchased for the first four months of 2016, 242110 units. This is an unconditional first place, even despite the fact that compared with the data for last year there is a two percent drop in sales for this model.

Определились самые востребованные в мире авто В-класса на первую треть 2016 года С большим отрывом на втором месте расположился "американец" Ford Fiesta с результатом в 161650 купленных авто. У Форда при этом наблюдается гораздо более значительный спад - почти девятнадцать процентов по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года. В затылок "американцу" дышит француз Renault Clio с результатом в 160000 проданных по всему миру единиц этой модели. У Рено тоже спад, около четырех процентов.

On the fourth line of the rating was Toyota Yaris - 138 thousand purchased cars. Yarisov bought two percent less than in January-April 2015. And another Frenchman, closing the top five of world popularity in B-class, - Peugeot 208on the contrary, it showed sales growth of almost nine percent. "Two hundred and eight" Peugeot bought for four months in the world about 116 thousand units.

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Определились самые востребованные в мире авто В-класса на первую треть 2016 года

If you look further on the degree of popularity, then in the sixth position we will see Hondu Fit with the result of 112 thousand purchased "Japanese", then goes "German" Opel Corsawhich world motorists dismantled 103 thousand.

Next settled "Koreans" Hyundai i20 with the result of 95 thousand cars sold and Kia Rio (88 thousand sold cars).

Previously published was the top twenty-five of the most sought-after cars regardless of class. Is in the lead Toyota Corolla, за ней идет Volkswagen Golf, на третьей строчке обосновались пикапы Ford F-Series. Далее в десятку вошли Форд Фокус, Volkswagen Polo, Тойота РАВ4, Хонда CR-V, Тойота Камри, Хёндэ Элантра и китайский "вагончик" Wuling Hongguang.