Benchmarking ford focus and toyota corolla: credit history


Sedanы среднего размера, подобные Ford Focus, обладают репутацией кредитных автомобилей — действительно, их чаще всего приобретают по банковским заёмным программам. Причина этого кроется в недавнем появлении социальной прослойки молодых «менеджеров среднего звена», которые ещё не успели накопить достаточно средств на собственный транспорт, но уже достигли определённых успехов в профессиональной деятельности и получили уверенность в завтрашнем дне. Не отстаёт в этом плане и Toyota Corolla — правда, за её рулём чаще можно увидеть представительниц прекрасного пола, принадлежащих к тому же социальному слою. Чтобы понять, какой автомобиль лучше — Форд Фокус или Тойота Королла, мы на некоторое время представим себя такими же молодыми, успешными и жаждущими получить больше, чем можем себе позволить в настоящий момент. Кроме того, чтобы исключить предвзятость, используем подобные комплектации — сравниваемые Ford Focus и его конкурент Toyota Corolla максимально приближены по уровню оснащения и стоимости.

Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla - cars for people confident in tomorrow

Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla - cars for people confident in tomorrow

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Ratings in statics

Classic or avant-garde?

In the design of Ford Focus, it is impossible to see anything new - despite the change of several generations, the car remains the most recognizable and in many respects similar to its first generation. Of course, the Focus headlights after each update became wider, until they took away a significant part of the surface previously occupied by the wing, and the bumper changed its appearance, becoming more massive, and got sharp edges. However, a glance at the Ford Focus from the side allows us to make sure that we are right - the roofline and the general appearance of the silhouette are still constant. Ford designers have introduced only two distinctive features to the new generation of the car - deep punching, passing along the board at the door handle level, as well as a shortened trunk, giving the sedan its similarity to a hatchback. In addition, when you look behind you, the very large Focus lights, which also occupy part of the wing space and a large proportion of the surface of the trunk lid, are striking.

Externally, the Ford Focus has not changed much after a change of several generations

Externally, the Ford Focus has not changed much after a change of several generations

If we compare how Focus and Corolla have changed over time, then in the car from Toyota we will find many more changes. As in the case of Ford, the overall silhouette of the Corolla has changed quite a bit, but all attention has been paid to the details. If the previous generation Toyota Corolla looked pretty boring, now the car began to attract attention in the traffic flow - largely due to the wide chrome grille, which is a continuation of the acute-angled headlights. In combination with the front bumper, it forms a clearly visible trapezoid, tilted forward, which adds to the appearance of the vehicle dynamism. Behind the Toyota Corolla stand out not only the lamps of complex shape, but also the bumper, strongly protruding beyond the trunk lid, and the line on the side of the body is not punching, like at Ford, but a full bend of the metal surface.

Car Toyota Corolla boasts some dynamism in appearance

Car Toyota Corolla boasts some dynamism in appearance

In general, the Focus looks much simpler, but if you think about the upcoming maintenance, this simplicity will significantly reduce the cost of body repair. If it is necessary to ripen the Toyota Corolla, the master will surely remember the unkind word of the Japanese stylists who invented all these bends. It is worth noting that Ford Focus has a more practical body kit, the lower part of which is made of scratch-resistant black plastic.

What's inside?

After a cursory inspection of both cars, it becomes noticeable that in the cabin the picture is diametrically opposed to the exterior - once again Ford stylists relied on the interior, providing their Focus model with a kind of aircraft cockpit. The huge center console extends strongly toward the cabin and accommodates many elements:

  • Above - a multimedia system monitor, closed from the rays of the sun with a visor.
  • In the center above - the keys to control entertainment.
  • In the center below - the microclimate control unit, which has a tint to the main part of the cabin.
  • Below - highly raised automatic transmission selector.

Vertical deflectors of the Ford Focus blowing system, which are distinguished by unusual broken lines, look very impressive. The devices are also worthy of attention due to the use of beautiful backlighting of four scales hidden by deep canopies, as well as a large monitor with very well-developed graphics. The four-spoke multifunction steering wheel Ford Focus is not only beautiful, but also convenient - all the keys on it are grouped into two round blocks.

The interior of the car Ford Focus can be compared with the cabin of the aircraft

The interior of the car Ford Focus can be compared with the cabin of the aircraft

Ford front seats are well developed - they have a moderate stiffness that does not interfere with comfort, but does not allow too deep landing, distracting from driving. Here are just drivers of small height in the Focus will interfere with the armrest on the central tunnel because of its high location. The Ford Focus has plenty of space for all passengers, and the optimal shape of the cushion will allow them to stay in their places regardless of driving conditions.

If you compare what is better, Focus or Corolla, no one specialist will tell you - so a different approach was used by Ford and Toyota designers when creating interiors. On the one hand, the Corolla is very spacious and does not feel that flattening by the massive elements of the front panel, as in the Focus. And on the other - a boring salon is clearly not consistent with a beautiful avant-garde appearance Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Dark plastic, a narrow center console, the only outstanding part of which is a multimedia monitor, as well as horizontal deflectors clearly do not contribute to the joy of owning such a car.

The seats of the Toyota Corolla are very good and also not without normal stiffness, but the shape of their pillows allows for too much immersion, as a result of which the knees are raised up. Upholstery is practical, regardless of configuration - it has a rough texture that allows you to firmly hold the riders, but does not attract dirt. The Toyota Corolla has much more legroom for the rear passengers than the Ford Focus, but three of them do not want to sit here - the original shape of the sidewalls of the body somewhat limits the width of the cabin, and the center seat is also equipped with a flat pillow that does not contribute to achieving a normal level of comfort.

Salon Toyota Corolla is practical and comfortable

Salon Toyota Corolla is practical and comfortable

Of course, Toyota Corolla is much duller in the cabin, but its practical upholstery, which has a darker shade than in the Focus, will allow less frequent attendance of dry cleaning. In addition, the front panel, which has straight lines, is much more convenient to take care of yourself with the help of any cleaning agent. But Ford wants to praise for the spacious back of the cabin - on the way to work you can take companions.

Driving characteristics

Power units

Ford continues to delight us with innovations - this time they are represented by a six-speed robotized transmission set on the Focus. It works in tandem with a 1.6-liter engine with a performance of 125 horsepower. It seems that such a Ford Focus should become a champion in the field of dynamics, but the reality is quite different. If you choose between the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus, the Japanese car is far ahead of the competitor - thanks in large part to the economical settings of the robotic gearbox. The machine constantly tries to maintain low revs and allows a pause of a few seconds before accelerating when the pedal is pressed hard.

Car model:Ford FocusToyota Corolla
Producing country:Germany (Build - Russia)Japan (Build - Russia)
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:16001598
Power, l. c./about min .:125/6300122/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:195195
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,210,5
Type of drive:FrontFront
CAT:6 automatic transmissionVariable speed drive
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 8.5 / Outside the city of 5.3In the city of 8.9 / Outside the city of 5.8
Length, mm:45344620
Width, mm:18231775
Height, mm:14841465
Clearance, mm:140150
Tire size:205/55R16195/65R15
Curb weight, kg:12961290
Full weight, kg:18251760
Fuel tank capacity:5555

The situation becomes unpleasant when the Ford Focus begins to climb the mountain, as the car stops accelerating and lags behind the passing stream. To make such maneuvers, such as ups and overtaking, it is necessary to gain speed in advance and strongly press the pedal. And in the Ford interferes with a very tight damper of the gas pedal, which should increase the comfort of the start from the spot. Instead, it does not allow normal movement for short distances in a traffic jam, forcing a sharp start and immediately slowing down.

When considering the Corolla and Focus should be borne in mind that Toyota is equipped with a stepless CVT, which usually greatly impairs the dynamics of the car. However, in this case, everything happens exactly the opposite - the excellent settings of the transmission allow you not only to get off the ground smoothly, but also to achieve sharp accelerations from the car if necessary. With a similar volume of the motor and less than 3 liters. with. The power of the Toyota Corolla accelerates to 100 km / h in just 10.5 seconds. True, you have to pay for everything - in this case increased fuel consumption by 0.5-1.0 liters.


Ford, which has repeatedly received complaints about excessive rigidity and noise of the suspension of its cars, this time surpassed itself. The rear multi-link on the Focus makes almost no sounds even when driving through large irregularities, and also does not annoy a strong jolt. In general, the car is perceived as very well managed and comfortable. That's just when traveling joints of the roadway and other small irregularities steering wheel Ford Focus begins to significantly deviate to the side, annoying the driver.

Test drive the car Ford Focus:

A comparison of the Corolla vs Focus shows that Japanese engineers were able to achieve similar results using simpler technical solutions. Toyota's suspension begins to transmit noise and shaking to the salon only if the driver deliberately chooses the largest bumps and other road irregularities. At the same time, the car listens well to the steering wheel and does not allow its vibrations such as the Ford Focus. That's just when accelerating and braking you may feel some longitudinal vibrations that can be annoying if you choose an active driving style.

Test drive a car Toyota Corolla:

Of course, Ford Focus could win this comparison, if it were not for the application of an overly complex and expensive rear multi-link suspension. Practice shows that on our roads it quickly comes into disrepair, forcing the owner to spend significant sums of money to restore the car. Therefore, Toyota Corolla is still much better in terms of operation.

Take a loan?

Young managers working in the field of banking, definitely choose Toyota Corolla - the car is a reliable investment due to its practicality. The only aspect in which the Corolla loses is greater fuel consumption. However, there are those ambitious young people who are engaged in sales and promotion - they are more suitable for the Ford Focus, which is not so cheap to maintain, but is built on the basis of modern technologies and has an incredibly attractive interior. But still I would like to advise you to choose the Focus, equipped with more powerful engines with turbocharging - it is better suited to the young and active. But the Toyota Corolla is deprived of the choice of powerful power units - except for the one considered, the production range of this model contains only a weaker, 1.3-liter, with a capacity of less than 100 horsepower.