H7 bulbs: what better shine

An important element of safety while driving any vehicle is high-quality road lighting in the evening and at night. How quickly a driver can notice a possible obstacle depends largely on the health or life of the participants in the incident.

Важным фактором в обеспечении качественного света является использование надежных световых приборов. Разберемся, what h7 low beam lamps are the best. Важно устанавливать подобное оборудование с допустимыми эксплуатационными характеристиками, которые удовлетворяют действующему законодательству.


  • 1 Common parameters
    • 1.1 Philips
    • 1.2 Osram
    • 1.h Which
    • 1.4 MTF
  • 2 Best h7 halogen lamps
    • 2.2 PHILIPS H7 3250K VISION PLUS
  • 3 Enhanced brightness
  • 4 Products with pseudo-xenon effect
    • 4.1 MTF PALLADIUM H7
    • 4.2 HELLA H7
  • 5 TOP xenon lamps for cars
    • 5.1 MTF-LIGHT H7
    • 5.2 RS Xenon H7 35W
    • 5.3 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Н7
  • 6 LED automotive products
    • 6.1 DLED H7 9.5W
    • 6.2 CLEARLIGHT H7

Common parameters

Most modern four-beam systems use h7 format sockets. Similar lighting devices are equipped with individual reflectors for high and low beam. In a high-beam situation, the outdated h1 format is often used.

It must be borne in mind that the best h7 dipped-beam bulbs, besides having a standard base, must satisfy the basic technical parameters, one of which is a fixed power of 55 watts.

Данный факт учитывают компании-производители, занимающиеся выпуском подобной продукции. Подбирая h7 bulbs which shine better из них, рекомендуем отдавать предпочтение проверенным известным брендам. К ним относятся ниже перечисленные торговые марки, хорошо зарекомендовавшие себя на отечественном рынке.


Multinational company specializing in the production of household appliances. Its products are used by many automotive companies in optical devices. Lamps of the world famous brand were placed on cars at the beginning of the last century. Today, the company occupies about a third of the car lamp market worldwide.


Manufacturer from Germany is engaged in highly specialized production - the release of all kinds of lamps only. The company was founded at the beginning of the last century by several large capitalists. At the moment it is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. There are even popular h7 white light bulbs in stock. Engineers of the company were among the first to start producing xenon illuminators, and since 1996 - halogen devices.


The foundation year of the Japanese company is 1915. At that time it produced lanterns for railway transport. Since the middle of the last century, production has become highly specialized and as a result, only lamps for automobiles have been rolled off the conveyors. This experience had a positive impact on the result.


The Russian company entered the market at the beginning of this millennium. The young brand managed to gain popularity due to its quality products, successfully competing with eminent foreign brands.

Best h7 halogen bulbs

The first light bulbs of this type were installed on cars in the late nineties. Over the past period, they have managed to gain popularity among buyers due to the affordable price and high enough quality. When installing these illuminators there is no need to use any additional equipment, which allows them to be replaced or installed independently.

The package bundle of halogenos is comparable to classic incandescent bulbs with a spiral thread inside. Outside the product is equipped with a glass lamp made of quartz or durable glass alloy. The thread inflames in the environment of the active gas of the halogen group, mixed with inert gases. As a result, a powerful beam is formed.

The disadvantage of this type is to increase the temperature of the light source. This reduces the overall life of such lamps.


Rating h7 low beam lamps opens the product of German development and the Hungarian release. The loud name in his case reflects a really high-quality result. The cost of retail is an average of 140 rubles. The maximum for her ask 197 rubles. Satisfies all standards. When testing showed not claimed 55 watts, and slightly less - 49.2 watts.

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where to buy the best h7 low beam bulbs

Affordable price tag makes it quite popular among drivers. Although it lacks any delights, it copes with its task and is recommended for purchase.


Country manufacturer - Holland. The brightest lamp from the rating is 447 rubles. It provides a large area of ​​illumination without loss of quality.

how much are the best h7 low beam lamps

The manufacturer claims that its product is one and a half times the brightness of its counterparts. Although there are small marketing tricks, but in actual testing it proved the excellent characteristics of lamps of this type.


The lamp from the German company was the results of the longest exploited. With a price tag of 452 rubles. This is a great indicator. The product has a classic white and yellow glow spectrum. It is designed for year-round use in the dipped beam and additional lighting.

how to choose the best h7 low beam bulbs

Important! The tested sample lasted 550 hours at 400 hours declared by the manufacturer, while the plant sets a warranty of 330 hours.

Enhanced brightness

Manufacturers seek to improve their products, improving their performance. Someone seeks to increase service life, others select a comfortable range and high brightness. In the latter case, one of the following technologies is applied:

  • a special high-pressure gas mixture is pumped into a glass flask;
  • the filament is upgraded, providing it with increased refractoriness, which allows to increase the operating temperature.

This transformation will give an additional 10-15 m for a review at night. A qualitative review will make it possible to see objects on the side of the road or on the road earlier.


Comparison of h7 lamps should start with a Dutch product worth 1218 rubles. Such a device creates one and a half times more brightness. The average price tag in this group and excellent power leave it few competitors.

h7 low beam headlamp rating


This lamp has excellent durability at a comfortable price of 890 rubles. The German manufacturer slightly reduced the declared resource in comparison with other models up to 300 hours, but this period is very long.

h7 bulb comparison

Increasing the brightness is 130% of the standards. This parameter is confirmed by most users. In some cases, the lengthening of the light cone by a few tens of meters is noticeable.


The Japanese company has created a product with double the brightness in comparison with competitors analogues. All car owners notice this effect on the product. However, one of the drawbacks is the high price tag for the product. He is 1810 rubles.

best h7 halogen bulbs

Light temperature can compensate for this. Its value is as close as possible to daylight and is about 4200 K. This parameter positively highlights the lamp against the background of ordinary halogen-free glasses. It is important to know that visibility is affected by rain. During it the review goes down, what needs to be considered when buying.

Products with pseudo-xenon effect

Not all users have funds for expensive lights. Sometimes budget models with similar characteristics help out. In this case, halogen illuminators are no exception. They get upgrades that visually resemble xenon-enabled products.

Sometimes you can meet on the market halogen bulbs with a blue-colored flask “xenon”. This forms a certain white light flux in the product. The developers were able to bring the increased brightness and saturation of the flow, while there is no need to use additional mounting accessories required in the case of real xenon.


Russian manufacturers painted the lamp with blue paint and increased the temperature of the light to 5000 K, bringing the value closer to sunlight. However, the engineers forgot to raise the brightness, leaving the parameter at the level of “pitiful” 700 lm. All because of a rather thin unchanged filament.

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what h7 low beam lamps are the best

This is unacceptably low for quality traffic at night. Even ordinary halogen lamps give out in the range of 1300-1500 lm without modernization. The price tag is about 900 rubles.


This product boasts one of the best indicators on light. German product can be found on the domestic shelves for 750 rubles. average. Although the parameters given by the lamp at 3300 K are quite far behind the xenon counterparts, and especially from natural light.

what h7 low beam lamps are the best for Russia

According to the tests, she showed quite tolerable values ​​of 1400 lm, perfectly illuminating the side of the road and the road. The product can safely be recommended for use by drivers.


German lamps, worth 1180 rubles. have excellent value for money. In the ranking of 2017, they lead among the peers. As a result of the work, a light temperature of 4200 K is produced with an excellent brightness of 1500 lm. The motorist will receive light with the most approximate parameters of xenon, but without its disadvantages.

what h7 low beam lamps are the best для наших дорог

TOP xenon lamps for cars

A relatively small number of cars are available with native xenon optics. This is due to the rather high price threshold for high-quality products of this type. Although as a result, users get a quality product at a high color temperature, which positively affects the oncoming transport response.

Negative factor is the need to refine lighting. These factors include not only the need to install the unit for ignition (the price tag is about 2 thousand rubles), but it is also important to properly adjust the complex so as not to blind oncoming drivers.


The product has the most pleasant color temperature. Russian product will cost 950 rubles. The model meets all important operational criteria:

  • color temperature - 6000 K;
  • brightness value of at least 2800 lm;
  • guaranteed operational period of 2000 hours by the manufacturer.

what h7 low beam lamps are the best и недорогие

In all respects, the product exceeds the classic halogens. Even the price tag is acceptable.

RS Xenon H7 35W

Lamps create a color temperature of 5000 K with a luminous flux of 3200 lm. The product will cost 1870 rubles. per set. The manufacturer provides a guarantee. They produce such lamps in Korea and Taiwan.

h7 bulbs which shine better

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Н7

The lamp has a power of 55 watts. Formed light flux 1500 +/- 10% lm. The value of the light temperature is 3700 K. The light is generated more efficiently due to the optimized formula of inert gas. Also installed a more durable spiral. Retail price is 1345 rubles.

h7 bulbs which shine better вечером

LED automotive products

You can get good h7 lamps when buying products with LEDs. This direction is the most promising in this area. Positive characteristics for it are the factors:

  • durability of the product;
  • resistance to mechanical shocks;
  • the presence of high light temperature;
  • excellent brightness.

Just put the lamp without adjustments will not succeed, since the product does not belong to the group of point light sources. This creates certain difficulties in the formation of a light beam. We recommend to pay attention to the presented rating models.

DLED H7 9.5W

For 2805 rubles you can buy the most economical low beam lamp from a domestic manufacturer. It creates a 4500 K flow temperature. In this case, its power is 9.5 watts. The result is a relatively small brightness of 990 lm.

h7 bulbs which shine better на обочину


The product of Chinese production will cost 2600 rubles. and provide better specifications. The light bulb will provide all the necessary lighting parameters, giving out up to 4300 lm and the maximum white light from 4500 K.

what are the best h7 low beam lamps

The manufacturer claims that its product will be able to serve at least 30 thousand hours. Power consumption does not exceed 30 watts.