A few easy ways to register a car


Many car owners today simply do not know how, according to the canons, to register their car with meager time and financial costs for themselves. In addition, to easily use the machine, we need the numbers that are issued during the procedure. How to register your "iron horse" and what you need to know for this? We present several ways. They all imply that the registration of the car was carried out correctly.

Every motorist should know how to register a car

Every motorist should know how to register a car

Let's start with general information. Everyone knows that the car must be registered. Otherwise, the offender will be obliged to pay a fine or is deprived of his slaves. The procedure that helps to avoid all this is called registration.

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Everyone should know this. Today these questions are very, very relevant. The fact is that in early 2011, our legislation, which is responsible for issuing transit numbers, has undergone a lot of changes and very significant ones. And still, although already on the threshold of 2015, many drivers are unfamiliar with these changes.

Interestingly, the transit numbers issued earlier are no longer valid today. To be more precise, they are no longer needed, since it is already very easy to register a car. For example, residents of small cities or towns will no longer need to travel several dozen kilometers to register a car.

Transit numbers are issued for the period of auto registration

Transit numbers are issued for the period of auto registration

It will be useful to know that transit numbers are still issued today, but only to certain individuals. To get them, you need to spend twice as much time than before. About ten days will be gone for sure.

If earlier these same transit numbers were extended, today this procedure has ceased to exist within the framework of the law. They can only be exchanged.

Why were transit numbers issued, and what strength do they have today? Many people call them paper, and rightly so. After all, transits are issued only so that the car can be driven in the period between removing the car from the register by the old owner and re-installing it on the register already new. As for car dealerships, there are no transit numbers at all.

If earlier it was a long time to register a car, and it could last for ten days, today everything has become much simpler.

Classic way

You need to know that this method involves inevitable costs. So, let's begin. To get registration numbers quickly and easily, you need to prepare the following set of documents.

  • Testing certificate. This case is engaged in the traffic police inspector, to which should be addressed.
  • Paper proving that your car is.
  • The driver's identity document.
  • Insurance OSAGO necessarily original.
  • Title in the original and its copy.
  • Transit numbers.

This package will be enough to receive officially certified registration numbers soon.

When you collect the necessary documents - you will still need to defend the queue

When you collect the necessary documents - you will still need to defend the queue

  • We go with the package to a special department, engaged in the issuance of registration numbers.
  • The department starts at 9:00 and is better here on time. If to be at this time, then the probability of getting rooms for dinner will be almost one hundred percent, although not always.

Via phone

The method does not imply standing in a queue, which even today, at times, reaches colossal proportions even in Moscow, where there is a mass of departments.

Calling is difficult, but you will not have to stand in line

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Call the office must be in advance. If you manage to get through that, according to the assurances of many who have tried to do this, it can be quite difficult, you can avoid queues.

Method through the state-owned company website

I wonder how to put the car on the account, without losing the extra hours? If there is no desire to lose a whole day, you will have to use the services of special companies dealing with this issue. They will control the whole process for you, for which you don’t even need to overpay anything. If an independent or classic method of registration takes almost one day and still needs to be paid for documents, then this method is much better.

You can register a car via the Internet

You can register a car via the Internet

  • Initially added to the company's special site - www.gosuslugi.ru.
  • We receive a registered letter in the mail, which indicates the personal password to the site. There are other ways to get this password.
  • The car must be insured, but this method will not work.
  • We submit an application through this site. Usually the menu of such sites is very convenient and you just need to follow the instructions.
  • We fill all the necessary columns and columns.
  • You must receive a confirmation email.
  • We remember the time at which we register and the number of the application.
  • We go to the traffic police site of your city and print out the application.
  • Do not forget to also print out the receipt of payment of state duty.
  • We go to the office and pay the state duty - 2000 p.
  • We pass that out of turn!
  • We also hand over the documents without a queue to a special window, which you will be indicated.
  • We get the necessary numbers and certificate.

Lose a half hour and pay only 2000 p. If you register independently, you have to lose a whole day and even pay more.

Method for legal entities

If you are a legal entity, you will need to prepare other documents for registration of the machine.

  • Statement of the passage of MOT.
  • The paper on the registration of a legal entity, or rather, a copy of this document.
  • The paper on the car, notarized.
  • OSAGO.
  • Paper from a legal entity, necessarily in the original, confirming the right to perform actions on registration on behalf of the present owner.
  • Often, the owners do not have time for this procedure, and they trust the passage of legal entities, of course, not for free.

As for the mark from the military office, which was mandatory recently, its presence is not required.

The method of registration by proxy

In the process of preparing documents concerning the registration of a car by proxy, the following should be kept in mind.

  • The text of the power of attorney must be written clearly. There should be no erasures or subscriptions in the document.
  • There should not be any corrections, words or sentences crossed out or written in pencil.
  • Name should be clearly written.
  • Replacing the original can in no way serve copies of documents intended for registration.


The above methods of registration will help to implement everything quickly and in accordance with the preferred option. Everyone has the right to choose a specific method of registration, the benefit today is the opportunity. One likes to stand in lines and wait in the wings, the other is easier to pay and do everything in half an hour.