Škoda rapid 2013 (price 13000 euros) beautiful and compact

This car was presented to the attention of buyers quite recently, in 2013. This event occurred in one of the Frankfurt dealerships. This model was a front wheel drive hatchback. In 2012, the car was released Skoda Rapid liftback in Paris. The newest model, made in a strict style, met the expectations of all people who appreciate classic forms. This is typical for cars produced by the Czech Republic.

Škoda Rapid 2013 photo

Exterior design Skoda Rapid

Внешний вид автомобиля Sorry Rapid 2013 (фото выше) тщательно продуман. Данная модель является более элегантной, по сравнению с предыдущими. В данном автомобиле сочетаются линии и изгибы. Привлекают внимание отблески глянцевого покрытия. Для чешской марки всё это является фирменным стилем.

Sign of the manufacturer in the new model has undergone some changes. Instead of green, black appeared with an unusual chrome finish. The classic style is also manifested in the appearance of the grille and light optics.

Interior design Skoda Rapid 2013

Car interior has a lot of space and is multifunctional. In the photo Skoda Rapid 2013 it can be seen that everything is done quite modestly in the cabin, but it is convenient, of course nothing special, but still it is pleasant to drive in this cabin.

Škoda Rapid price

With the latest technology, this model contains: a special mount so that you can store a special vest; device for cleaning glass from ice; trash can; double bottom luggage compartment.

The length of the Skoda Rapid 2013 is 4.5 meters, height - 1.5 meters, and width - 1.7. 550 luggage compartment. The weight of the car Skoda Rapid is 1140 kg.

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Sorry rapid

This model is quite compact, but despite this it can accommodate 5 people and a sufficient amount of luggage. Test drive Skoda Rapid 2013 confirms this.

Цена Sorry Rapid 2013 достигает 13 тысяч евро

If we compare the Skoda Rapid model with the Skoda Octavia model, we can distinguish many advantages for the 2013 Rapid model. This model is comfortable and more functional. It is quite spacious, and its interior has a strict design. Yes, and the price of Skoda Rapid is really impressive, because for such small money you get a very reliable and economical car.

The quality of trim in the cabin is at a high level, the backs of the seats are high, and the seats themselves are very soft. All this creates a comfortable environment for traveling long distances.

Sorry Rapid 2013

Security system of the new Skoda Rapid

The creators of this model took care of the security system. So the car has available airbags: head, front and side. The headlights of these cars provide good lighting on the roads, even during fog.

This model contains devices for measuring tire pressure. The body of the Skoda Rapid is treated with a corrosion-resistant coating, which makes it possible to drive on bad roads.

Технические характеристики Sorry Rapid 2013

The car's engines can run on 1.2 and 1.4 liters gasoline and diesel fuel, which volume is 1.6 liters. The power of gasoline engines is 75-122 horsepower, and the diesel engine is 91 and 104. The type of front suspension is MacPherson and the rear suspension is partially dependent.

Sorry Rapid 2013 цена

Using a diesel engine allows you to reach a speed of 190 km / h and accelerate in 10.6 seconds. The maximum speed of gasoline engines reaches 175-206 km / h. This engine allows you to accelerate in 9.5-13.9 seconds (depending on the model of the motor). So in general, the technical characteristics of the 2013 Skoda Rapid are quite modest, but for a car of this class, it is quite adequate.

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Skoda Rapid has 2 types of gearboxes: 7-speed automatic and 6-speed manual. The fuel consumption of a car within the city is from 6.9 to 8.4 liters, and on the highway - from 4.4 to 4.8.

New technologies when creating a car Skoda Rapid

An important feature is that the price of a new Skoda Rapid is quite acceptable and amounts to 13,000 euros. Although in its creation invested a lot of work and effort. The developers have paid special attention to the convenience of the cabin. To create a more comfortable environment, the driver is presented with the possibility of using armrests that can be adjusted. The model Skoda Rapid hatchback 2013 interior design is the same as on the sedan.

And then the photo of budget cars Skoda Rapid wagon 2013 (photo from the factory):

Škoda Rapid photo

As emphasized earlier, the interior of the Skoda Rapid is multifunctional. It contains many boxes, for example, a stand for a mobile phone. Also in the cabin there are nets and pockets so that you can put small items in them. The baggage compartment contains a rough mat.

Important attention is paid to the vehicle safety system, which contributes to confident driving of drivers: airbags, special headlights, devices for measuring tire pressure.

Благодаря своей цене и характеристикам, продажа модели Sorry Rapid 2013 года проходит успешно. Но производители не останавливаются на достигнутом результате и будут пытаться усовершенствовать данную модель. Подтверждением этому служит Skoda Rapid Spaceback который и является моделью универсал. Sorry Rapid 2013 универсал, цена которой будет примерно такой же как и на седан. Для тех, кто любит ездить с семьёй, модель универсал подойдёт отлично.

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But the test drive video for the Skoda Rapid 2013: