New mazda 6 pleases with its beauty and elegance

New Mazda 6 третьего поколения официально была представлена на Парижском автосалоне в 2012 году. Как замечено, новая Мазда 6 получилась очень даже красивым авто. Ранее производители обещали, что новая Mazda 6, не будет особо отличаться концепта Takeri. Так и получилось, Мазда 6 действительно соответствует концепту Takeri.

New Mazda 6

Dimensions of the new Mazda 6

The new Mazda 6 has become larger than its predecessor in all dimensions. The length was 4 865 mm, width - 1 840 mm, height - 1 460 mm. As for the wheelbase, it has increased to 2 830 mm. All these changes have an excellent effect on the space in the cabin, now there will be more space for passengers and the driver.

New Mazda 6

 But not everything in this car has increased, the volume of the trunk has decreased to 483 liters, but the luggage compartment has expanded by 32 mm, thanks to which it will be more convenient to load and unload things.

The new body, in addition to external changes, has become easier, but the strength has increased by 30%. The manufacturer assures that the suspension is tuned in such a way as to provide pleasure while driving.

New Mazda 6

Also, the pleasure brings also the salon made in solid and thorough style. The company Mazda claim that they used expensive finishing materials during the development of the interior and paid particular attention to detail.

New Mazda 6

In Russia, the new Mazda 6 2013 will be supplied in two engine variants: the four-cylinder SkyACTIVE-G 2.0 engine, delivering 150 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque, and the more powerful engine is SkyACTIVE-G 2.5, which has 192 horses and 256 Nm of torque at 3 250 rpm.

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Both engines can be ordered in tandem with the mechanics gearbox and the automatic 6-speed. The new Mazda 6 is equipped with a start / stop system.

Mazda 6 new 2013

In the car with a 2.5 engine installed new system i-ELOOP. This system allows you to accumulate energy to provide power to the various systems of the machine, and thereby saves fuel.

As for the European market, there will be a new Mazda 6 in the configuration with a diesel engine 2.2, SkyActiv-D with 175 horses with an automatic transmission. And will be available version of the new Mazda in the universal body - Mazda 6 Station Wagon.

mazda 6 new photo

New Mazda 6: цены

The price of the new Mazda 6 2013 in the basic configuration with manual transmission is 925,000 rubles.

But for the car of the previous generation in the base with a 120-horsepower 1.8 engine, they ask for 767,000 rubles.

photo of new mazda 6

The top-end version of the new Mazda 6 costs 1,149,000 rubles, it has a six-speed automatic and a 2.0 engine, and versions with a 2.5 engine will come later.