How to learn how to drive a car

After receiving a driver's license, the autolade is left alone with the road, and you will have to decide all the issues and make responsible decisions on your own without the help of an instructor. If the driver starts driving on a new and unknown car, then before learning how to drive a car in the city, it is advisable to test the vehicle outside the settlement.

This behavior will provide confidence behind the wheel and develop the necessary automatism in action. It is very important not only to know what levers are and where to move, but how the car will behave after that.


  • 1 Driving: craft or art?
  • 2 On the road to professional driving
  • 3 Conducting maneuvers
  • 4 Conditions of education
  • 5 The location of the car, its controls and controls
  • 6 Conclusion

Driving: craft or art?

The driver must have a certain driver's perception, which is produced with experience. This is reflected in the ability to predict the road situation based on the current introductory. In some cases, these actions are performed on automatism. For young drivers, it takes a little more time to assess the traffic situation and make a decision, so they deliberately limit the speed limit.

After several urban independent trips, standard situations occur in the young driver, which will manifest themselves in most future driving times. It is not recommended to do long races at first, but it is worthwhile to restrict yourself to car trips at a distance of 30-45 minutes. During this time, the driver will not have time to overdo it, but the lesson will not be too short.

how to quickly learn to drive a car in the city

It is not necessary to take a spouse or a loved one as an instructor, it can distract from the focus on driving.

At first, it is not recommended to use car stereos so that music does not become a distraction.

On the road to professional driving

It’s not enough to drive the car correctly, you also need not be a hindrance to the rest of the road users. This is the essence of professional driving. It is necessary at first to increase the number of races and establish their regularity so that there are no long breaks, because only persistent training can bring effective results.

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It is important to independently psychologically tune into a trip, which is assisted by excellent knowledge of traffic rules and driving theory. Contribute to the success of such rules:

  • daily driving refers to the prerequisites of success, it helps to consolidate theoretical knowledge of emergency braking, working with the gearshift lever, driving in a confined space, parking, feeling of the vehicle dimensions, acceleration / deceleration maneuvers, passing intersections
  • working out the reaction on road signs of priority or prohibition, attention to road marking, not making rash or abrupt maneuvers, access to curbs;
  • independent trips in urban conditions, it is desirable to perform in the evening or on weekends when car traffic is unloaded, while significantly reducing the load on the driver on a highway or city road.

how can you drive the car yourself

It is necessary to exclude as much as possible the creation of emergency or controversial situations that will create obstacles for other drivers, that is, to move according to the rules of the road and not to ignore other cars, to be mutually polite.

You need to know that during self-traffic, you should be attentive on the modern road to the route of taxis.

It is necessary to get rid of emotionality, and take all decisions quickly and with a “cold” mind, reducing panic to a minimum, while predicting the situation.


To quickly learn to drive a car, you will need to properly maneuver and rearrange according to the rules:

  • an assessment of the situation on the road (the location of the remaining cars, the presence of motorcyclists or mopeds in a row);
  • estimation of the distance to the nearest car in the right row (the most comfortable to train without cars in the row);
  • the “turn signal” signal is turned on (if you notice another participant performing such a maneuver, then it is better to skip it);
  • we bring the speed of the machine to the total flow rate, and only then do the rebuilding;
  • at the same time, we do not forget to control the situation in front and behind through the rear-view mirrors.
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where to drive the car yourself

It is advisable to perform any maneuvers at a low speed and at a low flow rate.

Conditions of education

As an assistant, you can put on a side passenger seat a more experienced friend of the driver who can comment on the traffic situation at first.

There are two types of quick preparation for driving:

  1. independent;
  2. with the help of an instructor.

how to learn how to drive a car around the city

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In the first case, it is necessary to overcome the psychological barrier, but you can practice at any time convenient for you. In the second case, it is necessary to adapt to someone else's schedule, but to ensure a greater certainty for yourself at first.

The location of the car, its controls and controls

The priority tasks of the young driver are to develop an eye, determine the distance to the object while the car is moving. It is also necessary to observe the parallelism of movement on the road, especially at low speeds near concrete fences and urban curbs. You can also train on electronic simulators with pedals and steering wheel.

When working with a mechanical or automatic gearbox, pedal work should be brought to automatism. In the manual transmission, you must use the left foot solely for grip, and the right foot to work with brake and gas. A gross mistake is to lower the eyes on the gear lever. It must be found by touch.

how to quickly learn to drive a car

A competent driver must constantly monitor the situation from behind; for this, several rear-view mirrors are installed in the car. Before starting, they must be configured to fit your overall parameters. It is advisable to minimize the "blind" zones, in which participants of the movement do not fall, making a maneuver near your car.


Young drivers should not hesitate to post a sign with the letter "U", warning the rest of not high experience of the car owner. This will give information on the road. The rest of the drivers will treat you more carefully.