Convenient and solid: the best crossovers for women


If we talk about a purely female crossover, then no one car company produces such cars that are focused exclusively on a female audience. But some models are so close to women that men often refuse to buy such a car. And female cars are born.

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Criterias of choice

To choose the best crossover for a woman, she must be directly involved in this process. The approach to buying from them is somewhat different from the men's criteria.

For the fair sex is not enough simple reliability and technical characteristics. Most of them need the following points:

  • beautiful appearance of the car itself;
  • automatic transmission;
  • good visibility;
  • driver's seat comfort;
  • availability of electronic assistants and security systems;
  • navigation system;
  • easy control, so that the machine responds to the minimum effort applied to the steering wheel;
  • necessary conditions for the transportation of a child, etc.

When choosing a crossover for women machine is the only option for the transmission. Buying a car with a manual transmission is not worth it. Especially when so many great cars with automatic transmissions are on sale now.

Modern compact crossover almost perfectly meets these criteria. It is better than urban hatchbacks and is clearly superior to huge SUVs or long sedans. A good small SUV does not have to be expensive. There is also an inexpensive option for adequate money, but meeting all the listed selection criteria.

Our rating includes both a relatively low-cost segment and more expensive models. This allows you to choose the best crossovers for the girl, depending on the budget available for buying a car.

crossover for women

The perfect crossover for women

Rating Representatives

Brand plays an important role. Therefore, many are guided by well-established manufacturers. This is not just a big name, but companies whose products you can be sure of.

When choosing a small crossover for a woman, we recommend to pay attention to the following automakers:

  • Nissan;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Honda;
  • Peugeot;
  • Ford;
  • Toyota;
  • BMW;
  • Audi;
  • Mazda;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Hyundai;
  • Skoda,

Now we will get acquainted with the representatives of the rating, and you can choose for yourself the ideal female SUV.


nissan juke crossover

Crossover Nissan Juke - bestseller in recent years

Bestseller of recent years, which has become one of the best-selling cars among female buyers. The car is often perceived as a purely female crossover, although there are a lot of men behind the wheel of such a car.

SUV compact, but roomy enough inside. This is a relatively new model from the company Nissan, which has a rich filling, powerful enough and economical engines, easy control.

The only controversial point is the appearance. Some call it excellent and original, others do not perceive the Juke as a car. Because here is a matter of taste and design preferences. There is no question about the quality and reliability, as well as the safety of the crossover. At the same time, the machine is relatively inexpensive.


crossover mitsubishi asx

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Great car from the company Mitsubishi. This crossover combines an attractive appearance, made in the global style of the manufacturer, practical and comfortable interior, a fairly roomy trunk and modern equipment.

The ASX crossover is deservedly in demand among female audience, because it allows for a small amount of money to get a car that offers everything for comfortable and safe driving.


crossover ix 35

Crossover ix 35 - a car with excellent performance

An interesting crossover from Hyundai, which is not in vain in our rating. This car is a compact SUV with a very attractive appearance.

In addition to a successful exterior, engineers and designers did a good job on the interior, equipped the car with efficient and economical engines and set an attractive price tag on a car.

Hyundai with its ix35 is a worthy answer for competitors. No wonder the car is actively sold, not losing especially mostly male models Santa Fe and Tucson. No, Hyundai did not create ix35 especially for women, but it suits them perfectly in all respects.

3008 and 4008

peugeot 3008 crossover

Peugeot 3008 - Small Crossover for Women

We decided to include here just two crossovers, which represents the company Peugeot. The 3008 model is a small crossover for women, while the 4008 is slightly larger than its brother.

But both cars have an attractive French appearance. It so happened that for some reason, Peugeot’s cars very much attract a female audience. Especially when it comes to compact models, hatchbacks.

The car should be considered as an option for purchase, not only because of the appearance. These are modern, practical, nice and functional cars. They have worthy technical characteristics, but they do not make you feel driving a racing car.

The versatility of the models allows the use of the machine as a young lonely girl, and a young mother with children. In this car, you can feel safe. Plus, the trunk (especially in 4008) calmly allows you to load purchases from the store, baby stuff or a stroller.


honda cr-v crossover

A little big crossover for women

The car, which with the change of generation slightly lost touch with the female audience. Alas, Honda has made its crossover too large, which often does not attract girls, but rather, it is interesting for the male part of the drivers.

But the car deserves to be in the ranking not only because of its previous generation, but also the present. Not all ladies like too compact cars that look more like off-road hatchbacks. Therefore, a large SUV with a spacious interior, a large trunk and a wide selection of powertrains can be a worthy choice for a fragile and delicate girl. Behind the wheel of such a car, it will feel safe and much more comfortable than in a miniature hatchback surrounded by huge sedans and SUVs.


mazda cx3 crossover

Gorgeous car from the company Mazda

Gorgeous car that is the successor of the beautiful global style from the company Mazda.

Their compact CX3 crossover is made in the overall style of the company, that is, in many respects reminiscent of the Mazda3 and Mazda6. These cars immediately appeared a huge army of fans. Moreover, Mazda has managed to find the perfect recipe to like men and women equally.

And if for men there are larger Mazda6 and CX5 or CX7, then female CX3 is easy to attract the female audience. The machine is small, but comfortable, practical and modern. Here there is everything that a woman can demand from a car, including an automatic gearbox and economical, but rather fast engines.

Yes, some are skeptical of the CX3, just like the Nissan Juke. Each car will have its fans and opponents.

If a woman prefers larger models, then she should pay attention to the CX5.


nissan qashqai crossover

Nissan Qashqai Crossover Impresses

When the first Qashqai entered the market, it made a great impression on the audience. The release of a new generation did not disappoint at all, but allowed to make sure that Nissan was sound and its ability to create and maintain a high level.

The car, even the old generation will be a great choice for a girl. But if there is an opportunity to buy a new car, then the last generation Qashqai will be the best solution.

The car is compact, but very roomy, practical, filled with the necessary electronics, assistants, security systems. Add to this the beautiful appearance and excellent build quality, and get one of the best female crossovers. Plus the car, when compared with some competitors, is relatively inexpensive.


bmw x3 crossover

Beautiful, stylish, modern and dynamic car from BMW

If the budget allows, you can choose something more expensive. One of the best, but expensive female crossovers, is considered a car X3 from BMW.

This SUV is incredibly beautiful, stylish, modern and dynamic. But the car is not devoid of practicality, comfort and has a well-organized internal space.

When a woman is behind the wheel of such a car, other participants in the movement are more cautious about her, trying to avoid a small distance between the car so as not to provoke an accident. Crossover status, and this is a fact. But if you consider the car on key female criteria, you will find full compliance with these requirements.

The only thing that can stop the desire to buy the X3, is the price of the car. It is high on its own, plus its maintenance, repair and operation is expensive.


crossover ford kuga

Ford Plague best car purchase candidate

One of the best crossovers that you can buy a woman. This is exactly what many men think, as well as those girls who managed to try this Ford SUV on their own example.

The car really deserves attention. It is very practical, comfortable, quite dynamic and economical. All this is hidden under the beautiful appearance, combined with a comfortable lounge, the presence of a huge number of electronic assistants and excellent build quality.

Если брать соотношение цены и качества, то Ford Plague прочно войдёт в число лучших кандидатов на покупку автомобиля для девушки. Универсальность дизайна делает Plague одинаково интересной для как молодой девушки, так и для взрослой женщины.


toyota rav4 crossover

Great car RAV4

Beautiful car in all respects. He is called by many the best female crossover. It is difficult to answer unequivocally how true this statement is.

Toyota's RAV4 has a huge army of fans. And the car is actively bought by both men and women. But many people call a small mistake to make a car bigger than the previous generation. This is about the same as Honda did with the CR-V.

But the RAV4 does not look huge, although it has a spacious interior, a large enough trunk and excellent organization of the internal space. The machine is practical, comfortable, modern and dynamic. There is every reason for the girl to choose her.


volkswagen tiguan crossover

Reserved Tiguan from Volkswagen

No need to be an ardent fan of the Volkswagen brand to fall in love with the Tiguan model.

This is a compact crossover, which has a rather restrained, but very attractive appearance. The machine is exemplary in terms of practicality and build quality. Cozy comfortable cabin, spacious seats, spacious luggage compartment, good equipment, economical engines.

Yes, the exterior of the car may seem to someone too boring, although in fact it is a beautiful high-quality car. Plus, the crossover is relatively expensive, but this price is fully justified by the level of assembly, equipment, quality of engines and other components.


audi q3 crossover

Audi's stylish crossover

If you don't like the low-key Tiguan from Volkswagen, then take a look at Audi's more stylish and charming crossover.

Model Location has a rather small size, but offers a comfortable roomy interior, excellent technical characteristics and excellent build quality. Audi is Audi, because there are no questions to the technical part.

From the position of the girl, the car status, beautiful and easy to manage. There are many electronic helpers, advanced security systems. Plus, the car is practical, comfortable inside and beautiful outside. So Location can be the perfect choice for a lady. Of course, if you have enough money. The car is quite expensive.


skoda-yeti crossover

Czech SUV Skoda Yeti

We decided to include this car in our rating. Let us explain why Skoda with its Yeti crossover was in our ranking.

This is a car that may not appeal to its bright, youthful and incredibly beautiful appearance. Although among the female audience there are fans of this Czech SUV design.

The car hit the top due to its qualities. We are talking about practicality, comfort, excellent assembly, efficiency, etc. This is a car in which you can carry children, pick them up from school, drive to stores for big purchases, go on trips and always feel comfortable behind the wheel.

The car is inexpensive to operate, it is much cheaper than many competitors represented in the rating. Under the hood are productive, but extremely economical engines. That is, this crossover does not require a lot of money for maintenance, it is relatively cheap to repair and maintain.

There are a number of reasons to overshadow the issue of appearance, which Yeti is not the best in the ranking, but still buy such a car. But the choice is yours.

As you can see, the choice of SUVs for girls is quite extensive. There are both inexpensive and expensive copies. Rely on your own selection criteria and real needs. Think for what purposes you need a crossover, and this will help determine the choice.

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