What is a certificate of registration of the vehicle

Current legislation obliges vehicle owners to undergo a registration procedure regarding car ownership. It is also necessary to make timely changes to the documents or fully reissue them.

According to the traffic rules, owners of vehicles must have a certificate of registration of a car or motorcycle. It is not necessary to carry it with you everywhere, but the document must be properly executed and, if necessary, presented for registration or re-registration operations and in other cases.


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What is the certificate of registration of the vehicle

Обычно вопросы о внешности данного документа актуальны для начинающих водителей или для тех, кто прибыл на постоянное место жительства из соседних стран в РФ. Получить информацию о том, What does a vehicle registration certificate look like? можно у знакомых водителей или на официальном сайте ГИБДД. Также на нашей странице имеется соответствующее изображение.

It is important to know that under the certificate on the vehicle means a document that includes important information about the owner of a particular car and is issued at the time of registration of the car in the traffic police.

The main difference from the PTS at the certificate is that it must be presented to the traffic police inspectors when the vehicle is stopped. In this regard, it is recommended to take the document along with the rights and insurance policy (CASCO / CTP).

What does the vehicle registration certificate look like?

Passport of transport refers to the primary documents and is issued by the manufacturer of the car. Also, it can be issued at customs when imported. Basic information is entered into the TCP and often it remains unchanged until the end of the life of the vehicle.

The certificate issued by the traffic police on the owner will change with each new owner. It will duplicate the basic data from the TCP and add information about the owner. The law enforcement officer who reads the document has all the necessary information about the vehicle and the owner.

Что такое свидетельство о регистрации ТС

Visually, the JTS is a two-sided document that has dimensions of 80x115 mm. One of the parties is the front (titular), and the second is the reverse (rear). On both sides are the number and series of the document. Parameters must match in different places.

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The first page includes textual information about the transport, which largely coincides with the parameters indicated on the title traffic of the PTS. The main difference lies in the fact that the page described contains the state registration number of the car.

The second page describes the data about the owner of the car. In particular, his passport details are indicated, for example, residential address, surname, name, patronymic. There is a line about the state body that issued the document. An important area is where special marks are indicated. Possible changes in the design and similar features are prescribed in such a field, for example, traffic police officers prescribe the information there after the car has been converted from liquid fuel to gas.

Amendment and Replacement

We propose to consider the sample (certificate of registration of the vehicle) or the original. Since 2018, no changes are allowed in it. This is due to the fact that the CTC has become disposable. If information correction is necessary, contact for full replacement. Most often this is done after the change of surname at marriage.

What is a vehicle registration certificate?

The car owner has the right to change the certificate of registration of the vehicle in the following cases:

  • if erroneous or incorrect information is found in the received leaflet;
  • after changing the personal data of the owner that does not correspond to the passport (changes in the name, address of residence permit, etc.);
  • when the certificate is mechanically damaged and there is no possibility to read the data from it.

To make a replacement, the owner of the car has the right to apply to any traffic police department without reference to the address of permanent or temporary registration. Inspectors in the department will need to provide the following documents:

  • car owner's passport;
  • application form;
  • receipt confirming payment of state duty;
  • former evidence, if available.

To save time on writing an application, we suggest downloading it from our website and filling it out yourself in advance. In the field regarding changes, it should be noted that the data is not adjusted due to structural changes.

Frequent Internet users can go to the portal of public services and independently sign up for a replacement document. This will require prior registration on a virtual resource.

It is important to know that after changing the registration in the passport, full name or mechanical damage to the JTS is not required to provide the vehicle to the inspection for inspection.

This position for traffic police was regulated by the relevant administrative regulations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If, however, intervention was made in the design, for example, the engine was changed in a car, then it is necessary to provide the cars for inspection.

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Financial issue

Considering the photo of the certificate of registration of the vehicle, it is worth considering that for 2018 the amount of state duty for its replacement is 500 rubles. Details for payment must be taken in the regional branch of the traffic police.

It is necessary to consider that the TCP is subject to adjustment in parallel. For changes in the passport cars need to prepare 350 rubles.

If there is a current need for such an operation, then throughout 2018 you can save up to 30% on payments. This can be done after registering on the Gosuslug portal and registering there. In this case, the total price for both documents will be 350 + 245 rubles.

What does a vehicle registration certificate look like?

If you need to restore the certificate, you will have to go through the items similar to the replacement. The same operation is carried out in case of loss or theft.

Driving without STS

It is important to know that in Russia it is not allowed to drive a vehicle without having a JTS. This is stipulated in the traffic regulations p.2.1. Also, according to the Code of Administrative Offenses, cars from the Customs Union are required to have similar documents confirming the temporary carriage of the vehicle. Otherwise, on such car owners and those who forgot to take a certificate from home, a fine of 500 rubles is waiting for, and the car will be sent to the penalty area.

Particular attention should be paid to those who recently managed to change the name or other personal data in a civil passport or rights, but did not replace the certificate of registration of cars. This procedure is given 10 days, as well as to change the data after buying the car.

It is necessary to take into account that driving a vehicle that is not registered in the established manner entails a penalty of 500–800 rubles in fines for the first time, and for the repeated act you will have to part with 5,000 rubles. or lose the rights for a period of 3-12 months.

Proceeding from this, it is important to monitor the timely introduction of changes to the documents and take the JTS with you when leaving the car. Otherwise, the car owner will be fined or deprived of the ability to control the car.