Tuning carburetor solex 21083 to improve technical

Many motorists prefer to increase the efficiency of the factory carburetor, thereby making a number of improvements.

Tuning the carburetor Solex 21083 - a great opportunity to most optimally customize the fuel supply system to suit your preferences and driving style. By doing so, your car is more torquey and quick, the technical characteristics in this case are improved, but, as a rule, you have to sacrifice efficiency.

Adjusting the carburetor VAZ 21083 Solex

This carburetor can also be introduced to the nine, so when doing engine tuning for the VAZ 2109, you can also take care of tuning the carburetor at the same time, because one complements the other. And in the end you get a very high-spirited car that will be able to compete with foreign cars. And in general, tuning with your own hands is a good thing and very useful for the car and its owner.

Refinement carburetor Solex VAZ 21083

Consider what is the main revision of the Solex carburetor VAZ 21083:

  • installation of a new fuel level in the float chamber with replacement of the valve needle. Due to this, it is possible to achieve a high stability of the level indication, as well as to exclude the re-impairment of the supplied fuel mixture at transitional and power modes;

 Refinement carburetor Solex VAZ 21083

  • installation of a rubber locking needle will allow stably keeping the level, which also contributes to the best damping properties and is distinguished by high reliability;
  • removal of the EPHH system, which will significantly increase the reliability of the engine, but such an operation can lead to an increase in fuel mixture consumption by 5-7%
  • using throttle sawing, they refine the Solex carburetor 21083. To do this, choose the diameters of the holes in the throttle valve so that they are slightly smaller than the optimal ones. Such adjustment of the carburetor Solex 21083 allows to reduce the CO content in the exhaust (exhaust) gases, while the emission of CH does not increase during idling. In addition, the smooth and even distribution of the composition of the feed mixture over all cylinders during idle operation is significantly improved. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 1-2% even at the VAZ 2106;
Solex carburetor tuning 21083
  • due to polishing diffusers, it is possible to significantly reduce aerodynamic losses and increase the flow rate. As a rule, it is recommended to polish to a perfect mirror state. Doing tuning VAZ 2109, you can also polish the carburetor.
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In general, the refinement of the Solex carburetor 21083 allows to achieve a more stable operation of the device and the best traction characteristics of the car. This type of carburetor and its modification - Solex carburetor 21083 1107010 are distinguished by their simple design, excellent technical data, efficiency and reliability.

Even without various modifications, the Solex carburetor 21083 allows achieving excellent technical performance and fuel economy in comparison with its counterparts, such as Weber and Ozone.

Setting and adjusting the carburetor VAZ 21083 Solex

Solex carburetor 21083, setting which allows for optimal performance of the fuel system and the engine for each driver individually. Let us consider in more detail how to start tuning the carburetor.

Adjusting the carburetor Solex 21083

To start expose the level in the float chambers. It is worth noting that the level must be set strictly relative to the carburetor cover. Such an operation is best carried out using a specially prepared template, which can be found most often in the user's manual for a specific type of carburetor.

Next, the next stage of adjustment of the carburetor VAZ 21083 Solex begins, namely setting the idle speed. In this order:

  • pre-adjusting screw quality control set to about 5-6 turns, and at the same time it must be turned out of the wrapped end state;
  • It is necessary to turn out the screw of adjustment of turns to the state of disappearance in the vacuum tube of vacuum that goes directly to the ignition distributor. Next, you need to check how the engine is kept warm idle at 500-1500 rpm;
Repair carburetor VAZ 21083 Solex
  • in cases when the idling speed exceeds the value of 800, then it is necessary to reduce them to the level of 800 (by unscrewing the screw of the quantity of the feed fuel mixture). If the turnover is much less, then for now we leave everything unchanged;
  • after that, the “mixture quality” screw is gradually wrapped until a steady and even operation of the engine appears. Also, it is necessary to achieve the maximum permissible "degradation" of the fuel mixture; the deeper the screw is turned, the poorer the mixture will be, which means less CO content;
  • with the help of the screw “quantity of the mixture supplied” idle turns are set. The optimal indicators for the summer season are 800-900 rpm, and for the winter season at the level of 900-1000 rpm.
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Refinement of the carburetor Solex 21083 can be carried out by replacing the nozzles, depending on the size of the installed engine. Thus, under volumes of 1.5-1.7 cubic meters. It is best to put the jets small. The larger the engine volume, the more air per unit of time will pass through the diffuser, and as a result, large amounts of fuel will be consumed.

Refinement carburetor Solex 21083

It is most correct to begin the selection of jets with a fuel one, and then proceed to an air jet. Also note that the first selection is performed for the first chamber, and then after installing the nozzles onto it, they are transferred to the second.

Repair carburetor Solex 21083

Repair of the carburetor VAZ 21083 Solex may be required in cases of unstable operation of the fuel system, when using a simple adjustment can not do anything. Most often it requires replacement of the repair kit, and also requires cleaning of the nozzles, which can get clogged up with the quality of the fuel, which leaves much to be desired.

Carburetor Solex 21083, repair of which is not always possible to perform at home, requires a special approach. After all, the wrong approach to solving this issue can only harm the carburetor, and even the entire fuel system.

Qualified specialists at the service station quickly and accurately determine the cause of the failure of the Solex carburetor 21083 and eliminate it as quickly as possible. After that, they will conduct the correct setting of idling, quality and quantity of the feed mixture.

But the task is made easier thanks to the huge amount of useful video about repairing the Solex carburetor 21083, it’s step by step on the videos that shows what to do when tuning the Solex carburetor: