Cruise control on mechanics - what it is and how it works

Long trips behind the wheel are tedious enough for drivers. Monotonous position of the legs can lead to muscle pain, and sometimes cramps. To reduce the load on the legs and give the opportunity to relax from the pedals, you can use the popular option - cruise control.

Automakers basically provide their cars with this system when bundled with automatic transmissions. However, it is not uncommon to find cruise control on the mechanics, what the driver gives you, learn from the article.


  • 1 Cruise control job
  • 2 "Mechanics" and cruise
  • 3 Self-installation of cruise control
  • 4 Adaptive cruise control system
  • 5 Conclusion

Cruise control job

The system automatically participates in ensuring the car a constant speed while driving. The set speed is maintained until the driver disconnects it independently. This mode is most in demand outside the city, since on this section of the road it is possible to make longer journeys at a constant speed.

Before you use the cruise control, you need to know that it has several levels of dependence on the onboard computer of the car. During its operation, other systems, such as ESP or ABS, should be in good condition.

how does cruise control on a manual gearbox

Activation mode is carried out using the stalk or buttons on the Multifunction. To start it is enough to use the “on / off” button. On certain sections of the road, the driver, without leaving the cruise control mode, has the ability to add gas without pressing the accelerator pedal with his foot. This function is also carried out using the lever or the buttons on the steering wheel.

To add speed, the driver presses a button or lever with a “+” sign; speed reduction is done in the opposite direction to the “-” sign.

You need to know that if the driver presses the brake or gas pedal while the cruise mode is on, the system automatically switches to manual control, disabling the cruise control.

Informativeness is provided with a special indicator light on the car panel. If the light with the corresponding image is on, the cruise control is on.

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Using the levers of the system can adjust the desired speed of the car. It is recorded in the memory of the car computer. Coming out of this mode, and then, having come back, the driver activates the last recorded speed of the car.

how to put the cruise control on the mechanics

Multi cruiser with cruise control

As a rule, the movement of the lever in the direction of "plus" or "minus" adds a speed of 1-2 km / h to the car. The minimum possible speed for setting mode on a cruise is 30 km / h.

If necessary, you can exit the mode by pressing the “on / off” button again. On the panel after that the corresponding indicator should go out.

"Mechanics" and cruise

Most often, such a function is equipped with cars with an automatic transmission, although you can independently put the cruise control on the mechanics, if this option is not provided by the automaker. In this case, the transfer will have to switch yourself.

Carry out tuning to install the cruise will also help in a specialized company. In some organizations there are universal systems prepared for installation. Also allowed the independent purchase of electrical accessories. In this case, the car owner selects the most comfortable option for his vehicle, taking into account ergonomic features.

how does the cruise control on the mechanics

Объясним, how does the cruise control on the mechanics, ведь здесь имеется некоторое отличие от работы на «автомате». Pressing the clutch or brake pedal automatically disengages. The driver should switch the transmission to the desired level, and then, if necessary, restart the cruise control. Also, the shutdown is performed when the ignition is turned off, as is the speed setting reset.

Self-installation of cruise control

Installation is carried out on the steering wheel. To do this, set the three-way button or lever that provides control. They make it possible to customize the system, and you need free access to work with them. Also mounted on / off element.

how to put the cruise control on the mechanics

Kit to install cruise control

All wires are hidden under the casing and are carried to the electronic control unit. Signaling is carried out to work with the throttle. This can only be done on machines equipped with electronically controlled dampers. The installation procedure takes 1-1.5 hours.

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In some cases, possible side difficulties are problems with the central lock. At the same time, there is no key adaptation. To resume this function, you will need to contact the official service, as you will not be able to resolve the issue yourself.

Adaptive cruise control system

The most advanced service for cruise control is its adaptive version. It allows you to control the speed of the forward-looking transport, and on the basis of the data obtained, the speed parameters of your own car are adjusted. Such services are called active, in contrast to the classic passive.

cruise control on the mechanics that's

Adaptive cruise control

The ability to maintain a safe speed mode and a sufficient interval between the front car is provided by the built-in small radar and an additional digital signal processor.

Modern service is able to operate at speeds of 30-200 km / h. They are already equipped with individual models of the middle class and premium segment. In some cases, such systems are monitored not only by the nearest car, but also taking into account road markings, ensuring movement in the required lane.

how does the cruise control on the mechanics

When the beginning of a rapprochement with the front car occurs, a signal is sent to the driver about a change in road conditions. Such actions help to quickly respond to a possible obstacle. More advanced cruise controls independently perform braking maneuvers or other actions on the machine. Such services provide drivers and passengers with enhanced security conditions.


In the presence of cruise control, it is easier for the driver to drive a car, both with an automatic gearbox and with the “mechanics”. You can install this system yourself if you have an electronic control unit. Modern cruise control improves road safety.