How to protect the car from theft with their own hands

Iron friend on wheels acts as an indispensable assistant in all situations. Therefore, drivers are trying to protect the car from theft. In principle, one hundred percent security system, giving a full guarantee of car safety is not, but you can approach the issue wisely and install proven comprehensive protection that will minimize the risk of theft of the unit.

Based on statistics, every 10 seconds there is a vehicle theft in the world. Most of them can not be returned to the owners. Experts say that the problem can be circumvented at the expense of insurance or secure parking, but as practice shows, the owners of parking sites are not responsible for the stolen car, and insurance payments only partially cover the cost of the car. In addition, one cannot hope for specific anti-theft systems, since there is little confidence about their work. Each manufacturer of alarms and immobilizer claims that only its device itself is reliable. As a result, the competent hands of the hijacker reveal them in no time.

How to protect the car from theft


The topic, as you can see, is very ticklish and it is difficult to say exactly what will help to save the vehicle from the hijacking. Some drivers believe that there is no sense against modern defenses and make their own "secret devices", while others blindly believe and say that certified products that have been tested are more effective and efficient. Choosing anti-theft systems, you should know that their cost should be at least 5-10% of the price of the vehicle itself. You can install them yourself, consider the available components.


  • 1 Types of anti-theft equipment
    • 1.1 Electronic security features
    • 1.2 Mechanical anti-theft systems
    • 1.3 Satellite and radio search anti-theft systems
    • 1.4 Transponder and biometric anti-theft devices
  • 2 Simple homemade anti theft

Types of anti-theft equipment

Every year, security devices are being improved and modernized, new more complex combinations appear. Today the following types are popular:

  • electronic anti-theft systems (EPS);
  • mechanical (motor vehicle);
  • satellite (ATP);
  • radio search (RPS);
  • biometric;
  • transponder.

Electronic and mechanical systems can be inserted into the machine personally. The last four types can not be set independently. Technologies are complex and require some knowledge during installation. Let us examine in detail each type of anti-theft equipment.

How to protect the car from theft with their own hands

Do not forget to close the car

Electronic Security Products

EPS in every modern transport. They are reliable and easy to use. All electronic systems operate according to the same principle - unauthorized access attempts are recognized. Due to the presence of multiple EPS sensors, it interferes in time, stops the fuel supply or breaks the ignition circuit. To figure out how to protect the car from theft? Consider the following electronic tools:

  1. Immobilizer - a regular mechanism recognizing the validity of the access code present on the microchip (placed in the key) to the code of the ignition control unit. If incompatibility is established, a short circuit from the three ignition power circuits occurs. Advanced devices still block and control unit. There are two types of devices - contactless and controlled. You need to install it correctly, after selecting a place that is inconspicuous for it. As a rule, high-quality immobilizers go only on expensive car brands, as for the middle class, the factory barrier for thieves is ineffective.
  2. Signaling. Informs the owner about all undesirable effects on transport. Depending on the model of anti-theft, the notification occurs either only in a sound form (siren), or with an alert to a pager. The system is ineffective, so it is better to use it with other protections. The most reliable signaling is considered to be the one that has a dialog signal encoding algorithm. This means that the central unit and the keyfob transmit encrypted codes to each other. Such signals are difficult to recognize due to the high degree of encryption.

    To protect the car from theft

    Car thieves prefer not to mess with bright cars

  3. Secret switch, toggle switch, button - "secret". Mechanically opening circuit. Cheap options that can be made independently and also personally mounted. Very effective and easy to operate. They are switches that disconnect the electrical wiring of the machine. Quite often, these "sekretki" hide in regular buttons of the car. When the hijacker does not know the location of the button, theft of transport is impossible.

Some cars have an electronic anti-theft system as standard. In addition, if there was no anti-theft, and later you decided to install the system, the center's specialists can advise additional service functions. These include: remote start of the ignition, control of the lock by the remote control, remote activation of any kind of light, opening one door when the other doors remain locked.

Mechanical anti-theft systems

They are distinguished by durability and a huge variety, although they have long gone out of fashion, as modern cars are packed with a variety of electronics, including anti-theft. Mechanical means include:

  1. Steering lock ("poker") Locked with a key and not massive in form. At first glance, the device is invisible, because it is mounted secretly under the car console. Protection lies in the fact that the steering shaft is blocked and the “donut” cannot be controlled.

    To save the car from theft

    Non-standard protection methods can be used.

  2. Pedal lock ("trap"). Also not visible from the outside, but easy to eliminate. It will be much more efficient to install a techno-block placed in a hydraulic system of brakes and clutch. The whole essence of the work of such equipment in the snag launch of the motor. When an intervention occurs, the techno-block closes and the depressed brake pedal becomes stationary, closing the entire brake assembly. Unlock the lock, perhaps only a key that exists in 15 million combinations.
  3. Hood latch. The device is hidden under the hood and protects the "intelligence" of the machine. The engine control unit and car alarm are always reliably protected, because the product creates an obstacle to the access of the blocking relay, sensors, etc. The lock is fastened in various places of the vehicle, and the control is effected by immobilizer signals or alarm. If you want the device to serve properly, entrust its installation to professionals.
  4. Gear knob. It is installed both in automatic and manual gearbox. It is a lock blocking the rocker - gear lever. The gearshift lever in the "P" mode is a parking, which is fastened with a clamp pin, preventing the speed from switching. The downside is that efficiency does not apply to all modes of transport. Pros at a reasonable price and ease of use.

Attention! Using one blocker is ineffective. It is rational to mount in passing several anti-theft installations.

Satellite and radio search anti-theft systems

Both are counted as electronic security products. In other words, these are “bugs” imperceptibly attached to a seat or a headrest. Receiving and transmitting products are controlled by an electronic system and keep all sensors under control. Consider the difference between them.

How to protect the car from theft

Management via mobile application

Radio search. They work autonomously transmitting a signal to the owner’s phone and to the control center. This direction finding station works around the clock monitoring the location of vehicles. At the time of unauthorized intervention, the received signal of hacking and the location of the transport, the center redirects to the duty of the police department. The advantage is the ability to track down the loss in closed premises and underground parking, as well as independence from mobile networks. Minus in a small radius of distribution.

Satellite. With the help of a GPS receiver, they locate the car anywhere in the world The downside is that the attackers have learned to jam GSM signals. In addition, satellite systems may not see transport in underground areas. For this reason, the combined satellite-radio search system "AutoLocator" is gaining popularity.

Transponder and biometric anti-theft devices

These systems operate on the principle of electronic protection.

Transponder, another type (EPS), and since the principle of response is different from other products, they should be considered separately. Transponder devices are placed directly in the car, and react only to the owner's chip. An installed transmitter, with a constant frequency, transmits scanning coded signals. If there is a mismatch of key labels, the system blocks access to the control of the machine. The microchip is individual, and the label algorithms are endless. To start the engine, it is necessary to verify the microchip and only after that the transponder gives a pass to control the machine.

How to protect the car from theft with their own hands

Comprehensive anti-theft protection

Biometric Permit to control the car using unique identification data of the owner as an identification code. These can be: iris, retina, voice, fingerprint, or palm. Most common fingerprint fingerprints, which are mounted in the pens of cars in the form of miniature scanners. Sometimes these systems are installed in the front panel of the machine.

The upgraded model of the device can now perform a number of anti-burglary functions. For example, the “alarm finger” parameter, for which you need to program a fingerprint of a finger. If the owner was unexpectedly attacked, then he brings to the scanner monitor designated as "disturbing finger." After that, there is a blocking of the auto system for a while.

As you can see, any one hundred percent protection against vehicle theft currently simply does not exist, even if the number of protection systems in the above material is impressive! Therefore, the question: how to protect the car from theft remains still relevant. In such a case, as the protection of the car from theft, "busting" does not happen. Therefore, to high-tech twists it does not hurt to add a few self-made solutions.

To protect the car from theft

Simplified car alarm scheme

Simple homemade anti theft

Option 1. It is easy to scare away the punks, but is not suitable for deception experienced hijackers. Car alarm simulator - snag. Requires an LED, two wires and a simulator alarm, which has a plug under the cigarette lighter. Install and turn on the product in the cigarette lighter.

Option 2. As you know, immobilizers and alarms can be bypassed with a code grabber. Therefore, a passive defense was invented, nullifying the attempted theft. This thing is called “car's fake marking”, which is a set of numbers and letters printed on the visible places of the vehicle. Marking can be made by yourself and attached with glue, if you don’t have time, you can buy ready-made stencils. Seeing the marked glass, headlights and other numbered places, the hijacker simply does not want to waste time replacing components and will pass by.

Option 3. This device is based on the features of the VAZ "classics", that is, the fuel pump. When the manual inpetal lever is pressed all the way down, the unit cannot pump fuel, as the balancer holds the diaphragm in its extreme position, not allowing it to make a working stroke. You need to make a device that will lock the lever in the lowest position.

To save the car from theft

Scheme of anti-theft device for 2 relays. One - 5-pin, and the other - 4-pin.

Option 4. A piece of tissue tape is placed in the socket of the high-voltage wire of the ignition coil. Install the wire in place and remove the slider from the distributor to distract attention. Since the process of such a trick is time consuming, it is necessary to do it only when long-term parking is planned.

Option 5. We make a "secret" of the toggle switch, the engine compartment lock and two wires. We acquire the necessary components. We connect the wires with one end to the switch and the other to the fuel pump, the injection system to the spark plugs, etc. After pressing the valve, the car will not start, even if the thief understands what's the matter, there will be a lock under the hood. Place the button to be hidden and in a convenient place. In addition, you can enhance protection by creating a closed chain of two buttons. One put on the dashboard, which includes the dimensions and headlights, the second set in the cabin. During the hijacking, the criminal will press the button located in the cabin, but the attempt will not be crowned with success, since the second button, hidden in plain sight, will not be activated.

Option 6. You can mount a crane in the gas pipeline under the hood near the fuel pump or near the gas tank. Consider that in the first case, the valve crashes just in the area between the gas tank and the pump, because the pressure of gasoline in the area after the pump is high — fuel may leak through the valve. This device is based on the fact that when the inlet pipe is connected to the atmosphere, the motor cannot work. Therefore, the design is a valve mounted on the wall of the intake manifold. It is worth considering that the size of the hole tap should be from 5 mm. When the valve is in the open state, the engine will not start.

How to protect the car from theft

Secrets (Relays + Thyristors)

Option 7. You can swap the wires that match any other candles. As a result, when starting the engine will not start from the untimely sparking.

Option 8. Another option is how to protect the car from theft with their own hands by simulating a malfunction of the engine or wiring. We open the circuit by installing a toggle switch on the standard relay. In parallel with the standard relay, we install relays from timers. Hide the switch under the plug or in another inconspicuous place. That is, when you start the engine, the car starts up, but after a while it goes dead, since the power is supplied to the switched off switch.