How to replace silent blocks

Автовладельцы довольно часто слышат, что пришла пора поменять сайлентблоки по причине их износа. Однако многим начинающим (а иногда и опытным) водителям непонятно, что это за деталь, какую функцию выполняет и, естественно, где находится. Мы постараемся объяснить, what is silentblock, дать ответы на ряд других вопросов, а также подробно рассказать, как самостоятельно его поменять.


  • 1 What it is and why
  • 2 Determine the wear
  • 3 front levers
  • 4 Replacing the rear beam silent blocks on the example of a car VAZ 2109

What is it and why?

what is silentblock

Appearance of silent blocks

The silent block is a hinge with internal and external metal bushings connected inextricably with an elastomer (usually rubber or polyurethane). This small detail plays a fairly important role in the undercarriage of the car. By connecting the suspension arms, silent blocks quench or isolate radial, axial, torsion and cardan vibrations, as well as taking on various impacts, provide protection to other elements of the vehicle's suspension. They have a wide range of applications, so even in the chassis machine use several different forms and types of these parts: for the front suspension - for the shock absorber, stabilizer, levers; for the rear suspension - for the shock absorber, stabilizer, mounting parts of the rear beam.

In addition, there is for mounting the gearbox and engine.

Determine the wear

Принято считать, что срок службы составляет 100 тыс. км пробега, но в отечественных условиях рекомендуется проводить их осмотр через 50 тыс. Постоянно работая под большой нагрузкой, эти детали часто изнашиваются и требуют замены. Понять, когда требуется replacement of the silent block, можно при плановом техническом осмотре или по изменению управляемости автомобиля.

One of the indirect signs is a violation of wheel alignment (the car “drives” to the side or uneven tire erasing begins). We felt that the car "floats", changed the reaction in the corners - a reason to sound the alarm. In most cases, this results in wear of silent blocks. However, the exact cause can be established only with detailed diagnostics, which can be done in a specialized service or, if you have certain skills, on your own.

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For self-visual inspection required lift, pit or trestle. It is desirable to have an idea of ​​what the new silent blocks look like, where they are located. We clean all rubber-metal joints from dirt, carefully inspect them. The rubber part should not have cracks and gusts, and running gear parts should not freely hang out. To do this, check the gap in the connections.

How to replace the silent blocks of some elements of the suspension on their own, consider below.

replacement of the silent block

You can understand whether the silent block can be replaced by its appearance.

Front levers

You will need a simple set of tools, which not only the motorist has, but also practically every man is a set of wrenches and a jack. But a special device that allows you to press the Hob, will have to buy or borrow from friends. Depending on the location of the rubber-metal hinges to be replaced, strippers of steering tips or ball bearings may be needed.

Prepare all the necessary tools and accessories, begin to gradually change worn and damaged parts:

  • remove the wheel;
  • disconnect the upper ball joint;
  • unscrew and remove the upper arm;
  • we remove worn-out silent blocks, we press in new ones;
  • We install the lever in place in reverse order, lubricating the axle (do not tighten the axle nut completely!).

Please note that you can replace the silent blocks of the front levers even by hanging the wheel on the jack. Similarly, we perform a replacement for the lower lever. Do not forget that after lowering the car from a lift or a jack, you need to tighten the nuts of the axles of the levers.

We remind you that after this operation it is necessary to re-align the wheel alignment, since the previous settings are broken due to the removal of the levers.

Now you can fully appreciate the difference in the behavior of the car on the road after the repair.

Replacing the rear beam silent blocks on the example of a car VAZ 2109

To perform this operation we need:

  • spanner wrench 19 size (2 pcs.);
  • hammer and drift;
  • jack (2 pieces if there is no lift);
  • a small bar of wood;
  • device for pressing the silent block.
how to replace silent blocks

Bushes Remover

The latter can be bought or assembled by yourself. It's easy to do it yourself: look at the picture and prepare:

  • bolt Ø12 mm, L = 170 mm;
  • clip Ø50 mm, H = 40 mm.
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The remaining elements are selected easily.

Change the rear beam bushings on the lift or with jacks on the ramp (pit). The sequence of operations is quite simple. It is necessary:

  • unscrew the bolts that fix the beam;
  • remove the mounting bracket on the left side;
  • disconnect the rear brakes;
  • pull out the bolt;
  • slightly raise the car jack;
  • move the girder eye down;
  • insert a wooden block between the body and the beam;
  • knock out the old silent block with a hammer and a hammer;
  • lubricate the eye of the beam and the new rubber-metal joint with soap solution;
  • using a special device to install a new part;
  • remove the wooden block;
  • insert the bolt into the bracket, lifting the eye of the second jack;
  • clamp the bolts securing the beam to the body bracket (performed only on the machine fully lowered to the ground!).

Do not neglect security. Periodically conduct a visual inspection, and at the slightest suspicion, change worn parts. Good luck on the road!