Lada vesta is like hot cakes

Lada Vesta расходится как горячие пирожки

Yesterday we finally started selling the long-awaited Lada West. As part of the night show Vesta Night, organized by AvtoVAZ, were announced prices for Lada Vesta an hour later the first novelty was sold. In total, the dealerships were put up for sale a thousand cars in two trim levels. In one day, as the statistics confirms, motorists bought up almost the entire initial “circulation”: out of a thousand - eight hundred cars found their owners.

Whole thousand new sedan Lada Vesta, the start of sales of which took place yesterday, was collected at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant. In total, this plant is planned to collect five thousand before December 31, 2015 Vesta sedans. Given the speed with which they bought the starting lot, these five thousand cars will scatter in one week.

Lada Vesta расходится как горячие пирожки Yesterday as part of the autoquest Vesta Night price tags for all vehicle modifications were announced. Classic equipment will cost customers from 514 thousand rubles, and the version with the maximum "body kit" will cost from 677 thousand wooden. Actually, a little expensive. But, apparently, the people were waiting for this particular car so much that it would not stand behind the price, and such an overpriced price list would not bring down the rush demand for the Avtovaz new product in the future. Lada Vesta With such a price list, it begins to compete with several models of foreign cars at once, including the Ford Fiesta, which is only ten thousand bargains more expensive, Hyundai Solaris, they ask for the same ten even for less than the “classics” of Vesta. It also gets Renault Logan, which is almost a hundred thousand cheaper and Kia Rio with a price tag of 540 kilo rubles. In place of Boo Andersen, in this situation, it would be worthwhile to think before bullying the price tag above the models of popular brands in our country. Lada Vesta расходится как горячие пирожки On sale went Lada Vesta in the middle and luxury trim, "classic" will be sold later, because it did not have time to complete the set. The 106-powerful 1.6-liter gasoline sixteen valve combined with a mechanical transmission or "robot" is still the only power unit motor line Lada Vesta. In the very near future for Lada Vesta finalize 1.8-liter gasoline aspirated 122 horses. It will also be installed on the next new product of AVTOVAZ - on the hatchback Lada Xray. This motor will be installed on Vesta only next fall, and will be released only in the coming December.

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