What to choose: lexus or bmw



To date, respectable cars are increasingly in demand. Despite their representative status, they are referred both to sports, and to prestigious, and to crossovers, and to universal ones for any life situation. Usually, serious Lexus and BMW models are bought by people who are tired of making big money every day. Let's try to make a comparative analysis of these two giants of the automotive world.

BMW and Lexus cars

General information

Lexus has always been considered a very successful car, sales went in quite good volumes, and it was not uncommon to have comparisons that these cars are not inferior to German ones. But all the same there were some small moments, where something was missing - some model lacked solidity, somewhere some model was short of engine power. But, of course, the beginning of the "new" Lexus was laid a long time ago.

Читать далее о том, что лучше выбрать Lexus или BMW?-->Сейчас же японские производители поняли, на что следует уделять внимание, где стоит что-то исправить во внешнем и внутреннем дизайне, где можно добавить мощности. И что же в итоге получилось? На одном из крупнейших автомобильных мероприятий был представлен японский концепт-кар новой модели Лексуса. Все были ею ошеломлены: плавные переходы, неожиданные изгибы и растянутые поверхности приятно удивили и поразили каждого. Но специалисты ожидали от серийной модели нечто более простое и не такое привлекательное и броское, но всё же ошиблись. Миру предстал Лексус XE30.

This was a real “bullet” in its class. The concept even in some moments was inferior to the serial model. Impressions of what he saw remained colossal. Optics, daylight "beads", taillights - all elements evoke quiet delight.

Конечно, что касается дизайна — это все на любителя, кто-то любит классику и эстетику, а кто-то в восторге от брутальных прямолинейных контуров и элементов. А вот начинка… Это совершенно другой разговор. Если брать модель Лексус XE30, то для сравнения с ней идеально подходит немецкий автомобиль БМВ третьей серии, а если брать Лексус RX350 — однозначно BMV H3.

Sports cars BMW And Lexus

Of course, the front row of Lexus seats is not replete with German adjustments, but, according to the owners, it appeals to them very much and is suitable for both heavy people and thin ones. Lexus seats are often installed in the F-Sport series.

In both cars, the cabin is tastefully decorated and the driver may have the feeling that they put a very expensive jacket on him from expensive materials. For those who like to smoke, Lexus presented a small, unpleasant surprise in their models - the cigarette lighter is located in an invisible secret place, which is not always convenient for the owner. With regards to instrumentation tuning (for example, tuning the frequency of a wave on the radio), this is done using a floating finger joystick, which is not always convenient to perform while driving. In BMW, the use of the Ai-Drive controller is also not always convenient, which can cause difficulties in making settings while driving. And if you take the monitor of the onboard computer of two cars - here is a clear victory for the BMW. On the monitor of a German car, the picture looks clearer, and indeed the graphics look more developed.

Car seats are regulated in different directions, which is not an innovation for any modern car. Upholstery material is chosen expensive in all models and BMW and Lexus, but some elements of the Japanese car (door handles, some buttons) are made of cheap plastic compared to the German. Therefore, in the first part of the "race" victory for a graduate of the German automotive industry.

Sports cars Lexus and BMW

Little about capacity

Naturally, if we consider sports cars, then the main “rider” is the driver. When such a car is purchased, there are never any thoughts about how the rear row passengers will feel. The same picture with our wards. BMW and Lexus, although they got more space in the backseat, still it is not so sufficient for comfortable comfortable long-distance trip. Comfortable to sit in the car and fit comfortably in it can only two people in one that in the second model.

Salon sports cars Lexus and BMW

Тестируем внедорожники BMW X3 and Lexus RX 350

Today, people prefer crossovers more than small city cars. There may be several reasons for this: SUVs are no less prestigious than sedans; the capacity of the cabin reaches from five to seven people; sports equipment is very convenient to transport in them due to the large amount of luggage; high landing gives a sense of security during movement. And of course, one of the main reasons is the patency.

If we consider specific models, then the flagship in this segment are, by right, the Japanese Lexus and the German BMW.

The appearance of each model speaks for itself: these are solid cars with powerful engines. To the solidity of the BCM X3, the increased “nostrils” of the front grille added, which it resembled in appearance the BMW X5. In addition, a slightly strange look attached curved unnatural sides and a kind of branded optics.

The interior of the German BMW X3 is made in a classic style. The console has a small angle of rotation towards the driver, the quality of the finish is excellent. The driver's seat is very comfortable and is adjustable in different positions, except for the lumbar region. The steering wheel has an expensive leather upholstery and is great in the hand. On a ten-point scale, the interior of a BMW can be safely measured on a solid nine.

Japanese Lexus - designed American car. Expensive leather and wood inserts and puff respectability. Even areas where there is plastic, can be considered as leather inserts. The instrument panel has a convenient location, and the sensors have a good looking optical scale. Seats made of soft leather evenly distribute the load and literally “suck” the passenger into their arms.

BMW X3 and Lexus RX 350

It is expected that the front seat and the passenger and the more the driver will not be deprived of comfort. But what about the rear passengers? BWM again, as in most of its models, did not take care of this. Narrow doorways, high uncomfortable and low-functional footrest do not allow to sit quietly in the salon. In addition to the door handles, adjusting the windows and armrests to the German giant, there is nothing to boast.

Lexus is also not an ideal option. The rear seat cushions are rather low, and because of this situation, it seems that the ceiling presses down on the passenger.

As for luggage, then bicycles or bulky bags are best transported on a Lexus. The Japanese car has a spacious luggage compartment, the rear seats can be transformed in just minutes into a flat floor and the space for things will become even larger. A BMW has a trunk that is not so large in volume, and in addition it is limited by rigidly fixed sidewalls of the rear row of seats that it does not allow for the transformation of the cabin.

Both crossovers have six-cylinder powertrains under the hood. If the Lexus PX 350 has 276 horsepower and a V6 engine, then BMW has a power of 272 "horses" and a bimetallic cylinder block is located in a row.

With regards to the transmission - it is purely automatic. But if the Japanese Lexus is a constantly all-wheel drive crossover, then the German BMW has one constantly driving axle. The second is activated electronically by supplying a clutch in the transfer case of a part of the torque to the second axis.

And how about speed?

Obviously, the engine power directly affects the speed and behavior of the car. "Japanese" Lexus and "German" BMW accelerate nose to nose. If we take the urban rhythm, then there is no equal Lexus.

BMV H3 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru unpleasantly surprised its "fans", and the developers too weighted the gas pedal. The machine began to work harder. Any barely perceptible click - the car immediately nervously responds. But with a good good pressure on the gas - the crossover immediately breaks down and the speedometer quickly rushes up.

BMW X3 car

With the Lexus PX 350, everything is much simpler. He easily and smoothly responds to the manipulation of the gas pedal. "Box", despite the presence of hard transitions, works smoothly and smoothly.

For lovers of fast driving, the box can be switched to sport mode. In the automatic, as in manual mode, the electronics restrain the transmission in Japanese. A German with an active ride increases the transmission up, which is not always convenient for speed lovers.

Lexus RX350 car

Model controllability

If we consider the indicators of controllability, then the undisputed leader in this aspect will be BMW. Although its pros and cons are in any model.

When considering such items as the density of the suspension, the response to the steering turns, the minimum roll - BMW on a flat surface is difficult to find equal. When overcoming some irregularities, the situation changes radically. Immediately decreases the response to the steering, there are small deviations from the trajectory of movement. The stabilization system, which is not typical for it, allows sliding.

Lexus is completely different. The stabilization system reacts even to the minimum slip. The Japanese took good care of safety. In high-speed traffic, the Japanese are more confident than a competitor, regardless of the tracks or waves on the road surface. And indeed, it is very nice to drive such a car.

Engine lexus rx350

However, if there is a need for a sharp maneuver or rebuild - it is worth taking this very seriously. The body goes to a heel before the peak of the maneuver begins, which may frighten the driver. In such a difficult situation, the system instantly triggers the stabilization system and the car levels off.

Подводя итоги, можно сказать, что Лексус не рассчитан для раллийных трасс, но отлично подходит для отечественных дорог. Но BMV H3, несмотря на большую жёсткость на неровностях, считается более «заводным» кроссовером.

If you touch the issue with the brakes, then the one and the second model has full order with them. The German BMW is still a bit ahead of the Japanese Lexus in the tests, even if the brakes and ABS work a little harder and rougher.

Касаемо плавности хода BMV H3 заметно уступает Лексус РХ 350. В этом выражается расплата за идеальную управляемость на зеркально ровной дороге. Мелкие неровности жёсткий немец ещё как-то сглаживает, а вот на неровности побольше тут же реагирует встрясками и глухими ударами. Кроме того, Х3 отчётливо повторяет неровный профиль покрытия.

РХ350 behaves very restrained and disciplined on the road. Maybe the suspension and feels a little harsh, but it is perfectly smoothed by other modifications of engineers.

BMW X3 engine


By all indicators in the cross-section clear leader - Lexus. Its adjustable air suspension plays a crucial role in this. Of course, there can be no talk about some ultimate off-road and representative crossovers, but still. The average clearance for the Japanese - one hundred and ninety millimeters. With this indicator, the car easily overcomes steep slopes and snow virgin lands.

BMW also has a ground clearance of 190 millimeters and overcomes snow barriers. But this is not enough for a German to confidently pass through steep obstacles. Besides, the thresholds often ground on the ground while driving over rough terrain.

Human security

All cars are equipped with active and passive safety systems. As standard, it is the Brake assist system, the ABS device, stabilization and distribution of braking forces. Inside the car are installed front and side airbags. In the Lexus, there are also knee pads, so that in an emergency the person received as little injury as possible.

Salmon lexus rx350

Unlike the Japanese model, the German car was not tested for safety by the American company NHTSA. Lexus in these tests proved to be a reliable and strong modern car.

Saloon BMW X3

Let's sum up

Of course, it is very difficult to compare two such giants as the German BMW and the Japanese Lexus, as well as to choose something specific. Both cars are so good that it will be simply unforgivable to find fault with something much. Undoubtedly, each model has its drawbacks and pluses, there is nothing perfect. Therefore, motorists, taking this into account, choose what the soul is for, regardless of any shortcomings.