Updated bmw x5 - 2018 bmw x5: prices, start of sales,

In the autumn of 2017, sales of the updated version of the BMW X5 began (the photo below), the most popular crossover of the X family. The reason for the increased attention of fans of high-quality, comfortable and European-safe cars - the best value for money.

Photos: new BMW X5 2018

Photos: new BMW X5 2018

BMW X5 2018 (photo below), according to the manufacturer, belongs to the class of crossovers, that is, mainly urban cars, suitable for moving around the countryside. In the English classification, these cars are abbreviated as CUV (City Utility Vehicle), much less often - SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle): there is no clear delineation today. In addition to large crossovers, SUVs and even pickups are ranked as the last class; hence the well-known confusion, misleading the Russian-speaking motorist.

Looking at the updated BMW X5 (photo below), it is difficult to immediately determine its affiliation: while maintaining the overall impression of the crossover, some features of the car, especially the roofline and high ground clearance, remind us of an SUV. This phenomenon is far from unique: it is typical for most crossovers of increased comfort, which is inevitably associated with the expansion of the cabin and, as a consequence, the increase in external dimensions. Undoubtedly, the manufacturer in this case will not forget about the luggage compartment of the car: although the majority of BMW X5 owners would have enough standard 350-500 liters, the minimum value of the trunk volume of the novelty exceeds 1000 liters.

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