The swedes introduced the new volvo s90 in moscow

Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 в Москве New flagship business sedan Volvo S90, designed for our market, officially presented in Moscow. It is built on a modular SPA platform, like its off-road “colleague” Volvo XC90. And in this sense, the new Swedish E-class sedan is the successor of the well-proven standard. As the Swedes had previously promised, they did just that: they began to equip their cars with two-liter engines with different versions of boost. Under the hood  Volvo S90 a diesel engine with a turbine will be able to work, capable of developing the power of a herd of 235 horses at a torque of 480 Nm. The complete set of T5 Drive-E is equipped with a gasoline two-liter turbo engine for 249 horsepower, and the top-end T6 Drive-E assembly has an assembly of 320 horsepower on board. A car with this engine will only be all-wheel drive, the other front-wheel drive versions. All configurations, regardless of the power plant, are equipped with an eight-band automatic machine, for which the option of manual gear shifting is available.

"Russian" version S90 will be presented in just two assemblies. The first is referred to as Momentum, the second - Inscription. The Momentum package contains a cloth upholstered interior, seats with mechanical adjustment of the position, halogen optics, climate and cruise control, rear parking sensors, security services such as warning of a frontal impact, follow-up control in the lane, etc. The car has eighteen-inch alloy wheels. Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 в Москве The Inscription package received a 12.3-inch graphic dashboard, an electric drive for driver’s seat settings, and the seat is able to remember the settings made and, when selected, immediately place the chair in the desired position, an adaptive cruise control system is available, the multimedia device has a built-in navigator and synchronizes with smartphones by bluetooth. Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 в Москве In addition, each configuration can be expanded through the purchase of additional packages. There are only eight of them. There are packages from twenty to two hundred and eighty thousand rubles. One of the packages is called Pilot Assist, a kind of autopilot that can replace the driver while driving.

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Another interesting feature available in additional packages for the new Volvo sedan is the inability to start the engine if the driver drank at least a glass of alcohol.