Coupe mercedes c 300 and c 63 amg last generation

The two-door coupe of the C-class Mercedes is outside, that inside - it looks simply stunning, but it cannot be any other way, it is a Mercedes. From a distance you cannot even distinguish the C-Class coupe from the S-Class coupe, which costs almost 3 times more.

Mercedes C 63 AMG S

The E-class coupe is generally about the same length as the C-class. If the E-class coupe costs about 2,700,000 rubles, then a more elegant C-class coupe in the basic configuration will cost less than 2,350,000 rubles, and this is better than buying a small GLA or CLA that does not look as stylish as the C -class.


saloon C300 coupe

The interior design was taken from a regular C-class sedan, but the seats are original, the headrests are integrated into them, the doors are very beautifully decorated. To get to the rear seats - first you need to push the front seats, this is done with the help of electric motors, but the opening is rather small and the roof is low, so there is nothing for the tall person in the rear seats to do. But in this coupe, oddly enough, a large trunk, its volume is 400 liters, and if you fold the rear seats, you get a flat floor and the space will be even greater.

trunk C 63 AMG

Near the steering wheel, on the left are the on-off buttons of various auxiliary systems, in the Russian basic version there will only be parking sensors. The instrument panel of a simple C-class differs from AMG-shnoy, in that it has many small details - many scratches and circles, which are here simply as a design.

панель приборов C 300 cut

In the car there is even a rearview camera, which is installed on the stern of the car behind the emblem.

Rear View Camera


For 2 350 000 rubles you can take the basic version of the coupe C 180, under the hood of which is installed a turbocharged engine of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 156 horses. In the city of this power will be quite enough, you can take this equipment, but with a sports package, which includes AMG body kits and more beautiful rugs. Most importantly, in this version do not install a sports suspension, because the car will become much tougher, and will not bring joy from other options.

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C 300 cut

There are more powerful configuration, for example, the C300, which is a 2-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 245 liters. with., there are also hard springs, shock absorbers, thicker anti-roll bars, 19-inch wheels and large brake discs, and in the basic version there are 17-inch wheels.

But there is no pleasure to control here, a very sharp steering wheel, because the rack and pinion mechanism here has a lower gear ratio. On a rough road, the car is pretty much a coward, and the sound of the engine here from the audio system is not particularly pleasant. There are also pickings with a different, softer suspension, which uses Airmatic air bags.

With such a suspension, the car turned out smooth and quiet, if you put a comfortable mode in the air suspension, the car will even go over the bumps gently and easily. There is also a sport mode, in which the reaction to the steering wheel becomes more accurate, the car enters into turns more recklessly. But it makes no sense to overpay for the engine, which stands in the C300, although the suspension, wheels and controls showed themselves well.


For those who want a really fast coupe from a Mercedes, it makes sense to wait with the 450 AMG, which has a V-shaped 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 367 liters under the hood. with. There is also a four-wheel drive. On the sedan, this engine does not have any problems with lack of power, and the sound on it is very good.

There is also a more powerful version of the C 63 AMG S which is so powerful that the wheels slip by themselves. This version is different from the usual basic coupe C-class, except for the trunk and roof. In the C63 AMG there is a new rear suspension, which has its own special subframe, a wider rear track, and the five-lever assembly has a different structure. Also in this version are wider rear wings and the width of the tires slightly larger.

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In the cabin, the AMG version also has some differences. With the help of a special drum, you can change the chassis settings, adjust the resistance of the shock absorbers, turn the stabilization system on or off, or switch the gearbox to manual mode. The instrument panel is quite stylish, but it was possible to make it more stringent, and also increase the scale of the instruments themselves.

C 63 AMG dashboard

The front panel display is quite beautiful, but the processor could be faster. On this display, you can turn on the Race mode, which is only in this configuration, makes the suspension really tough, it should be used on a flat and dry road.

display mercedes c300

The C 63 AMG has brake discs with a diameter of 360 mm. cast iron, and on the C 63 AMG version - 390-mm. You can optionally put carbon-ceramic with a diameter of 402 mm. and golden calipers.

кнопки C 300 cut

Chairs in this version are just great, you can adjust the width of the backrest, pillows are more convenient than optional racing buckets. Thick steering wheel rim, original carbon-silver trim. If you drive the C 63 AMG S along the race track, then you feel how good the car is, neither the box nor the engine overheats. When Race mode is turned on, the AMG Speedshift MCT automatic gearbox quickly shifts gears to a lower one during a reduction in speed, and when acceleration starts, the gearbox also boosts gears.

Mercedes C 63 AMG

This machine successfully combines great power (476 hp.) And a well-tuned chassis, and the steering in the coupe is clearer than in a sedan. So on the racetrack, the Mercedes C63 AMG is most likely to win the BMW M4, which has 431 liters. with. power.

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More recently, a more powerful version of the M4 GTS, which has a lighter body, and the engine is more powerful - 500 liters. with. But it is not known whether such a machine will appear in Russia. But a two-door Mercedes C 63 AMG with a V8 engine can already be bought for 4,490,000 rubles, the M4 costs 4,000,000. Not much more expensive. But the Mercedes C63 AMG S, in which there are a forced engine, active engine mounts and an electronically controlled rear differential costs 5,000,000 rubles.

And now the video, which shows how this car goes: