Koreans released genesis eq900l

Корейцы выпустили в свет Genesis EQ900L

To conquer the premium car market, the South Korean carmaker Hyundai has recently developed the Genesis brand. He will specialize exclusively in the production of the most luxurious sedans. Today it became known that the daughter Hyundai presented its first elongated model sedan Genesis EQ900L. We already know the representative sedan of this South Korean brand with exactly the same name, in some countries it is also called Genesis G90but without the prefix "L". This letter indicates the size of the new model: large = "L" = large. That is, we are dealing with almost the same "nine hundred" Genesis, only realized in a longer body. New car under the name Genesis EQ900L extends in length by 5 meters 49.5 centimeters, with a wheelbase of 3 meters 45 centimeters. If we compare these characteristics with similar dimensions in our predecessor, they increased symmetrically by twenty-nine centimeters. At the same time, other dimensional characteristics did not change, that is, the width remained the same - 1 meter 91.5 cm, and the height - 1 meter 40.5 centimeters. Корейцы выпустили в свет Genesis EQ900L Omuzominenny Genesis equipped with all-wheel drive. Under the hood, he registered the only gasoline "eight" with a working volume of five liters and 425 "horses" on board. This monstrous unit with an eight-speed automatic machine is paired.

As for other premium cars, interior design is optional, that is, the customer can choose which inserts and from which specific wood the interior will be decorated, what skin will it be covered in and how many diamonds are incrusted into the steering wheel. The backs of the front seats are decorated with tablet computers mounted in them, the weather in the cabin is automatically controlled by three-zone climate control, the ears of true music lovers will be delighted by the hyper-multimedia system, by default, in the basic configuration, the limousine stands on a nineteen-inch cast. Корейцы выпустили в свет Genesis EQ900L The driver and passengers in the cabin can feel almost completely safe. Nine airbags will not allow them to turn their necks upon impact, and the impact itself is unlikely, as the car is stuffed with all sorts of electronic systems and assistants who constantly calculate the traffic situation in advance and in case of danger they can prevent a collision in automatic mode when they need to be turned off and slowed down. Circular surveillance cameras, recognition systems for road signs, pedestrians, control of blind zones, etc., etc., etc. It seems that the driver is not needed at all. The passenger sat down, started and you can relax: the car itself will take, as far as it is equipped with all sorts of friendly electronics. Корейцы выпустили в свет Genesis EQ900L Limousine EQ900L while Koreans are positioning only for their geographic region. No information on the sale anywhere else yet.

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Sam brand Genesis Hyundai company presented to the world in autumn 2015. While in the "product" line of Genesis there are only two cars, it will be more accurate to say - one, but in the standard and extended versions. But the Koreans are ambitious. Until 2020, they want to develop and begin to massively produce six brands in the segment of executive cars.