Auto donor or spare parts from the store

Along with the donor man, donating his body or blood for the sake of life of a fellow man, there is a donor car, which, like a man, gives its parts to an out of order iron horse. Of course, the necessary part can be purchased at an auto parts store, but who guarantees its originality and reliability?

Why autodonors, not shops

Many motorists prefer to put on their vehicles parts removed from the vehicle, for one reason or another to be recycled. For this purpose, it is practiced to drive from abroad a car of a certain brand and model that has a certain mileage, to take parts on the spot and put it on a faulty car. This is beneficial for the following reasons: • the parts removed from the donor are guaranteed to be original, not fake; • car parts will cost the car owner much cheaper than those purchased in the store; funds, time and nerves.


Donor from Europe

European cars are of high quality. This is due to their use as donors. There are companies specializing in the supply of auto-donors and original parts removed from them. Car owners can contact one of these companies and order the necessary part that was in use (second-hand), but perfectly preserved. Employees of such companies have extensive experience with donor vehicles and parts extracted from them. They can provide expert assistance to the car owner in the selection and distillation of auto-donor or in the delivery of used spare parts.

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Most often, such companies are ordered donor vehicles in original equipment, which are 10 times cheaper than new vehicles. After the delivery of the auto donor, it remains only to take necessary parts from it as necessary and restore its car. This is not only beneficial in terms of cost savings, but also reliable.