Which is better: lada vesta or renault logan


Rate and compare the ability of these two cars is quite interesting. No matter what happens to be better than Lada Vesta or Renault Logan, the main thing is that this question interests many people, because the competition for the buyer promises to be sharp. The mass production of Lada Vesta started at the end of September of this year, and many people are really interested in the novelty.

Lada Vest VS Renault Logan

The developers have promised that the car will be different not only stylish and attractive appearance, but also have high power. Modern technology of assembly and use of quality materials helped create a decent vehicle for a relatively low price. Therefore, potential buyers want to get as much reliable information as possible before official sales start.

Читать далее сравнение Рено Логан и Лада Веста-->Сравнение с Renault Logan происходит по причине сходства автомобилей. Логан пользуется большой популярностью среди россиян. Автомобиль является доступным для среднестатистической семьи, он отличается такими важными показателями, как надёжность, неприхотливость и имеет невысокую стоимость. Новая версия Логан 2 отлично показала себя на наших дорогах и легко справляется с суровым климатом отдельно взятых регионов России.

Renault Logan 2

The first version appeared on the Russian market almost 10 years ago and immediately sunk into the souls of motorists. High-quality engine, low-cost parts and a wide dealer network forced many budget buyers to opt for this model. Statistics notes that the new version also appeals to customers no less.

Aesthetic side of the coin


If we compare the Lada Vesta and Renault Logan in exterior design, they have differences, and the domestic model stands out. The development of the French company has a too simple appearance when the Russian model shows everyone its graceful X-lines and makes eyes with its stylish optics.

Lada Vesta 2015

In terms of dimensions, the Lada can be safely attributed to the C-class, but Logan is considered a classic and bright representative of the B-class, which means that Vesta has a more impressive and presentable exterior. More precisely, the length of the VAZ sedan is 4410 mm, and Logan 2 with a stretch gains 4345 mm. The width of Logan was thinner by almost 4 cm. The French car wins at a height, ahead of the domestic one by a modest 2 cm.

Renault Logan 2014


Identify where the best design solution in West or Logan is not easy, because tastes do not argue. Therefore, you should immediately jump to the assessment of the technical elements of the cabin Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. In terms of free space, Vesta offers a little more space on the sides of the passengers, space for the legs in the backseat, but a tall person will be crowded there.

Lada Vesta salon

Engineers Logan took care of the passengers and there is plenty of headroom in the cabin. Vesta allows you to adjust the driver's seat in a larger range, in addition, the basic seats repeat the silhouette of a person, which means that they are a level more comfortable than in Logan. The French sedan is characterized by a trunk volume that is 30 liters more than in Vesta.

Renault Logan Salon

Technical aspect and price

Car platforms

Like it or not, but to compare the Lada West and Renault Logan is not enough only by external indicators. Design decisions do not affect driving performance in any way, so technical evaluation is much more important in comparisons of any vehicles. At this point, experts again put the domestic car to the fore.

Video review of Lada Vesta:

The main advantage of the new Russian car over all the main competitors is a modern technological platform specially created for the general condition of the roads and for the climatic conditions. Do not turn away from Logan in advance, because he also passed the adaptation, received additional details, but, unfortunately, all this does not give advantages over the model of VAZ. Obviously, the best for the Russian roads is exactly Vesta.

Video-review Reno Logan:

Even with a full load, the clearance of our car does not fall below 171 mm, in the French model this figure is 20 mm lower, and this is a very serious difference, given the average size of all the irregularities that form on the roads. Extra millimeters will be useful when moving on dirt roads and in the winter. The suspension of the native car passed the stage of factory reinforcement, the design was specially created with the expectation of heavy loads, so Veste is not afraid of even the most uneven roads.

Battle of engines and transmissions

Confrontation Lada Vesta or Renault Logan 2 will not do without evaluation of engines and gearbox. In this category, Logan loses the variety of choices. The car is made with only two petrol engines with a volume of 1.6 liters. One of them is able to develop power up to 82 horsepower in the 8-valve version, and the maximum power of the other is 102 horsepower in the 16-valve version. The units work together with a 5-speed manual or robotic gearbox.

Engine Lada Vesta

Engine Lada Vesta

In the domestic car on the subject of engines, the situation is more interesting. The base model will be equipped with a gasoline engine with a power of 106 horses. After some time, the motor row will be replenished with two more units of 1.6 liters with a capacity of 87 and 114 horsepower. The most expensive equipment, which will be released later, will have a powerful 1.8-liter engine with 123 horses under the hood. WITH

Engine Renault Logan

Engine Renault Logan

the alignment shows Vesta's leadership in variability, but on the road, of course, everything will be different. Initial configurations Vesta will be equipped with gearboxes similar to Logan, but VAZ engineers have promised that they will add a variable that will expand the boundaries of the configuration.

Cost comparison

An important impact on the popularity of domestic cars will have a price category. The Frenchman in this matter has an additional advantage with an initial price of 419,000 rubles. Here the emphasis should be put on the cost of the basic configuration, which includes only daytime running lights, 2 airbags and light tinted glass.

The basic version of Vesta is much more attractive and includes ABS + EBD, ESC, lift assistance system, steering column adjustment, ERA-GLONASS unique rescue system, as well as electronic power steering. In this case, the price for the initial set, which is much wider, will be no more than 490,000 rubles. It is important to bear in mind that a Russian-made car will have a 106-strong unit, and Logan with a similar bundle will cost 540,000 rubles.


As you can see, the new VAZ brainchild has several advantages in various indicators. This means that our Lada Vesta is able to provide decent competition in the automotive market in Russia.

Lada Vesta parking

Vesta is a ray of hope in the development of the Russian automotive industry. Completely non-standard and new design, which, indeed, can compete with well-known foreign cars. If you decide to buy a domestic car, then you should pay attention to the new Lada West.