Peugeot 408 cab interior filter replacement

Replacing the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408

Change the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408 do it yourself

Replacing the cabin filter must be done every 20,000 kilometers. It is designed to clean the air from the street inside the car from medium and small particles. Trapped from the street into the engine compartment, the air also passes through a filter that detains unpleasant odors. This filter is located under a layer of noise insulation between the windshield of the car and the engine compartment.

Replacing the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408

In order to remove it from there, it is necessary to raise the hood, unfasten the latch that secures it to the car body. Under Shumkov there will be a cover, behind which is the filter itself. It must also be removed carefully, because the fasteners are made of plastic and are very weak.

Replacing the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408

After the filter was changed to a new one, after having previously cleaned the groove where it is from dirt and dust, we close the plastic protection and the hood in the reverse order.

Types of cabin filters

To these models of cars Peugeot 408 are two types of filters. Normal and coal. Of course, the second is much more expensive. A conventional filter is an accordion compressed from cardboard. Since it is cheap, accordingly it does not serve as effectively, but this is only the first time.

Replacing the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408

The second filter is coal. With this filler, it is more effective than the previous one, but less durable. Quickly loses its qualities due to carbon filler. If you do not change the filter in time, the consequences can be the failure of the fan of the stove, that is, its motor.

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Replacing the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408

The following symptoms of its replacement may be a misted windshield and not a pleasant smell in the car. Even if you took a new car, from the salon and there are such signs in it, you should change it. The car could stand for a while on the street. Moisture infiltrated the filter, and it became not good. Care should be taken when removing and installing plastic, especially at low temperatures. He may burst. To avoid this, you need to pre-warm it with a building dryer.

Do I need filtering the car?

Of course. The quality of the filter depends on the quality of the filters. In large cities, the air is very polluted by the same exhaust gases, especially felt in hot weather, being somewhere in a traffic jam. All these factors negatively affect human health.

Replacing the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408

Foreign cars began to be equipped with cabin filters in the 30s. At the moment, 85% of their cars have such protection.