Limousine rating: the best limousines in the world

A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. So they talk about cars that are found on the roads every day. If it comes to limousines, luxury, convenience, spaciousness and of course exclusivity come to the fore (there are hardly two identical models in one city).

In fact, this is a festive and at the same time executive car, designed to provide passengers with comfort and entertainment during the trip. Spacious and prestigious, it has long become a traditional attribute of holidays and celebrations.

Another function of the limousine is to help stand out from the crowd or highlight the high status of your person. This is not a car for every day, but an exquisite car with a full package of modern amenities. Due to the high cost of production limousines are produced exclusively for the order and are not available to most of the inhabitants. The price of basic modifications varies from 100 to 400 thousand dollars, but if you want something unusual, you will have to pay much more - the cost of exclusive models can reach up to a million dollars and more.

Given the inconstancy of fashion and the variability of automotive technology, determining the best limousine is not so easy. All manufacturers of these handsome men invest in the development of a lot of labor and creative efforts, attracting experienced designers, designers and mechanics to work, because only in these conditions are true masterpieces of the automotive industry born.

In some trim levels, the car is equipped with exclusive systems for launching stage smoke and fireballs. Roomy and comfortable, it is ideal for weddings, anniversaries, parties, graduations and any other entertainment events.

A huge entertainment room on wheels called Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion - a huge SUV, produced from 1999 to 2005. Because of its huge size, it was classified as a medium truck and is officially the largest SUV from Ford.

In the limousine version, this car is especially attractive. The welded three-section frame of the ladder design and high ground clearance guarantee it reliability and throughput. Of course, it is difficult to expect good off-road qualities from him, but for the best limousine this is not the main thing.

Much more important - the comfort and space in the cabin, in which the Ford Excursion, is one of the best in the world. The huge salon is designed for 25 seats and includes everything you need for a first-class rest. Panoramic windows, a disco bar, furniture, tableware, lasers and strobe lights, LCD monitors are only a small part of what awaits the passengers of this wonderful car.