The best car radar detectors


Since speeding is a rather dangerous act, law enforcement officers found a way to penalize drivers for such actions back in the 60s. Police radars of those times were rather cumbersome, but they coped well with their function. Subsequently, miniature devices were invented, as well as devices that fixed other violations, for example, the intersection of a solid strip or overtaking in the wrong place. In response, drivers began to use special devices - radar detectors, which made it possible to detect in advance the measuring systems used by law enforcement officers. From this point on, the constant “game ahead of the curve” began - as the police devices are improving every year, the question of which radar detector is better and which device meets all modern requirements for it will be very relevant.

Radar detector in the car

Major League

Canadian champion

The best radar detector today is the Canadian model Escort Passport MAX International. The last word of the name indicates that this device can be used in any country of the world without restrictions. The manufacturer of the radar detector provides its support in North America, Russia, the European Union and a number of other countries. In other countries, for example, the CIS countries, partner organizations are engaged in servicing the device.

Читать далее о лучших радар-детекторах-->Главное преимущество такого высококлассного радар-детектора состоит в дальности обнаружения сигналов, которая достигает 2 километров. Именно на таком расстоянии он обнаруживает все измерительные комплексы, которые используются российскими правоохранителями. Интересно, что для новейших устройств, поступивших на вооружение полиции в последние 5 лет, предусмотрены специальные голосовые сигналы. Они дают водителю знать, что на дороге находится «Стрелка» или «Робот».

Escort Passport MAX International

There is also protection from low-power laser radars - the very LISD, AMAT or LIRA that can be seen in the hands of an inspector standing near the road. The radar detector is also equipped with a GPS module that allows you to track cameras that do not generate any radiation, for example, Avtodoria or Avtouragan. Data on stationary police radars are automatically loaded when such a device is connected to a computer. In addition, the driver can independently supplement the database by using a special button in the upper part of the device.

Like most radar detectors, the Canadian device allows you to select one of several antenna sensitivity modes. However, most drivers refuse them, trusting the setting of all parameters to automatics. The principle of its operation is incredibly simple - the sensitivity of the device increases with increasing speed, which allows you to brake in advance without getting into the range of the police radar. The radar detector is equipped with a digital filter that clears the signal from interference, increasing the effective range of its detection, and also significantly reduces the number of random alarms. In addition, the user is offered an intelligent filtering system, which operates according to the following algorithm:

  1. When a permanent signal is detected (for example, an automatic door sensor), the detector leaves a mark.
  2. The GPS database is checked - if there is a signal source in it, the mark is deleted.
  3. If the user passes the signal three times in a row without stopping, without slowing down and without adding a point to the database, the emitter is marked as a false positive.
  4. Upon the subsequent passage of this point, the radar detector will not give voice signals - a warning of potential danger will be reflected only on the screen;
  5. If a new signal source with an excellent frequency appears in the zone of 500 meters, the radar detector will warn the user in advance.

To eliminate useless warnings, a driver can set a speed threshold — no alerts will be given below him. Also, the radar detector can inform the user about his violation of the permissible speed mode, which is especially important during long-term uniform motion, when the driver loses vigilance. An interesting feature of the device is the location of the control buttons on the power cable, which is inserted into the cigarette lighter socket. This solution allows you to disable warnings or change the operating modes of the radar detector, without being distracted from the road. The drawbacks of the device are presented only by its cost - you will have to pay about 45 thousand rubles for the device.

Korean duet

Many drivers complain that they have to use the DVR and radar detector at the same time, with the result that the windshield is partially closed by these devices. The South Korean firm Streetstorm proposed an elegant solution to such a problem - its device called Street Storm STR-9970 Twin combines the functions of both mentioned devices. The driver has two liquid crystal screens available - on one he can view the data received by the camera of the recorder, and the second displays the operating parameters of the radar detector.

Street Storm STR-9970 Twin

The device entered the rating due to the high declared detection range. Like the previous device, it is equal to 2 kilometers, but in this case we have to face some reservations. In particular, in the presence of sources of impulse noise (automatic doors, emitters of measuring instruments and the latest car radar), the effective range of the signal search is reduced to 1.2 kilometers. The city will have to come to terms with the search for police devices at a distance of 600-800 meters - this is the limit set by intelligent modes, protected from accidental operations.

An interesting feature of the radar detector is the use of a dual satellite module that can simultaneously receive GPS and GLONASS signals. This allows you to increase the likelihood of timely operation when driving in difficult conditions, for example, in the mountains, in the forest or between high-rise buildings. The database is updated either automatically through a computer or independently by the user - to do this, click the appropriate button. The radar detector allows you to mark points as police radars or random alarms - in the second case, the alerts will be silenced when driving through this area.

Many users call the advantage of this radar detector mode "Geiger". When the car approaches the newest measuring complexes, Strelka or Robot, the device begins to emit characteristic clicking sounds, the frequency of which increases as the distance decreases. Due to this, it is possible to choose the optimal moment for braking, as well as to avoid false alarm, for example, when the driver is going to turn to the location of the police radar.

When choosing a DVR, which had to be built into the device, the company Streetstorm decided not to waste time on trifles and chose the top model of its production. Best of all this part of the combined instrument is characterized by the following features:

  • Viewing angle 170 degrees - the manufacturer claims that this corresponds to the five lanes of the standard road or to the distance between the windshield posts;
  • Super HD resolution - on the received video, numbers can be distinguished from 300–500 meters in daylight;
  • Real HDR technology - the camera simultaneously creates two frames with different exposure values ​​and superimposes them on each other. Due to this, the lens is not illuminated even when leaving the tunnel or when the high beam is turned on in the oncoming lane;
  • The LDWS function is a complete analogue of the markup control system used by most automotive manufacturers. Gives a loud signal at the intersection of a solid line;
  • Function DEWARP - eliminates the effect of "fish eye" and prevents blurring the edges of the frame at high speed.

It is worth noting that plastic lenses are not used in the optical system of the device - thanks to this, it is possible to avoid parasitic flare, refractions and other defects that prevent obtaining evidence in difficult circumstances. The cost of a radar detector combined with a registrar is approximately 25 thousand rubles, which looks like a reasonable investment against the Canadian counterpart.

Budget models

Simple and reliable

Another Korean manufacturer, PlayMe, offered a very simple and effective detector model, which is available to any Russian driver. The novelty, called QUICK, is equipped with a large-diameter horn antenna, which in terms of signal detection is not inferior to the combination device discussed above. Despite its simplicity, the radar detector can work with the latest measuring systems of law enforcement officers - such as Strelka, Robot, Chris and others. There is also a separate module for detecting low-power laser radar, and it has a sensor with all-round visibility - a “backstab” driver is not afraid.


Despite belonging to the budget class, the device is equipped with a built-in GPS module. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% As in the previous cases, the database of stationary radars is updated automatically when the device is connected to a computer, however, there is no manual point saving mode. But the radar detector can use the so-called "double detection" - if the received signal coincides with a point in the database, the driver receives a signal of increased danger.

You should not be afraid of false positives, because the device perfectly filters impulse noise and is able to recognize signals received from completely safe sources. To increase the level of protection against interference, you can use one of three intelligent modes of operation of a radar detector with a limited level of sensitivity. If the driver is faced with a constant false response in a certain range, it can be completely disabled. This not only reduces the amount of interference, but also speeds up the operation of the radar detector, allowing you to detect the danger in advance.

Unfortunately, the budget nature of the device makes itself felt - the usual screen in it is replaced by a primitive character display. However, it displays all the necessary information, including the vehicle speed, the type of signal detected and the degree of approach to the police radar. The advantage can be called a white display light, which does not irritate the eyes, in contrast to the multicolor, so beloved by Chinese manufacturers. The cost of the device is quite democratic - to give 9000 rubles for a radar detector with such characteristics would not be a pity to anyone.


If the budget allocated for the purchase of a radar detector is very modest, you can give preference to the Chinese model Cobra CT 2450. The device does not have a GPS module, but can work with all types of radars used by Russian law enforcement officers. The built-in laser sensor also has a circular view, but user reviews show that it does not work with all types of manual speed meters - only the ability to work with LISD and LIRA complexes is confirmed.

Cobra CT 2450

Despite the fact that the best radar detector cannot be found in such a price range, this device has very good detection range characteristics. In the city, you can count on a steady reception in the range of 400-600 meters, and on the highway - 1.2-1.5 kilometers. The horn antenna of the superheterodyne design practically does not fail — the number of missing measurement complexes is measured in hundredths of a percent. However, the radar detector is not annoying the driver with false positives - the digital filter is able to recognize and reject interference.

A significant minus of Chinese-made radar detectors - excessive brightness of the display - is also relevant for this model. In addition, the manufacturer declared the possibility of determining the degree of approximation to the signal source, but in practice this system does not work. The problem is that the indicator can quickly change 2–3 degrees, which causes the driver to panic and causes him to resort to emergency braking. However, its main function, which is to receive signals from police radar, the device performs quite adequately. Given the cost of 4300 rubles, this radar detector can be recommended to anyone who needs an extremely simple and uncomplicated device that warns of danger in time.

Optimal choice

Immediately it should be warned that the review of radar detectors is in no way a propaganda of a speed violation by drivers. On the contrary, these devices are recommended for increased vigilance and observance of the rules of caution on the road. If you just need to receive radar alerts to be informed about the increased danger, you should prefer simple low-cost models. But premium-class radar detectors often offer a number of additional functions, such as determining the distance to a signal source, the built-in video recorder, and many others.