At the moscow motor show, a presentation of the lada ixcode

На Московском автосалоне прошла презентация концепта Лада ИксКод Today, right after the start of the Moscow International Auto Show (MIAS-2016), AvtoVAZ managers presented a conceptual model of an SUV parquet -  Lada XCode. This is far from a pre-series model, but just a show car, by the example of which developers want to demonstrate the new corporate style and direction of development of the auto brand in the next few years. A new design of VAZ cars is based on the concept of the so-called "X-style", or X-Style, and the example of the concept Lada XCode he has somehow unduly manifested itself, or rather, has been exposed as intrusive. Too much from the "X" in the design of this model, but in all it is required to comply with the measure. Conceptual model Lada XCode allows you to implement several promising developments in it, for example, the installation of a turbocharged engine and 4x4 drive or a system called Lada Connect. This telematics platform will allow you to manage the "vital activity" of the car through the owner's smartphone and will be able to work with the cloud services of the Internet in the future.

На Московском автосалоне прошла презентация концепта Лада ИксКод Externally Lada XCode demonstrated to the people, but did not open the hood lid, although, probably, everyone wanted to see it. Moreover, about the power plant of the concept, even in words, nothing was said at all. Maybe because he was represented by the chief designer, and not the chief design engineer? What does your exterior director understand in motors? Joke, of course, probably, the time has not come yet, because the production car, which will be assembled based on the concept Lada XCode, wait another two years. During this time, much more can be reconsidered. На Московском автосалоне прошла презентация концепта Лада ИксКод As Steve Mattin said, Lada XCode acquired more muscular shape than the same XRay. Yes, it can be seen without it. Black glossy roof in general fashion. And white front struts, side beams and a rear spoiler, made, as they say, in one piece, as if they limit the power of a muscular child, which is torn to the outside.

A roof of such a design will allow everyone to personalize their car, hang rails on it, and so on. And the slope of the roof to the spoiler is very conducive to good aerodynamic stability. На Московском автосалоне прошла презентация концепта Лада ИксКод With ground clearance Lada XCode Also, as you can see, everything is in order - a born SUV! - This is largely contributed to the wheels and a larger diameter than that of Vesta or XRay. Again, these are the words of the autobrand chief designer, and again, no specific figures were given.

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Most likely, the car, created based on Lada XCode, there will be an emergency braking system, automatic parking, control of traffic in the lane with monitoring of distances to other cars, as well as a system that allows you to control the crossover from a distance.