The best pickups available on the russian market


The pickup is quite a unique car. This is due to the fact that the vehicle combines both a passenger car and a truck. Therefore, it is logical to also call them cargo crossovers or cargo SUVs. Pickups in Russia are not the most popular body type among affordable cars, but have their own wide audience. Mostly similar cars are bought by the owners of summer cottages, residents of private houses, businessmen, fishermen and hunters. Having a pickup at your disposal, it is convenient to go on a trip, go on a hunt, transport some things without asking for help from carriers. This is a practical form of transport, which also needs to be able to choose the right one. We propose to study the rating of the best pickups for Russia, which are available in the secondary market and among new cars. Depending on your needs and budget, you can purchase a used pickup or contact an authorized dealer of the manufacturer you like.

Rating the best pickups in Russia

TOP best pickups in Russia.

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Criterias of choice

There are increased requirements for pick-ups, since the car is designed to perform several functions simultaneously. Now the range is quite impressive, which allows you to choose among the elite brands, middle segment and budget cars. A full-fledged pickup truck that deserves the title of the best in Russia should have the following characteristics:

  1. High-quality assembly. This is a primary requirement, the discrepancy which will not allow the car and get close to the top 10 best representatives of this segment. Practice clearly shows that the best quality pickups collect proven automakers with a good reputation.
  2. Patency. You choose an SUV, focused no longer on the city, and to operate outside of it. If the car has a small ground clearance (clearance), can not overcome even minor bumps or call on the curb, it can not be called a pickup truck. It is rather a parody of a cargo SUV.
  3. Load capacity Large body is designed to transport things. Initially, it was the favorite machine builders, repairmen. But over time, the advantages of a pickup truck were appreciated by summer residents, hunters, fishermen, fans of tourism and outdoor activities. Because the machine is obliged to carry a fairly impressive amount of cargo, otherwise the meaning of such a cargo compartment disappears.
  4. The engine Motor does not have to be installed powerful. Some motors with a relatively small amount of horsepower demonstrate excellent traction characteristics. Practice shows that for diesel cargo crossovers the diesel engine will be the best choice. But this is not necessary, as the car behaves well with gasoline engines.
  5. Comfort. This criterion is not in the first place, but it plays a significant role. The driver should be comfortable and comfortable behind the wheel, as well as its passengers.
  6. Number of seats. Initially, pickups were focused on transportation, because most of these machines were produced only with 1 row of seats, next to the driver. In total, in the SUV fit 2 - 3 people. Modern pickups are the perfect synthesis of a truck and a car, because a roomy body is perfectly combined with 2 rows of seats, which allows you to carry cargo and 4 - 6 people at a time.

Next, we propose to find out which pickups in 2018 in Russia are considered the best, and why they are included in the final ten leaders. In this segment, the choice is easier to make, since the range is more limited compared to traditional crossovers and SUVs.

Rating Representatives

The list of the best pickups in Russia, which made up the final rating, includes mostly eminent manufacturers. But there are some companies that do not have a large army of fans, or have not yet managed to gain popularity of the Russians. The list includes used and new pickups. They are represented by the following automakers:

  • Volkswagen;
  • Nissan;
  • SsangYong;
  • Great Wall;
  • Dodge;
  • Toyota;
  • Mazda;
  • Ford;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • UAZ.

Now let's consider separately the most popular pickups, available in Russia and deserving their place in the top 10.


The first representative of the pickup category, but not in the final top 10. He is not up to the level of competitors, although it would be wrong to not mention him. Therefore honorable 11th place. Pick up. Or just a UAZ pickup. Domestic car, which in many respects resembles the model Patriot, but is made in the back of a pickup truck. In favor of such a decision says its value. New domestic pickup from the company UAZ costs 840 thousand rubles. For top-end equipment will have to pay from 1.3 million. The car has been produced since 2008. This is a good workhorse, practical car, where there is nothing superfluous. But many useful options needed by the modern car owner, SUV is deprived.

UAZ Pickup

The main purpose of the UAZ can be considered fishing trips, hunting, off-road. If you mostly prefer the urban cycle of driving, you will not like many things in this car. But at this price, the car still remains among the best pickups sold in Russia. It is reliable, requires a minimum of attention, inexpensive to maintain. Under the hood is a gasoline 2.7-liter and 2.2-liter diesel engine to choose from. Only the standard five-speed transmission is available to them in a pair. It is safe to say that this is the cheapest pickup truck sold in Russia, which is among the top ten leaders in the segment.

Actyon Sports

Despite the prefix Sports, under this name, the company SsangYong released to the market a pickup of its own production. If you are interested in budget models that are sold in Russia, then you should pay attention to Actyon. Korean-made pickups (SsangYong company from South Korea, not from China) have been producing since 2006. The car has undergone many changes since then. Now the car looks much more attractive than its predecessors, has decent technical characteristics and attracts buyers with its price. Among all the modifications sold, the cheapest is from 1.2 million rubles. If you want to get the maximum equipment and a rich package, prepare at least 1.6 million rubles. A choice of pickups are offered in Russia with 2.3-liter engines (petrol) and 2.0 liters (diesel). Their power, respectively, 150 and 149 horsepower. Together with them goes 6MKPP or 6AKPP.

Actyon Sports


Not the most popular pickup among those presented. But the car is interesting and deserves attention. This is the development of the company Great Wall. The only Chinese car that managed to get into the rating of pickups for reliability. The release began in 2007. The current price starts from 830 thousand rubles. Approaching a million, you can get a Wingle with a rich list of components. The car combines practicality, efficiency and affordability. Largely due to the low price and good build quality, the car was in the top. Specifications are not the most exemplary. The entire line consists of one 2.2-liter engine. Powered by diesel fuel and produces only 106 horsepower. Complements its five-speed manual gearbox. But there is a permanent four-wheel drive. Wingle can be called an alternative to the domestic UAZ. Chinese pickup has more modern and diverse equipment, offers a little more for the driver and passengers, due to which wins the competition. To build quality claims no special. But obvious Chinese origin can be traced.

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Next come pickups from world leaders among automakers. A model called BT-50 from the Japanese company Mazda opens the list. The Japanese managed to combine in the car quite exquisite appearance with incredible practicality. Although America is home to pickups, Mazda understands the true essence of this body type. Because the output turned out able-bodied car with high traffic and a terrific capacity. The ideal decision for giving, rest, country trips, hunting and fishing.

The only problem is that the machine is no longer available. Whether the company took a break, or abandoned the further idea of ​​the development of the pickup segment. Therefore, VT-50 is available only in the secondary market at a price of about 650-700 thousand rubles for the 2011 version. But if you need an inexpensive pickup truck, of which there is no doubt about reliability and durability, you can spend 650 thousand on the BT-50. And sometimes even necessary. The buyer is offered a choice of a pair of engines running on diesel fuel. Their volume is 2.2 and 3.2 liters, and the power of 150 and 200 horsepower, respectively. Ground clearance in as much as 200 millimeters does not leave a chance to easy and medium off-road.

Mazda BT-50


If you need maximum throughput, then among all pickups represented in the rating, this Nissan company has the best off-road characteristics. The car is offered in several trim levels, but the basic equipment already offers a wide list of useful and necessary equipment. The car is perfectly adapted for driving in winter conditions. To do this, Nissan has added a preheater to the standard NP300, supplied a high-capacity battery and a reinforced suspension. Heated front seats and even nozzles. But in the database there is no air conditioning. Because pickup is better to take at least in the configuration Comfort. A better Premium, where there is literally everything.

Nissan NP300

Alas, the car is only available in the secondary market. They ask about 750 thousand rubles for it for the latest versions in good condition. Because you do not have to spend so much money to get a great pickup. By opting for the NP300, you get a 2.5-liter 175-horsepower gasoline engine, a five-speed manual gearbox and as many as 230 millimeters of ground clearance. The most workhorse among the possible. At the same time provides a good level of comfort to the driver and passengers.


American classics, which is considered a model of modern pickup. The model has existed since 1994. During her presence in the market she has managed to win a huge popularity, which she still has not lost. This huge SUV with a roomy body is available full permanent drive. List the proposed power units for a long time. But let's say that the line includes petrol and diesel versions ranging from 213 to 470 horsepower. New Ram from the company Dodge to search in Russia is meaningless. Our car is available only in the secondary market. It is worth it in good condition and with a good bundle expensive. Approximately it is necessary to prepare not less than 1 million rubles. But it is better to spend more on such a pickup, getting the most out of what the manufacturer is ready to offer.

Dodge Ram


The car with the name L200 from Mitsubishi has been around for over 20 years and is selling successfully. The first samples of the Japanese pickup went on sale in 1994. But the real popularity of the car won after 2005, when the new generation of the car came out, conquering its technical characteristics, comfort, equipment and adequate cost. The current latest generation L200 is worth from 1.5 million rubles. Paying a little more than 2 million, you get the maximum configuration with all the attendant benefits. Excellent load carrying capacity, roomy body, spacious cabin for the driver and passengers make the L200 one of the best modern pickups in the middle price category. Under the hood are diesel engines 2.4 liters with a capacity of 154 and 181 horsepower. Clearance is 205 millimeters, which is enough to overcome difficult areas and off-road.

Mitsubishi L200


A sample of modern pickup. The car perfectly combines the basic essence of pickups, but at the same time offers the driver and his passengers the maximum level of comfort. The Toyota company, which owns the project called Hilux, has been involved in it since 1991. But let's be honest, only the latest generations attract potential buyers the most. The current version in the cabin costs from 2 million rubles. For top-end equipment asking all 2.5 million. The price is impressive, but you need to understand that for this money you get a rich list of components and modern equipment.

Toyota Hilux

Off-road problems do not arise, although in the city the car feels great. If you need to overcome difficult areas, comes to the aid clearance of 227 millimeters. Complementing this is a pair of 2.4 and 2.8-liter diesel engines with 150 and 177 horsepower, respectively. The car is very beautiful, which is impossible not to mention in this car. Build quality, flaws and some obvious flaws do not. But the price is appropriate. If you are ready to give that kind of money for a new pickup, you are unlikely to regret your choice. Plus there is always the option of buying a used SUV truck.


Another Japanese automaker, offering this time pickup Navara. Nissan manages to create good, reliable and durable SUVs. The model has existed since 2006. The new version costs from 1.4 million rubles for the basic package. If you are willing to pay more, get a wide range of options and additional features. The ground clearance here is 220 millimeters, which clearly confirms the patency of the car. The car feels great in the city, but buying only with an eye to the urban operation is meaningless. Under the hood to choose a pair of engines. The 2.5-liter gasoline engine produces 140 horsepower, and the 2.3-liter diesel engine is offered in two versions for 160 and 190 horsepower. Drive back or full. Adequate price with very wide possibilities. This is a short description of the Navara car from Nissan in the back of a pickup truck.

Nissan Navara


If you are looking for a pick-up truck in all its manifestations, you definitely need a Ford Ranger. This is another American classic model that is incredibly popular at home and far beyond its borders. The model has existed since 1999. The current version has a stunning look and great shipping options. Do not forget here and about the driver with passengers. For them, a rich selection of options and equipment. Price tags start from 1.3 million rubles. After the upgrade, the pickup changed outwardly, but technically the engineers did not introduce many innovations. They simply do not need. This is a workhorse that justifies every ruble invested in it. Drive full permanent, ground clearance is 232 millimeters. You can choose a pair of diesel engines of 2.2 and 2.3 liters with a capacity of 160 and 200 horsepower, respectively.

Ford Ranger


One of the best European pickups, if not the best at the moment. The company Volkswagen unexpectedly for many has released its own pickup. Although this is not so surprising, because the manufacturer has always positioned itself as a developer of folk cars. And what could be "more popular" than a pick-up truck ?! Already in the basic configuration, Amarok offers the buyer a wide range of equipment. It is important to note that German engineers specially selected equipment, taking into account the preferences and requirements of Russian consumers. As a result, we got one of the best pickups, which is able to satisfy the needs of every motorist.

Ground clearance is not the biggest. He is 203 millimeters. But this does not prevent the pickup truck from overcoming the difficulties of Russian roads. Drive can be rear or full. Under the hood is a two-liter diesel engine with two options forcing 140 and 180 horsepower. The car is safe, comfortable, perfectly adapted for off-road, feels good in the Russian climate. Because there is no objective reason to abandon the idea of ​​buying such a pickup. If we talk about the cost of the new Amarok, then in the basic configuration it costs from 1.7 million rubles. Top versions bring the price tag close to 3 million.

Volkswagen Amarok

You met with budget, medium and expensive cars in the back of a pickup truck, which are available in Russia in 2018. The rating takes into account the main criteria and requirements for machines of this segment. Therefore, everyone makes his own final conclusions for himself and makes a decision on the purchase of one or another pickup truck. These machines are designed to work under load, trucking and performing a number of everyday tasks. This is not a family car and not a solution for lovers of high-speed city driving. Pickups are a separate category of working cars, the purchase of which is fully justified in the realization of the potential of such a machine.