Restyled ravon gentra will be sold in the summer of 2016

Restyled Ravon Gentra будут продавать летом 2016 года

Restyled Ravon Gentra

As reported by Ravon, the restyled model Ravon Gentra, will be available for sale in the Russian car market only from summer next year. Actually, the finished version of this car was demonstrated during the presentation of the brand itself in early October. Restyling brought in complete set Gentry The new head optics assembled on light-emitting diodes. In addition to optics, restylers remade grille, bumper and fog. A new multimedia processor with a six-inch touchscreen was registered in the salon, the steering wheel was covered with natural leather, and the ERA-GLONASS functionality was added to the security system.

Restyled Ravon Gentra будут продавать летом 2016 года

Current generation Ravon Gentra

Representatives of Ravon could not clarify a more specific date for the start of sales, limiting themselves only to the phrase "in the summer of 2016". Perhaps they are still, as is the case with Ravon Nexia R3which is currently being actively tested on our roads, have not decided on a specific configuration for the Russian car market. By the way, they are planning to test the new Nexia by March next year, and by April 1 they will already open Russian brand dealers for sale. In general, a strangely long time for testing, Nexia, being still a Daewoo Nexia, ran across our expanses millions of kilometers, however, like Chevrolet, from which the new generation Ravon Nexia R3. What else is there to experience? Perhaps this is not a technical matter, but an organizational one. Do not forget about the crisis. Restyled Ravon Gentra будут продавать летом 2016 года Dorestaylingovoy Gentru today we can buy for 440 thousand rubles. The basic configuration of the Uzbek sedan will cost so much. Topova Gentra costs 180 kilorubles more expensive. Under the hood at Ravon Gentra One and a half liter gasoline engine is registered, which develops the power of an honest 107 horses at its peak. Transmission is provided both mechanically and automatically, it all depends on the specific configuration. Restyled Ravon Gentra будут продавать летом 2016 года Do not forget that the second coming to the Russian model market will begin soon Chevrolet Cobalt and Spark. In a slightly modified form, but with practically the same filling, they will be sold under the Ravon brand. A good move, because the last Chevrolet car, as well as the Opel, will be officially sold, according to the General Motors care program from our market, in early 2016.

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