Land rover freelander and its specifications

The Land Rover Freelander is a compact SUV that was first released only in 1997, although the development has been going on since the distant 1980s, and this is because the Rover Group did not have the means to produce the Freander. But after the BMW concern in 1994 fully bought the Rover Group, work on the Land Rover Freelander resumed, after which they began to produce this model in series in the city Solihull (England).

land rover freelander specifications 3 doors

During the production of this car used inexpensive materials, a lot of plastic, thanks to which the car looked quite cheap.

Original crossover Lend Rover Frilender equipped with 5 doors, and already in 1999 a 3-door shorter model appeared, which could have the roof over the rear seats removed. This roof was made in 2 versions - in soft (Softback) and hard (Hardback).

Land Rover Freelander is equipped with a monocoque body, independent front and rear suspension, engine located transversely.

Although Land Rovers are considered to be SUVs, the Freelander model isn’t such because it doesn’t have off-road chips, such as a low gear, differential lock, such as Defender’s or Range Rover. By the way, in the first models there were drum brakes in the back and disc brakes in the front.

land rover freelander 2003

But the equipment at Freelander is quite rich - even the basic equipment contains the ETC electronic system, which controls the pulling force, which does not allow the wheels to slip into idle. Also in this crossover is the HDC system, which allows the Freelender to move down at a low speed from virtually any mountain.

As for the power unit, the manufacturer has provided the opportunity to choose a motor between a gasoline or diesel engine. The gasoline engine has a volume of 1.8 liters, its power is 120 horsepower, the diesel engine is slightly weaker, its volume is 2 liters, but the power is 98 liters. with.

Freelenders are equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The weight of the car was always quite large, and the power was not very much, so the lack of power was particularly felt on the roads.

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Everyone understood this, therefore, in 2000, more powerful engines appeared: with a volume of 2 liters, the new diesel engine was turbocharged, so it gave out power of 112 horsepower. In addition to diesel, 2 petrol engines also appeared: a 2.5-liter V6 with a capacity of 177 horses, and a 1.8-liter engine, with a capacity of 117 horses. Moreover, there were also a complete set with an automatic transmission.

land rover freelander specifications

Initially, Lend Rover Frilender, технические характеристики which were not very strong, there were a lot of shortcomings, but despite them, this car had a fairly good demand in the European market.

Time went on, technologies developed, therefore already in 2003 Land Rover Freelander specifications whose essentially changed, appeared before the public as a brand new car. The exterior and interior design has changed significantly, the crossover design of this model has also been improved.

Even the headlights were improved, they still looked stylish, they began to better illuminate the road, about 70% compared with the previous version. This result was obtained thanks to two special lenses, one of which is designed for low beam and the other for high beam.

Exterior design has become more modern thanks to a new grille, and two large bumpers. The front bumper looks quite impressive, and brake lights are installed in the rear bumper. The bumpers, unlike the first model, began to be painted with the body color, thanks to such a move, the visually plastic elements in the design became much smaller. In addition, 3 other colors have appeared.

Land Rover Freelander

Safety in new cars is also high, even in order to protect the car from flying stones, the windshield is made of polycarbonate, and the front wings are made of impact-resistant polymer. By the way, an interesting feature Land Rover Freelander is the rear window, which is installed on the tailgate, it can be lowered.

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Interior в салоне существенно изменился, есть на выбор 3 новых цвета для отделки салона. В техническом плане были улучшены вентиляция и подогрев. Кресла стали удобнее, даже при длительных поездках усталости не испытываешь.


In the interior design there is a lot of straight lines, smooth edges, rather strict original English style, which can be safely considered old-fashioned.

But inside the cabin there is a lot of space, the front seats are set far enough apart. What is good is the fact that even a rather tall and big person will feel comfortable in the cabin. Even the doorways are quite high, thanks to them it is also convenient to sit down, no need to bend your head. The doors are thick enough, they need to be closed by applying force, while you feel like in a tank.

Salon Land Rover Freelander is not very luxurious, as in the Range Rover Evoque, but the leather seats look quite luxurious, leather on the doors too. What else is good is a high landing, as in real big SUVs such as the Range Rover Sport.

LAND-ROVER Freelander

Interior салона Фрилендера содержит в себе множество приятных мелочей, а как известно, из мелочей и складывается общее впечатление. Большие карманы в дверях, подстаканники возле центральной консоли – все эти полезные детали очень в тему, особенно когда ездишь всей семьей на дальние дистанции.

And the most important thing that is very important is the excellent visibility at the driver’s seat, thanks to the general’s landing. In the mirror you can clearly see what is happening behind, so there is no special need in the rear-view camera.

The dashboard and center console are now better decorated thanks to the inserts that look like brushed aluminum. And the devices themselves are in chrome rims.

In addition to visual changes, even the wiper blades have improved and the volume of the fuel tank has increased. To enhance the design Land Rover Freelander, the motor and suspension were fixed on a powerful stretcher, this decision saved the car from vibrations. In addition, road handling was improved, thanks to the use of a stabilizer for spring stability on the front suspension.

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In addition, off-road performance has been improved due to the large front and rear suspension travel, and the ground clearance has increased. The transmission was also improved for the best cross-country vehicle - an intermediate downshift appeared, thanks to which the SUV began to feel great when moving in the mud, sand, and also downhill.

For the Russian market, there are 4 variations of 3-door configurations (S, E, SE and Sport) and 5 variations of 5-door crossover configurations - S, E, SE, Sport and HSE.

land rover freelander interior

The basic S-grade 5-door variation contains:

  • front and side airbags;
  • audio system with CD player;
  • central locking;
  • electric drive for windows and mirrors;
  • folding rear seats;
  • steering wheel can also be adjusted;
  • and many other useful features.

The most expensive five-door HSE is the most luxurious among Lend Rover Frilenderов modification, because here the interior is trimmed with high-quality and expensive leather, it is possible to trim the interior with Alcantara. There is also an electric sunroof, air conditioning, heated front seats. Other useful features include parking sensors, fog lights, a powerful audio system with 8 speakers and a CD changer. So, the car is worth the money.

If we talk about the sports version, then it has disks of a smaller diameter, and lowered clearance, which is 165 mm.

And then the video, which shows how the Land Rover Freelander confidently overcomes off-road enough: