On all the configuration of the new hyundai solaris

На все комплектации нового Хендэ Solaris объявили официальные ценники

The local office of the company Hyundai Motor yesterday published price lists for all configurations нового Solaris, которых всего четыре. Базовая сборка будет называться "Active". Под капотом автомобиля покупателя ждет 1,4-литровый 100-сильный атмосферник, спаренный с шестискоростной МКПП. Эта комплектация нескромно стартует с 599 килорублей, а топовая сборка Solaris опустошит кошелек автолюбителя на почти миллион деревянных.

Что входит в базовую комплектацию нового Solaris?

The Active assembly is a fifteen-inch steel cast, loaded into tires with the formula 185/65, one spare tire, an audio system that delivers sound to four speakers, two frontal airbags, a motion stabilization system that integrates ESC and Anti Slip, TPMS ( tire pressure control). The driver's seat, steering column have height settings, front doors are equipped with electric windows, the control buttons, by the way, are highlighted, the ERA-GLONASS button is available. The 1.4-liter engine on hundred “horses” named above will be in this configuration unopposed.

Next build - Active Plus

The second body kit equipment is called "Active Plus". Here, besides the 100-strong aspirated, a more productive 1.6-liter engine with 123 "horses" is also available. If the buyer chooses a model with a 1.4-liter engine and manual transmission, he will have to pay for it seven hundred thousand rubles. With a 1.6-liter and manual gearbox, a car in this configuration will cost twenty-five thousand more. In the assembly "Active Plus" Solaris is available with an automatic transmission, and it can be installed on a car with a 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter engine. In the first case, 740,000 rubles will be asked for a model in a car dealership, in the second - 765,000. The front seats in this assembly are heated in addition to that, the side mirrors are electrically operated and are also heated. An air conditioner is available, controlled from the multiwheel audio system to which you can connect flash drives and headphones.

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На все комплектации нового Хендэ Solaris объявили официальные ценники

Comfort assembly

"Comfortable" grade new Хенде Solaris gets power windows for all doors, control buttons for lifting and lowering the windows are also highlighted, as in the bundle "Active Plus". Steering gets the setting on the flight, the smartphone can be associated with the multimedia system via Blutuz. There is a hands-free HandsFree system, after synchronization with the multimedia device, the driver can control the smartphone directly from the steering wheel. Supervision digital instrument console, leather steering wheel and heated. In total, the article does not list. It is "comfortable"  Solaris already 745,000 rubles (we are talking about a car with a 1.4-liter engine and manual transmission). In 770,000 wooden cars will cost with a 1.6-liter engine, with a mechanical transmission. For the assembly with the "younger" engine and "automatic" dealers will request 790,000 wooden, and the car with the "senior" engine and automatic transmission will cost the buyer 810,000.

Максимальная сборка нового Solaris - Elegance

The "elegant" version of the "four-door" gets parktronic and light level sensors in the overhang, the navigator is available, the climate control system, a central armrest appears in the cabin. A projection head optics is installed, the turns are illuminated statically, daytime running lights - on LEDs, front fog lights, fifteen-inch light-alloy wheels (aluminum), rear disc brake are available. In the "Elegant" assembly Solaris "Junior" motor is not. Here, only 1.6-liter, coupled with both manual transmission and automatic. Price tags, respectively, 860 and 900 thousand rubles. На все комплектации нового Хендэ Solaris объявили официальные ценники "Comfortable" and "Elegant" assemblies can be extended with additional packages, purchased separately. These are "Advanced", "Winter", "Safe", "Prestigious" and "Stylish". For example, having given an additional thirty thousand rubles for “Advanced”, the owner Solaris will receive parking sensors, climate control system and the coveted center armrest. After giving forty thousand for the "Winter" package, you can get heated windshield and second-row seats, projection-type headlights, statically highlighting turns, LED daytime running and fog lights.

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Новый Solaris going localized at the St. Petersburg plant Hyundai Motor Rus. If it were imported from South Korea, prices would be 15-30 percent higher.