The germans are developing the concept of the cross version

The Germans are developing the concept of the cross version in Every car brand today pays close attention to the development of its own crossover line or a serious expansion of the existing one through new models. And this is not surprising, since the demand for SUVs is growing in the world everywhere for more than a year. And demand, of course, creates supply. Volkswagen also, it will not stay aside from this popular trend and is going to release several crossovers in the near future. In particular, the cross version on the basis of the Volkswagen Polo platform. It won't cross version PoloThis will be a new model of a subcompact crossover, with dimensions comparable to the Polo. As it became known, the conceptual model of the new subcompact crossover will strongly look like the showcars ​​recently demonstrated by the Germans, which have the GTE prefix in the title. He will have similar foglights, and the head optics will be borrowed from the new Tiguan. Clearance, of course, will be much more than at Volkswagen Polo, roof rails will be installed.

In general, you should not dream, you need to look at the image Concept T-Cross Breeze, which was presented recently, last March at the Geneva Motor Show. After all, the new product will be copied with minor external changes from him.

The Germans are developing the concept of the cross version in

T-Cross Breeze Concept

Make of any model today crossover version, actually, not so difficult. It is enough to experiment a little with reference to the platform of the car reinforced off-road suspension, “add” a dozen horses to the engine, reshape the existing body a little to off-road parameters - and the crossover is ready. There have already been many experimenters on this path. For example, let's not go far and take a look at Lada IxRaywhich is no longer just a hatchback, but "high hatchback, with pronounced crossover characteristics, but also not a crossover, but, what the hell is not joking, if Avtovazovtsy follow the path of Volkswagen, they will begin to remake it into a crossover Lada IxRay. The Germans are developing the concept of the cross version in By the way, the American automaker Ford Already for the whole world he promised to make a crossover version of every model existing at the moment, even for such a “dwarf” as Ford Fiesta. The French, too, are not asleep. Renault Sandero relatively recently received its all-terrain incarnation in Sandero Stepway. So very soon, the crossovers will force out sedans and hatchbacks from the streets, a great crossover car revolution will occur.

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