Don't miss the pedestrian: what's the penalty?

Traffic rules give priority to pedestrians on “zebra” in most situations. However, careless drivers tend to quickly slip through such areas and it happens that they violate the current traffic rules. In this regard, it is necessary to raise the penalty for a pedestrian to ensure that ordinary citizens can comfortably cross the roadway.


  • 1 Actual change of legislation
  • 2 Explanation of the term "pedestrian crossing" (PP)
  • 3 The current interpretation of traffic rules
  • 4 amount of penalties
  • 5 I did not miss a pedestrian: how to prove my innocence?

Actual change of legislation

The current regulations governing the relationship between drivers and people crossing the road at a fixed place were adopted in 2014 as a basic form. There, mutual relations of the participants in the movement were regulated and new types of events were described, which were interpreted as rule violations.

what is the penalty for not passing a pedestrian at a pedestrian crossing

The current penalty for not passing a pedestrian at a pedestrian crossing was adopted in the amendments recorded in the autumn of 2017. The following changes were made to the revised version of the rules:

  • clarified the term "pedestrian crossing";
  • there was a ban for motorists on overtaking at the crossing;
  • lawmakers more accurately determined how people would pass through a highway;
  • For cyclists, there was another ban on the impossibility of moving on a zebra.

The need for amendments is associated with a fairly large number of accidents in such cases. This is a very sad statistic.

Explanation of the term "pedestrian crossing" (PP)

In the past version of the SDA, the PP was understood as the space of the carriageway, limited by certain road signs and the presence of correct markings on the roadway. The current rules somewhat expanded interpretation.

According to current standards, PP may be located already on the road or on the tram tracks, often located directly on the dividing strip.

With a similar interpretation, if he didn’t miss the pedestrian, what kind of penalty to pay for it then the tram driver should also know. However, we do not recommend to try the fate and technical capabilities of the popular rail transport in our country. This is due to the high inertia and large mass of the vehicle. He is unlikely to be able to quickly brake in an emergency.

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Also in the early edition for cars was a taboo overtaking in the presence of pedestrians on a zebra. In the current version, such a restriction was removed, and now overtaking is unacceptable even without pedestrians. Otherwise, there will be administrative financial penalties.

An important factor is the need to stop before the transition, when another car became on the parallel lane. It is prohibited by the rules to move in one direction if a car passes a pedestrian nearby. The action is punished in the same way as the non-admission of a pedestrian. Previously, the driver had the right to go, making sure the safety of the intersection of the PP.

The current interpretation of traffic rules

The explanations relate to paragraph 14 of the current regulations. Not everyone knows what will happen when the driver did not miss a pedestrian at a crosswalk or how a motorist should behave on an unregulated PP. Under the new rules, instead of the phrase “skip a pedestrian,” the notion of “give way” began to be used. This emphasizes the equal rights of road users.

Yield to motorists is necessary even in the case when a citizen or a group of citizens only stepped on the roadway. Such rules apply to sections of the tram tracks.

The legislation clearly states how this should be done. Any of the participants of the movement should not do anything that could force other participants with the privilege to change their speed essentially or adjust the direction of movement.

if not missed pedestrian, what a penalty

Traffic police found it necessary to clarify the intersection of the crossing by cyclists. Now they must necessarily cross the road, driving their two-wheeled friend nearby. The cyclist who provoked the accident, riding on his bike, will be qualified as a traffic offender.


In each proven case, you will have to pay amounts in the range of 1,500–2,500 rubles for 2018. The specific size is determined by the severity of the violation by the perpetrator. At the same time, traffic police officers must have solid evidence of guilt. Traditionally, recently used for this video.

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In each case, the motorist independently decides whether there is a reason to appeal against such a sentence. In the case when in front of you passed the transport that closed the equipment, and it was not possible to clearly assess the situation, then Themis will be on your side. During the trial, not only the condition of the driver will be taken into account, but also how he behaved, whether he ran away from the scene of the violation or helped the potential victim. In other cases, the amount will have to part.

I did not miss a pedestrian: how to prove my innocence?

Some traffic inspectors may abuse their duties and interpret the situation not in favor of the motorist. In this case, if you are confident that you are right, you can protect yourself with certain actions:

  • the inspector must ask the reason for the stop and ask for an identity document;
  • it is important to require the preparation of a protocol, and not “resolve the issue on the spot”
  • the driver has the right to involve surrounding pedestrians as witnesses who are able to confirm the presence of hindrances or a suddenly run out citizen on the road;
  • to help the driver will record your own DVR.

When compiling it is recommended to sign the protocol and enter your remarks and facts into it, otherwise the event will be problematic to challenge. For this, a ten-day period is given during which we refer the complaint to the head of the department or to the district court. However, it should be borne in mind that if the complaint is rejected, the amount of the fine will double.