Tuning volkswagen golf 2: optics, bumpers, skirts and grille

Car Volkswagen Golf 2 is not in vain called the second generation, as for several years already occupies a leading position among cars that have from three to five doors. Although the car is no longer produced, but its popularity still remains high. The thing is that every year the Volkswagen Golf 2 car starts to get even better and brighter in color. After all, the main feature of this car is an unusual and modern design made by tuning the outside of the car.

Volkswagen Golf tuning photo

The popularity of Volkswagen Tuning Golf 2 rolls

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 2 набирает все большей популярности среди всех автомобилей концерна Фольксваген. Именно Volkswagen Golf 2 tuning - This is, above all, an innovative approach for all lovers of new products in the world of cars. Tuning Volkswagen Golf will make your car not only exclusive, but also perfectly highlight your individual style and attractiveness.

If you still decide to do tuning the Volkswagen Golf 2 car, you need to pay attention to the undoubtedly important elements of external tuning of Volkswagen. First of all, pay attention to the installation of an aerodynamic body kit. It can be installed in a complex or separately.

Volkswagen Golf 2 tuning photo

The Volkswagen Golf 2 aerodynamic body kit includes: a bumper, a spoiler (sometimes a stop signal is added), a grille and cilia for headlights. There is no specific material from which parts must be made, since they all have certain properties. So there are materials made of fiberglass, polyurethane, plastic. If you decide to draw attention to your car, then this is probably one of the most effective ways.

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Tuning Volkswagen Golf

Today, especially for motorists of Volkswagen Golf, there is a wide choice of tuning parts that improve the car’s external technical characteristics.

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 2 can not do without upgrading optics. Optics include taillights, headlights, bulbs, lights and turn signals. Optics of an alternative nature finds its application in regular places of the car. Also on tuning headlights Volkswagen Golf 2 special staff corrector installed from its own optics. Tuning optics can be performed in two styles: "Angel Eyes" and "LED cilia."

tuning Volkswagen Golf 2

Undoubtedly, bright optics will significantly change the appearance of the Volkswagen Golf and will allow to distinguish this car among other gray cars. Tuning Volkswagen Golf's foreground optics comes with an electric detonator made from standard headlights. For the rear optics using conventional incandescent bulbs or, in some cases, LED flashlights. Both front and rear optics are located on a regular place, standard Volkswagen Golf connectors are used.

New car image

If the image of a car plays an important role for you, then it is very important to get a brand new bumper for Volkswagen Golf 2, it is the original front and rear bumpers that give the Golf a serious look. You need to know that not only the external characteristics affect the tuning of the Volkswagen Golf, a significant factor is the aerodynamic function, which reduces the influence of constant wind flows.

All bumpers have good resistance to temperature changes. This type of spare parts meets all quality standards and is ideal for your car. If there is no experience or desire to do everything yourself, then the best thing is to trust the professionals, after which your car will acquire a new color, and you will gain pride by having Volkswagen Golf Tuning (photo below).

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volkswagen golf tuning

Quite often, motorists start tuning Volkswagen Golf with the installation of spoilers on cars. Popularity in this case is gaining precisely tail spoiler, also called "skirt" cars. Installing a spoiler not only for the better changes the look of your car, but this in turn will help to redo the laminar air flow into turbulent.

Another subtlety in tuning

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 2 can not do without more important details. If you want to give your car all the seriousness of the view, you will probably need to install the grille. Externally, this device is somewhat similar to the device for grilling. The grille is installed specifically instead of the standard auto element on fasteners made at the factory.

volkswagen golf 2 tuning

Tuning Volkswagen Golf does not have transcendental prices, and therefore enjoys wide popularity, as it is available to everyone.

And then a video about what kind of Volkswagen Golfs 2 tuning are: