How to choose a car dvr

Today, many car owners are at a loss, not knowing how to choose a DVR for your car? They can be understood, because now the market offers a wide variety of models from well-known companies from Russia, America, European and Asian countries. Devices of each manufacturer have their own characteristics. A large assortment of these devices makes it possible to choose the optimally suitable model based on the brand of car and the cost of the device itself.


  • 1 Types of DVRs
  • 2 Characteristics of the camcorder
  • 3 A few tips
  • 4 To summarize

Types of DVRs

which DVR is better

A device with a swivel display is much easier to conveniently place anywhere in the car.

These devices differ in design, this factor significantly affects the right choice:

  1. DVR with one or two cameras. Most drivers want to buy devices with two cameras to provide full control over what is happening on the roads. One of them is directed to the road, the other is located so that you can follow the picture either behind the car or in the cabin.
  2. Built-in display. With this device, the driver will be able to observe what is happening online.
  3. Swivel display. The advantages of this type of recorder are that it can be installed at any point of the car. You will have many ways to securely attach the device.
  4. Touch screen or push button. DVR with touch screen is very easy to use. But the cost of such a device is much more. Now devices with touch screens are gradually replacing push-button ones.

Characteristics of the camcorder

how to choose a DVR

Preference should be given to models that shoot in Full HD

Undoubtedly, the design of the device is a very significant factor, but still how to choose a DVR? There are other selection criteria, no less significant than its design. These are the camera settings:

  1. Matrix resolution. By purchasing a camera that captures the image in Full HD format, you get a high quality image. You will have the opportunity to easily consider even too small details that may someday be useful for solving controversial issues.
  2. The number of frames per second. The quality of the reproduced image depends on this parameter; the more frames, the higher the clarity of the picture, this is important.
  3. Угол видеообзора. Это еще один параметр, который поможет понять, which DVR is better. Чем шире угол обзора объектива регистратора, тем больше информации о происходящем на дороге получится зафиксировать.
  4. Night shot. Most of the troubles on the road arise just the same at night, and a recorder that can shoot in the dark will help the driver avoid many incidents in the future.
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Some tips

choice of car registrar

DVR with two cameras will record what is happening not only in front of the car, but also behind it (or in the cabin)

  1. Purchase a device that has additional connectors for connecting additional cameras. 2 - 3 camcorders will never be redundant.
  2. The presence of a GPS module is another significant advantage. Plus the fact that this module is able to keep the entire history of the movement of your vehicle.
  3. Choose a DVR with built-in memory. Check how much information is able to accommodate a particular device. Very often, many drivers, acquiring inexpensive video devices, encounter such a surprise as the sudden stop of recording while the car is moving. Buying a model with enough memory, you are sure to protect yourself from such troubles.
  4. The presence of a microphone connected to the DVR is also an important point. This should be taken seriously, since this function very clearly records all the conversations of the driver. For example, this is a classic version, which precisely explains the importance of the presence of a microphone: a traffic police officer stopped you and makes you any unfounded claims according to the rules of the road. A simple DVR without a microphone will not be able to reproduce your dialogue with the inspector, and this will not allow you to use the recording as evidence of the incompetence of the traffic police officer if necessary.
  5. Motion Sensor. DVR with such a convenient way of working went on sale not so long ago, but managed to establish itself on the positive side. The operation of this device is quite simple: the DVR starts recording only when the camera captures any movement in front of the car.
How to choose a DVR for the car

Touch screen models are gaining increasing popularity in the market.

Spare money on a spare battery for your device. If you suddenly disconnect from the power supply of your vehicle, the DVR will continue its work.

Let's sum up

When making a purchase, be guided by such criteria as the design of the DVR and its parameters. Remember that the presence of additional functions necessarily affects the cost of the device. Choosing a car DVR, do not buy very cheap models and low-resolution cameras, otherwise you will waste money and you will never get the desired effect from such a purchase. Knowledgeable experts insist on buying a device with a video camera that writes a Full HD image.

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Be sure to check with the seller whether the DVR has such important functions as:

  • shooting in the night mode;
  • ports for connecting an additional camera;
  • microphone for recording.

Do not forget that your registrar should have a large amount of memory. This will ensure long-term storage of all video recordings recorded by the device. Sooner or later, your choice can have a significant impact on the verdict in the event of a traffic accident.