What to check when buying a used car

A time-tested way to test a car for accidents

To determine the filled parts of the body without a special device will help ordinary low-power magnet. Sew or glue it into a fabric strip, then just drive on the car body. Such a thing will easily help to find puttied parts, areas on them. Sometimes the magnet does not even stick - it is in such places that the putty is located. With the help of such a simple device you can avoid quite complex problems.

Что проверить при покупке подержанного автомобиля

Twisted mileage

Very often, the car runs twisted. To determine the real mileage, it is worth looking not only at the instrument panel, but also at the condition of the steering wheel, pedals, seats, gear knobs or brake discs. In the case when the mileage of the car is declared less than 50,000 kilometers, the interior of the car should be practically new. The brake discs should wear a maximum of 1 millimeter. If you see serious scuffs in the front driver's seat, then, most likely, the mileage of this car is more than 100,000 kilometers. However, one should not forget that the tricky outbid could replace these details.

Что проверить при покупке подержанного автомобиля

Engine check

To test the engine, it is necessary to give gas in revolutions for cutoff or simply up to 6000-7000 for 1-2 seconds. Smoke should come out bright and not so thick. If blue or black smoke comes, it means that its engine has already become obsolete. It is also better to look at the throttle. Oil should not be there. Better yet, unscrew the candles and examine the cylinders with an endoscope, which you can buy inexpensively on Ali and in the end can save a lot of money and nerves. To check the legal purity of the car for a long time there is an application in the phone “AvtoAssistant”, which can tell everything for the car. But for some reason, many of them still do not know and buy distressed cars. Download this offer is easy, do not be lazy and do it.

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Что проверить при покупке подержанного автомобиля

Caution scammers

If the seller hides numbers, then in 90 percent of cases he is afraid of something. Most likely, he has problems with the car. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately cut off such ads. If you bought a car and do not know what kind of oil was poured, but there was a need to pour - do not worry, because you can pour absolutely any. All oils that are classified by the American Petroleum Institute are easily mixed. Ideally, of course, it’s better to replace the oil with a new one. After all, before selling a car there are few who do it.