Chery tiggo coupe debuted in shanghai today

Сегодня в Шанхае дебютировал Chery Tiggo Coupe

A year ago, at the stand of the Beijing Auto Show, Chery officially presented the concept of a cross-coupe cross-coupe with the code name FV2030. Today, as part of the Shanghai Motor Show, the Chinese have demonstrated a pre-series Coupe-shaped crossover Tiggo Coupe. The Chinese managers did not say when the serial version of this coupe-cross is already planned, but you can beat the mortgage with anyone that the "mass" Tiggo coupe will appear in the next few months. Given the fierce competition of Chinese car manufacturers, none of them will hesitate when there is a promising development. In general, the coupe-shaped crossovers invention of the Chinese car market, which immediately after the appearance began to appear in the model number of almost all companies selling cars in China. Those who have not yet adopted the cross-coupe fashion are already

work feverishly for such models to appear soon. By the way, the latter-day Chery Tiggo Coupe, is the most typical representative of this type of car: it has a squat silhouette pressed into the ground, like a jaguar, prepared to jump on the victim, but at the same time by reducing the clearance, but due to the peculiar shape of the body. Wheel arches and other elements of the body are domesticated by a sort of “muscular” plastic body kit. Сегодня в Шанхае дебютировал Chery Tiggo Coupe New Tiggo Coupe, despite the fact that it is still in the state of a conceptual model, it is not so far from the serial version. This is not the abstract substance that FV2030 is:  Tiggo coupe It has a finished appearance, for a "serial" design it lacks only normal mirrors and door handles. Looking inside the cabin, we will not see any conceptual abstractions here either. The interior has a very real “serial” look, there is a two-screen display, similar to that of the Mercedes-E model, the physical keyboard is practically not observed. The developers dropped the information that  Tiggo Coupe can move in full automatic piloting mode. By running it, the driver can play a video game using the steering wheel as a game joystick. So it is proposed to pass the time in long traffic jams, because the driver begins to get annoyed and he needs to throw out his irritation somewhere. The video game, according to the developers, will be just such an outlet for the shattered nerves of the driver. Although, probably, it would be more correct to send such a constantly annoyed driver to a psychiatrist. Сегодня в Шанхае дебютировал Chery Tiggo Coupe What in terms of technological underweight? So far, little is known about this.  Tiggo Coupe developed on the platform of Tiggo 7, imet under the hood of a gasoline turbo engine, as they say, the latest generation. About the serial launch of the cross-coupe, managers also prefer to remain silent, but if you remember how quickly the very same Tiggo 7 has evolved from the state of the concept into a production car, then Tiggo coupe God himself commanded the edge at the beginning of the new year. Сегодня в Шанхае дебютировал Chery Tiggo Coupe Chery recently started selling the Tiggo 2 subcompact cross in our country. And last February, car dealers received a new SUV Tiggo 3.

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