New niva bronto 4x4 bronto (official photos)

At the end of March 2017, AvtoVAZ's subsidiary, the automobile manufacturer VIS - AUTO, announced the start of production of a new SUV from the LADA 4x4 BRONTO family (the urban model was called “Lynx”). Already in July 2017, this model could be purchased at car dealerships. We will try to figure out what's new in the new Niva model.

Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)

 We are looking for the difference between the usual Niva 4x4 from Bronto

Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)

The difference in size between the two models is insignificant.

  • - manufacturer Bronto has expanded and modified the wheel arches;
  • - There were alloy wheels (235/75 R 15);

Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)

  • - self-locking screw differentials, both in the front and in the rear axle;
  • - Rear axle finalized and strengthened;
  • - ground clearance has become significantly higher (from 205 mm to 240 mm);
  • - springs front suspension increased, front and rear shock absorbers have received increased stroke;
  • - Installed rails on the roof;

Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)

  • - Appeared additional anti-gravel protection wheel arches;
  • - New fog;
  • - plastic front and rear bumper, but inside reinforced steel beams;
  • - The grille is updated;
  • - when choosing the color of the car, “Camouflage” appeared.

Unfortunately the car interior has not made any changes. Only the PTF switch-on button was added, and floor sills appeared.

Additional factory options

The future car owner LADA 4x4 BRONTO can additionally order several options, such as:

  • - Enhanced protection of the engine, gearbox and RC;
  • - the front and rear winch (you can two at once), with a removable coupling ball;
  • - PTF mounted on rails or forwarding trunk, traction coupling device, etc.
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Niva Bronto 4x4 - something new (official photos)

By the right, LADA 4x4 BRONTO is of course quite similar to LADA Urban. BRONTO is fully prepared for the severe trials in the “Off-road” mode. Buy BRONTO can now. Its price depends of course on the configuration. For the most simple equipment will have to pay 675 thousand rubles. The “richest” equipment will cost about 742 thousand rubles. However, the recently introduced new Niva 4 × 4 surpasses this model in technical specifications, and also looks much more modern.