The best small cars for women worth up to 200 thousand


When choosing small cars for women up to 200 thousand rubles to rely on a huge range of representatives of leading automakers, and sometimes just a car with a gun is not necessary. The machines in this price range are quite simple. But among them you can find reliable and high-quality options that can serve a woman for a long time.

subcompact for women

Review of baby cars for women

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Rating Representatives

If you are interested in small cars, which will be driven by a woman, then here you should focus on several main selection criteria:

  • price range within 200 thousand rubles;
  • affordable cost of maintenance and operation;
  • lack of serious damage;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • attractive appearance;
  • well-organized interior space.

Take a woman a car older than 15-20 years does not make sense. Usually these are cars that are no longer in the best technical condition, they are worn out and have an impressive mileage. Such instances will require increased attention, regular maintenance, and soon serious repairs.

Therefore, it is optimal when buying a car up to two hundred thousand to consider not samples of the two thousandth year, but approximately from 2006 to 2017 release. You can find a really good car among them. Some of them are quite popular and in demand, which simplifies the search for spare parts and specialists who could deal with their repair.

The best cars within the limited budget are represented by the following automakers:

  • Chery;
  • Daewoo;
  • Renault;
  • Lada;
  • Lifan;
  • Skoda;
  • Hyundai;
  • That;
  • Citroen;
  • Chevrolet;

Female perception of cars is significantly different from the male. Therefore, even if they are cheap cars, they must be cute and like at least the owner of the vehicle.

Consider the representatives of the rating and find out that a woman can afford at a price of up to 200 thousand rubles among small cars.


daewoo matiz for women

Matiz turned out to be a very popular compact car.

Одна из первых машин, которая приходит в голову, когда речь заходит о дешёвой малолитражке. При всём скептическом отношении к этому творению компании Daewoo, на деле Matiz turned out to be a very popular compact car..

Yes, this is not a sample of exquisite design, there is no huge spacious cabin or powerful engine. But no one demands it from the little available sitikara. A good working car, which is easy to drive around the city due to its compactness and maneuverability.

Also, the car is quite nice. Inside 4 seats, but the back row is more focused on children or teenagers. A good machine, so that a woman can import children to school before work. The trunk, though small, is enough to go shopping in the store. There is no talk about a box with a gun here, but even the new Matiz costs about 200 thousand rubles.


renault logan for women

For women, Renault Logan may seem boring

Not the most compact car among all the options presented, but suitable for more practical and demanding to the free space of women.

Renault is distinguished by the competent organization of the cabin, high-quality assembly, decent ergonomics, fairly comfortable seats, spacious and roomy trunk. But for women, such a car may seem boring. Although a matter of taste.

This is the best compact car for reasons of practicality, reliability and durability. That is, if appearance does not come first for you, feel free to take Logan yourself.


chery_kim maloliturtka

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Model Mind Chery something like Daewoo

Chery company produces a lot of interesting and small cars, including the Mind model. Yes, you can also pay attention to QQ, but there are no special differences from Mind. And all because it is the same model.

The Mind model is also somewhat reminiscent of Daewoo, but the Chinese Chery looks more modern and interesting. Also, Mind has a good engine, which at a volume of 1.3 liters produces 83 horsepower. It is completed with a manual transmission.

The machine is interesting, compact, fairly well assembled, despite the Chinese origin, and also fits into our budget and has all the qualities to please the female driver.


lada kalina compact car for women

Kalina - our answer to foreign small cars

Domestic response to foreign small car, driven by a woman. The design cannot be called incredibly elegant or bright, but our Kalina made by AvtoVAZ is quite good.

Plus, the model can be purchased in the back of a station wagon, hatchback or sedan, each of which is suitable for a girl who faces certain goals or objectives regarding the car. Practical ladies who need to take children and how to shop in the store, suitable wagon, for example.

The advantage of Lada is that they are easy to repair, they are accessible to maintain, quite economical and powerful at the same time. The 1.4-liter engine develops 89 horsepower, which is very worthy.


Smile to smell

An interesting machine from the company Lifan, which can not be called boring

Quite an interesting machine from the company Lifan, which certainly for its appearance can not be called boring. It is a compact and economical car from China, which has managed to gain impressive popularity in Russia.

In many ways, such a demand for Smily can be explained by the fact that Lifan just copied one of the most popular female cars in the whole world. As you understand, we are talking about MiniCooper.

Yes, this is not the level of the source code for quality, materials used or technical specifications. But in general, the car came out quite good, interesting and inexpensive. Over 200 thousand rubles is one of the best options for those who are looking for a nice car with affordable service.


skoda fabolita

Skoda Fabia is good in all respects, but also quite expensive

We cannot guarantee that you will easily find this car from Skoda for less than 200 thousand rubles. The car is good in all respects, but also quite expensive.

If you look well, you can find a decent copy in good technical condition. Those who succeeded in doing so did not regret about the purchased Fabia.

This is really an interesting, high-quality, well-organized inside and well-created outside Czech car. It has very decent technical characteristics, excellent assembly. Appearance may not be the most modern and youth, but for practical women, who need reliability and reliability of the machine in the first place, Fabia will be the best choice.


hyundai getz malolitarium

Only used Getz are available on the market. model is no longer available

Worthy option from the Korean company Hyundai. Only used cars are available on the market as the company no longer produces this model.

With a budget of 200 thousand rubles, you can buy these cars from about 2005 to 2010. They are popular and popular, economical and looks very nice. If you want to take a really good little car, and even with a gun (although there is not much chance), then get Getz yourself.

Worthy Korean assembly, low fuel consumption, relatively roomy interior and trunk, as well as the perfectly suitable female drivers appearance make the model from the company Hyundai one of the most popular in this segment.


с1 крроен малолитятка

Joint development of Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota enterprises

An interesting compact city car, which few women or a young girl driver will refuse.

The C1 machine from Citroen is a joint development of Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota enterprises. The result was more than convincing.

Yes, with a budget of 200 thousand rubles you will not be able to buy a new model. But it is realistic to choose a C1 sample of 2005 - 2011 in the secondary market.

The car is compact, has an original appearance, well thought-out interior space, decent ergonomics and sturdy build. So this is one of the best options in our ranking.


Chevrolet spark balloon

Chevrolet Spark - one of the best citikars

One of the best city cars, which has absorbed everything you need for a sitikara.

The company Chevrolet in the face of the model Spark offers small size, good handling, modern design, bright interior. Interestingly done driver's seat, which, rather, resembles a motorcycle, rather than a car.

In this car it is difficult to find serious shortcomings, considering all the features and characteristics of Spark. As for the cost, the new version will cost you at least 500 thousand rubles. But you should not worry, because there are quite a lot of them on the secondary market and you can find a decent copy in good condition, having entered into our budget 200 thousand rubles.


peugeot 107 malolitarium

Peugeot 107 french compact hatchback

The simple name of the car from the company Peugeot, which hides a very worthy candidate for the leaders of our rating.

French compact hatchback in production since 2007. The machine has an unusual appearance, which clearly does not mix with the gray stream of cars and allows at least a little to stand out from the crowd. For many women, this is extremely important.

The new version costs about 560 thousand rubles, therefore it is impossible to purchase it with our limited budget. But there is a secondary market, where there are a lot of 107 Peugeot models of the 2007 - 2011 model year.

The French automaker always makes cars different from all others. Their unusual design attracts and makes buying cars. Especially strongly they focus on the female audience of drivers. No other automaker has so many cars that would be perfect for young girls or adult women. Not surprisingly, a huge number of female drivers prefer Peugeot.

In addition to the exterior, 107 offers a good build, good technical characteristics for a city compact car, decent ergonomics and competent salon organization. Over 200 thousand rubles is one of the best cars that you can find.


kia picanto malolitution

Worthy compact car from the Korean manufacturer

Our top representative is the Korean automaker KIA. Model Picanto just looks cool and original. The machine, although compact, offers quite a lot of space inside, it is completed with modern useful equipment.

But on Picanto pay attention because of the appearance. Here the designers of the company KIA have tried very well. Original appearance blends well with the internal appearance of the car. Yes, here adhere to the principles of minimalism, that is, nothing extra inside you will not find. But the company did not deprive customers of everything necessary for a modern driver. They managed to find this fine line.

Since the choice is limited to 200 thousand rubles, Picanto will have to look in the secondary market among cars of 2005-2011 models. The new version costs from 490 thousand rubles.

As you can see, choose a decent small car for a woman from which. Here the main thing is to correctly prioritize and understand what exactly you need and what parameters you put in the first place.

Be sure to share your opinion on the best small car for 200 thousand rubles, leave feedback and invite your friends to the discussion.