New and smart bmw x6 m with diesel engine

Diesel diesel discord! The dream of every serious designer is to combine the efficiency of a diesel engine, its high torque with a perky sporty character. The most important thing is to teach a diesel car a sporty manner.


In this case, the Bavarian engine builders from BMW advanced the most, demonstrating one of the most advanced turbo diesel engines - a three-turbine engine. The capabilities of this engine were such that it became the first diesel engine, which was given a magic letter M, denoting the most powerful, most charged, most technically advanced versions of Bavarian cars.

BMW X6 M50d

And so a new BMW M-Performance line appeared. Its firstborn, which goes into great life, flows into a large stream, became the BMW X6 M 50 d. He made his debut in the Russian market and that he will be the object of our attention.

BMW X6 M-Performance - how it all began

First, a little history. The M-Performance line was lit up at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, and the headliner of the new series was the 5-ka - BMW M 550 d sedan, but closer to the fall, by the start of production, orders were taken on the BMW X6, or rather on its version c index M 50 d. But this is not the essence, the main thing is that the novelty immediately came into the view not so much of a specialized automotive press as a high-quality automotive gloss. PR of the BMW boomed in a new direction.

BMW X6 M50d

This is what Thomas Shemer, head of marketing and sales, says about this: “Of course, time goes on and the structure of our customer base changes a little, not all those we consider M-Community, people with gasoline in their blood, are true racers. But everyone doesn’t like our cars and we follow, once and for all, the chosen ideology - we give thoroughbred engineering multiplied by reliability, safety and resource.

But over time, technology changes, so that atmospheric engines give way to engines with superchargers, and the gasoline line is complemented by diesel. We guessed from M-Performance, this is what stands, as it were, between the uncompromising M-versions and top civilian models.

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At the same time, such radical changes as in the M-ke are not made to the car, so here we can keep both the standard four-wheel drive and standard automatic boxes, use diesel engines, as mentioned above, and as a result we got what Demand is surely exceeding supply, look at our order book. So the decision to launch the new M-Performance line turned out to be very correct and timely. ”

BMW X6 M50d

Characteristics BMW X6 M 50 d xDrive

Engine capacity - 2.9 liters. Power - 381 hp Torque - 740 Nm. The maximum speed is 250 km / h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h - 4.8 seconds. Fuel consumption in mixed mode - 7.7 liters.

I have long been accustomed to the fact that modern diesel is almost impossible to identify by the sound - well, rustling something in front of it under the hood. A tuned exhaust also does not give any idea, an animal roar - it is an animal roar, by no means a dietary one, so it does not matter what kind of meat this beast eats.


Now, if you look at the scale of the tachometer, you can see that the red zone starts at 4-4.5 thousand revolutions, which means that the engine running on heavy fuel is under the hood. But the red zone of revolutions in a diesel engine of a three-turbine engine from BMW M-Performance starts from 5.5 thousand - and these are characteristics of many gasoline engines, albeit not very advanced. And in this case we are not talking about the declaration, before these revolutions the BMW X6 M engine is easily able to unwind.

Moreover, the torque level is theoretically such that all 750 Nm will be sold to the full extent. At the same time, a wonderful American expression is immediately recalled - horsepower helps to sell cars, but torque wins the race.

bmw x6 white

Yes, of course the moment in the dynamics of the car is primary, it defines it, and in this sense, the drive, the feeling of a straggling flight, especially during acceleration, in the case of M-Performance, is in no way inferior to a full-fledged, petrol M-cam, and even more many brands of American cars.

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But as far as power is concerned, 381 horsepower may not seem a very outstanding result against the background of 555 of those very real M-th petrol horsepower. And for a diesel car BMW X6 M enough for the eyes of power in 381 hp


But for all that, the electronics make it possible to very intelligently restrain the impulse, restrain the excessive aggression that this power unit is capable of.

Even if, to heighten the effect, we press the SPORT button and put our BMW X6 M into a more active mode, the gears will start switching at higher speeds, the steering wheel becomes a little heavier, the accelerator pedal will become more responsive, it’s still under control.


The electronics will slow down the right wheel in time, correcting the driver’s error and directing the car to the desired trajectory, and the active four-wheel drive xDrive will also help by redistributing the moment between the axles. In this case, electronically controlled shock absorbers will actively resist the roll, creating a complete illusion of movement on the racetrack almost on a formula car.

BMW X6 M50d

And in this sense, it becomes clear how accurately, how accurately marketers from BMW have fallen into their niche, because M-Performance is made so that you can indulge your self-esteem to a person who is not very advanced in sports driving, in extreme driving who does not imagine himself a real racer, but thinks himself an active driver.

So, the electronic stabilization system, coupled with the active all-wheel drive xDrive, slows the wheels very imperceptibly for the driver, redistributes the moment between the axles, and thus, the pilot of this pseudo-car has the full feeling of control over the situation, the feeling that it is the best. What actually marketers sought BMW. By the way, driving a BMW 750 Li also feels like the best :)

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Generally, this car somehow does not want to hurry, because you caress the gas pedal a little bit with your right foot, and the new BMW X6 M-Performance is so full of noise and dragging forward slowly At this moment you begin to understand those people who rest in Monaco and ride Azure shore on all sorts of Bentley and Ferrari, and at the same time, ride slowly, so that you show yourself and look at people.

bmw x6 photo

And these associations do not come to mind accidentally, they are provoked by the very turbo diesel that we have already recalled more than once today. Oddly enough, thanks to its three turbines, this sample of modern diesel engine-building has regained the features of an old heavy-duty engine.

Actually, the theory about which we talked at first is confirmed by practice, these turbines work in such a way as to ensure the moment in the entire rpm range, and they corrected the flaws that were inherent in the latest diesel engines for 10 years, which by nature, began to look like gasoline engines and gas turbines. they lost traction on bottoms. And now she is back. Hello, we say, hello again, good old diesel.


By the way, I completely forgot to say that the prices for this car start from 88800 euros. So, this is a kind of economical option :) For example, the price of a Mercedes Gelendvagen is about the same, the most inexpensive equipment costs 85,000 euros, it remains only to decide what is better than a Mercedes or BMW. But there is a saying: "Mercedes has only one drawback - it will never become a BMW."

And finally, a video test drive BMW X6 diesel: